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Small Bites & Small Sips: Appetizer Foodie Trucks

Food trucks are everywhere these days and for good reason: the delicious aroma of freshly-made foods team up with the displays of food splashed artfully all over the trucks.

Author:Karan Emery
Reviewer:Frazer Pugh
Mar 22, 2023
Food trucks are everywhere these days and for good reason: the delicious aroma of freshly-made foods team up with the displays of food splashed artfully all over the trucks. This is designed to drive consumers to the food truck and that plan must be working out pretty well since there are, as of 2022, about 35,000 food trucks in the U.S. In this article, we’ll walk you through the process of starting a food truck specializing in small bites and small sips and we’ll help you put it together in a business plan to make it successful. Let’s get started.

Create Your Concept

Creating the concept for a food truck specializing in small bites and small sips isn’t terribly difficult; however, you’ll want to concentrate on the small bites and small sips best-loved by adult consumers. In most states, you’ll need a license to sell alcohol and you’ll need to ensure you serve it to only guests over the age of 21. Checking licenses could be just another step during the payment process.
Small bites are enormously popular for two reasons: first, the small pieces aren’t calorie-heavy and are just enough for a few bitesof flavor. Second, small bites cost less than a full-sized portion of food, so more consumers can opt for the full flavor of food truck goodies. Consumers don’t need to think about the high cost of a full portion; nor will they feel compelled to eat one.
Some examples of small bites might be the following:
  • Donut Holes -just donut holes, no donuts. Include all the favorites and custom-designed donut holes, as well. Powdered, glazed and cinnamon-dusted are sure to please a crowd, especially if the little tasty bites have just been fried. A light pinot grigio would be excellent with these small bites.
  • Small Sticks - Create stunning small bites: grilled mini sausage meatballs and marinated baby mushroom skewers, grilled honey-drenched pineapple sticks, baby ciabatta breadsticks and other fun foods. Opt for light to medium wines, such as pinot noir or a solid rose.
  • Frozen Smoothie Pops - Why not freeze smoothie ingredients into popsicles or round pops that are sized less than a smoothie, but more than a spoonful? A buttery chardonnay would perfectly accompany this yummy snack.
  • Mini Pizza Bites - Tiny pizzas, a truly winning choice from a food truck. Small pizzas, about 3 inches in diameter, on homemade pizza crust, laden with favorite toppings, would be just the sort of bite everyone wants. The key to success with this idea would be to keep ingredients very fresh and very simple. Cabernet or other full-bodied red wine are the perfect partners.
These food truck concepts will work best when you apply them to your business plan. If you don’t have one, use this business plan templateto get started on detailing the life of your business. In each business plan, you’ll add the mission statement and objectives of your business, the financial projections, marketing strategies, operational plans and more. Each component will help conform the others to the full and on-going plans for your successful business.

Creating the Mission and Objectives for Your Food Truck

In this brief statement, you’ll offer an overview of the “why” behind your effortto start and operate this food truck. What motivated you? What do you hope to accomplish? Are you focused more seriously on starting a winery or working with a winery to highlight various wines? Use this winery business planif this is your interest. Wine always offers a depth of flavor and interest to complement foods. These questions and more can be addressed in this section of your business plan.

Building Your Operations Plan

Operating a food truck is no small task; in fact, it takes great skill and flexibility to not only operate a food truck, but to serve excellent food from it. Consumers love food trucks for a number of reasons, including fresh ingredients and creative food choices. Include your staff members, responsibilities, and the ways in which you will oversee all. Hire people-oriented staff members.

Social Media Marketing Strategies

Without a doubt, the number one way customers will come to you at your location is via a healthy social media relationship you have with them. Let them know upfront where you’ll be each evening, offer specials for return customers, and offer hefty discounts for your “regulars. Use social media to announce new foods and call out customers to thank them for their patronage. Use social media as your number one marketing avenue.
Hopefully, some of these ideas have sparked a delicious small bite and small sip adventure for you. Use your creative imagination to prepare and serve small bites and small sips, and use your business plan to create a success that delivers long-term growth. We wish you all the best!
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