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Andy Cohen Clarifies Drinking Plans For CNN NYE Broadcast - He'll Torch CNN

Nobody can tell Andy Cohen to stop having fun, Andy Cohen clarifies drinking plans for CNN NYE broadcast. Despite CNN's announcement that this year's New Year's Eve special will feature less booze than in years past, Cohen has assured viewers that they can still expect a drunken good time from him and Anderson Cooper.

Author:Paolo Reyna
Reviewer:Hajra Shannon
Dec 30, 2022
It all depends on your position at CNN, but chances are good that you'll be celebrating the New Year with a drink or two on December 31. Variety reported that with the hiring of CNN chief Chris Licht, the cable news network intends to tone down its jubilantly inebriated coverage.
However, hours later, Andy Cohen, who has cohosted New Year's Eve coverage with CNN anchor and buddy Anderson Cooper for the past five years, made a promise to do the complete opposite and Andy Cohen clarifies drinking plans for CNN NYE broadcast.

Andy Cohen Clarifies Drinking Plans For CNN NYE Broadcast

Andy Cohen Vows to "Party Harder" for New Year's Eve Special | E! News

the life and soul of the celebration! While presenting CNN's New Year's Eve Live with his friend Anderson Cooper, Andy Cohen has no intention of cutting back on his drinking. For Cohen, 54, being a CNN guest is "like a visitor," he said in an interview broadcast on December 28.
I’m going to just march back to Bravo at 12:30 in the morning and be done with it. And so I can kind of flame the building while I'm there, and then head out.- Andy Cohen
The WHL, or Watch What Happens Live! The star of Watch What Happens Live! with Andy Cohen emphasized that it is his "duty" to "push Anderson out of his comfort zone" and have fun during the annual New Year's Eve broadcast. Cohen told the media source,
My job is to be a party ringleader for everyone watching us on New Year’s Eve. And that is what I will continue to do.- Andy Cohen
Cooper, 55, has been collaborating with the Missourian since the 2017-18 season. While the BFFs had a history of imbibing in front of the camera, it wasn't until the 2021-22 season that Cohen's antics caused a stir.
In January, Radio Andy's host, Andy Richter, caused a stir by criticizing Ryan Seacrest and his involvement with Dick Clark's New Year's Rockin' Eve celebration.
“If you look behind me, you’ll see Ryan Seacrest’s group of losers performing. I’m sorry but if you’re watching ABC, you’re watching nothing. We were doused with confetti from fake Journey on ABC. If it’s not Steve Perry, it doesn’t count! You get it? It’s not Journey! It’s propaganda! It’s propaganda! It’s not Journey! It’s not Journey! No, that was not Journey. Steve Perry is Journey.- Andy Cohen
The Real Housewives producer later said he was sorry for his remark about Seacrest, 48, and claimed he had also misunderstood de Blasio. Cohen exclaimed in a January interview on The Howard Stern Show,
He’s a really nice guy. And I was as they say in my cups, and I was kind of enjoying the rant. I was like, ‘Wow, it’s really fun being on CNN just ranting like a nutty guy. This is fun. So I kept going and that I felt bad about and I texted Ryan the next morning.- Andy Cohen
While CNN acknowledged in a later statement that Cohen "spoke something he shouldn't have on live TV," they also expressed their support for Cohen and stated they looked forward to "having him back again next year."
Variety reported last month that Chris Licht, CNN's chairman, wanted to tone down the party atmosphere on New Year's Eve Live in the wake of the 2021-22 issue. On the other hand, Cohen promised to "party harder than ever" on WWHL in the month of November.
There was conjecture that the new limits were aimed at the former Millionaire Matchmaker producer, so he told The Hollywood Reporter:
What [Chris Licht] said was that he didn’t want the correspondents out there drinking, but that he wanted Anderson and I to do our thing. So I’m happy to do our thing. My only directive for years on CNN has been to have fun on New Year’s Eve, and that is absolutely what I plan to do.- Andy Cohen
In an interview with Rolling Stone published, Cohen doubled down on his party plans, saying, "CNN stated the correspondents will not be drinking." He made it clear that he and Cooper "would be the people partying on CNN," and he emphasized that they will be doing so "responsibly." Most Talkative author said:
And as a matter of fact, if the correspondents are not drinking this year, I will be partying even harder on their behalf.- Andy Cohen
On Monday, December 26, Seacrest stated to Entertainment Weekly that he does not "promote drinking when one is on the air." A Live! In agreement with Kelly and Ryan, her cohost said, “I don’t know how that started as a tradition but it’s probably a good idea [to scale back], CNN.” In the United States, you can watch New Year's Eve Live on CNN on Saturday, December 31 at 8 p.m. ET.


Andy Cohen argues that reports of CNN trying to limit his alcohol consumption during the network's annual New Year's Eve show are grossly overblown. Andy Cohen clarifies drinking plans for CNN NYE broadcast.
Cohen responds to a story that CNN CEO Chris Licht forbade the network's hosts from drinking alcohol during this year's New Year's Eve program by saying that the purported order may not apply to himself and co-host Anderson Cooper.
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