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Aida Jonilar.Com- Complete Chapters Of 'Aida' Available Now is a sub-domain that is hosted by is all about Aida, which was a Spanish comedy that ran on Telecinco from January 16, 2005, until June 8, 2014.

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Feb 01, 202233.3K Shares794.7K Views is a sub-domain that is hosted by is all about Aida, which was a Spanish comedy that ran on Telecinco from January 16, 2005, until June 8, 2014. It is a spin-off of the comedy 7 Vidas, in which Ada was a recurrent character. It is set in Madrid. Globomedia was in charge of the production.
In order to make ends meet, Ada Garcia, a working single mother with two teenage children, is forced to move in with her mother, Eugenia, portrayed by Marisol Ayuso, and her brother, Luisma, which was played by Paco León.
From 2007 until the conclusion of its run, the show got positive reviews and was the most-watched show in Spain. It has also won a number of accolades, including the Ondas Award for Best Spanish Sitcom. The Polish adaptation of the series premiered on the TVP2 channel in March 2012.

Aida Jonilar Website

On this website, you can watch all the episodes of the famous Spanish drama series “Aida” from Telecinco in full HD and 720p resolution. All the content on this website is free and there are no intrusive ads displayed during the series.
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Screenshot of recent upload on aida jonilar

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Aída TV Series

The show chronicles the lives of Ada Garca, a minor character from the sitcom 7 Vidas, who has relocated with her two teenage children, Jonathan and Lorena, to live with her mother, Eugenia, and brother, Luisma, in a fairly dirty neighborhood. Ada spends her time with some of her best friends and family.
In 2007, there was a little uproar when the program had to cut several jokes from a narrative in which Ada begins a relationship with a priest in order to avoid offending the Catholic Church. This was one of the stories from the fourth season, which were labeled as "more radical" than prior seasons, yet the authors said they still represented reality.
In Season 6, Ada was written out (with the character going to prison), and Carmen Machi departed the show to explore new ventures. Machi stated in 2019 that she had social concerns due to her prominence and left the program to deal with them. Soraya is with her son Ada Jr. Other characters' characteristics changed: Mauricio lost his chauvinism and fell for Soraya, while Jonathan became "dumber" due to puberty. Although Soraya and Aidita are new characters for the sixth season, they have been referenced in seven vidas since the show began. This show won many awards in different years.

Aída Television Show Cast

These are the names of some of the main characters of the show.
  • Aída García (Carmen Machi) is a divorced mother of three kids. She is 45 years old.
  • Luis Mariano "Luisma" García (Paco León) is an ex drug addict who is 45 years old.
  • Eugenia "La Bim Bam Bum" García (Marisol Ayuso) is an old widow of 65 years of age.
  • Soraya García García (Miren Ibarguren) is the oldest daughter of Aida.
  • Lorena García García (Ana María Polvorosa) is the second daughter of Aida.
  • Jonathan García García (David Castillo) is the youngest child of Aida.
  • Aída "Aidita" Padilla García is the daughter of Soraya.
There are some famous characters who played some other roles.
  • José María "Chema" Martínez (Pepe Viyuela) is a 45 years old bald man.
  • Fidel Martínez (Eduardo Casanova) is the son of Chema.
  • Paz Bermejo (Melani Olivares) is the best friend of Aida.


This was very famous and one of the most viewed shows of its times. It depicted many social aspects of society in a funny way. Its first episode was viewed by more than 7 million people in Spain. It remained popular for many years. Even today people want to watch this popular show. This show was praised by the media and critics as the perfect blend of triumph in its class.
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