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Adele Is Surprised To See Shania Twain In Her Las Vegas Concert Crowd

In her Las Vegas concert, Adele is surprised to see Shania Twain in the crowd. Recently, music superstar Adele was stopped in her tracks when she spotted a familiar face in the audience of one of her performances. The singer best known for her hit "Oh My God" just recently began her highly anticipated residency in Sin City.

Author:Camilo Wood
Reviewer:Dexter Cooke
Nov 30, 2022
In her Las Vegas concert, Adele is surprised to see Shania Twainin the crowd. Recently, music superstar Adele was stopped in her tracks when she spotted a familiar face in the audience of one of her performances.
The singer best known for her hit "Oh My God" just recently began her highly anticipated residency in Sin City.
After postponing the show for close to ten months, the famous performer finally took the stage at Caesar's Palace's Colosseum and put on a show for more than four thousand people, including Shania Twain.

A Country Legend In The Show

Adele did not notice the country legend until after the unforgettable show, but when she did, the artist who has sold multiple platinum records had a full-fledged fan-girl moment.
The recipient of a GRAMMY Award took to social media over the course of the weekend (November 27) to discuss her understandable reaction.
Adele was seen in the action shot wearing a striking black gown, and Twain was seated in the front row wearing a cowgirl hat that nonchalantly protected her identity.
Adele wrote alongside the photo on her Instagram story:
Thank god you had a hat on @shaniatwain. I would have self-combusted had I seen it was you!! I adore you, I can’t believe you came to my show❤️.- Adele
Twain responded quickly on her personal account. She addressed the situation while re-sharing the candid response and Adele's photo:
Thank god we didn’t make eye contact, all I can think of is the reaction of all those fans to @adele combusting halfway through the show 😂.- Shania Twain
Fans were not yet able to enjoy the state-of-the-art production that was supposed to open in January for the event that was jam-packed with exciting action. Adele broke the news to everyone in a very emotional apology.
She previously stated:
Listen, I’m so sorry, but my show ain’t ready. We’ve tried absolutely everything that we can to pull it together in time and for it to be good enough for you, but we’ve been absolutely destroyed by delivery delays and COVID.- Adele
Just a day before the original opening night, she said:
I’m gutted, and I’m sorry it’s so late minute. We’ve been awake for over 30 hours now trying to figure it out, and we’ve run out of time.- Adele
Even though the singer-songwriter told Elle that the process was "by far the worst moment in her career," they were still able to pull off the performance.
It is anticipated that Adele's "Weekends With Adele – Las Vegas Residency" will continue until March 25, 2023, and it will feature buzz-worthy performances of fan favorites from her career that has spanned ten years.
It should not have come as a surprise that Twain would pay a visit to Las Vegas given that she just finished up her highly acclaimed residency there in September.
Twain, along with representatives from Live Nation Las Vegas and Caesars Entertainment, made a monumental contribution of $150,000 to the Shania Kids Can organization during her performance at the Zappos Theater inside of Planet Hollywood Resort & Casino.
Even though Twain was working on a number of different projects at the same time, she took the time around Thanksgiving to relax and enjoy the exciting city.
Twain said:
I’m taking this holiday weekend as an opportunity to pause, relax and have a bit of fun during my busy schedule. I’m feeling very grateful for everything happening right now – getting to share even more new music with you all very soon (😉), working on the creative direction for my Queen Of Me tour…the People’s Choice awards…Beauty and the Beast (!!!)…gosh, so much – I’m thankful II get to share this with all of you❤️.- Shania Twain
The country-pop singer has responded to the overwhelming demand by announcing (on November 28) additional tour dates.
New shows have been added, and they will take place in Bethel, New York, on July 3, and New Orleans, Louisiana, on July 24.
Additionally, she will be making additional stops in the United Kingdom and Canada. Tickets will be available for purchase beginning Friday, December 2 at 10 AM (local time).

Final Words

On November 18, Adele's long-awaited residency finally got underway, and her 10-year-old son Angelo, whom she shares with her ex-husband Simon Konecki, as well as her boyfriend, sports agent Rich Paul, were both in attendance.
During the show, she made a cryptic reference to the postponement of the shows and thanked her audience for their understanding.
Adele told the audience:
Thank you so much for coming back to me, it looks just like I imagined it would.- Adele
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