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AutoRCM - Precautions And Considerations

Nintendo Switch enthusiasts and homebrew developers have always sought methods to expand the functionality of their consoles. While the official firmware provides a stable and secure gaming experience, it limits the possibilities for customization and experimentation. Fortunately, the homebrew community has come up with an innovative solution called AutoRCM.

Author:Frazer Pugh
Reviewer:Iram Martins
May 31, 2023
Nintendo Switch enthusiasts and homebrew developers have always sought methods to expand the functionality of their consoles. While the official firmware provides a stable and secure gaming experience, it limits the possibilities for customization and experimentation. Fortunately, the homebrew community has come up with an innovative solution called AutoRCM.

The Basics Of AutoRCM

AutoRCM, short for Automatic Recovery Mode, is a software modification that alters the behavior of the Nintendo Switch during boot-up.
By enabling AutoRCM, users can bypass the system's built-in recovery mode and gain control over the device's boot process. This modification is performed by injecting a payload into the Switch's bootloader, effectively changing the way the console starts up.

Benefits Of AutoRCM

Unlocking the full potential of your Nintendo Switch, AutoRCM offers a host of benefits that revolutionize your gaming experience. From exploring a vast array of homebrew applications and custom firmware to enabling game backups, modifications, and system-level tweaks, AutoRCM opens up new possibilities for customization and enhanced functionality.

Homebrew Applications And Custom Firmware

AutoRCM paves the way for installing homebrew applications and custom firmware on the Nintendo Switch. Homebrew applications are software programs developed by independent enthusiasts, offering a wide range of functionalities beyond what the official firmware provides.
With AutoRCM, users can explore a plethora of homebrew applications, including emulators, media players, game mods, and utilities.
Custom firmware, often referred to as "CFW," is an alternative operating system that replaces the official Nintendo Switch firmware. CFW opens up a whole new world of possibilities, allowing users to run unsigned code, customize system settings, and enjoy additional features not available on the stock firmware.

Game Backups And Modifications

AutoRCM also facilitates the installation of game backups, commonly known as "ROMs," onto the Nintendo Switch. By utilizing AutoRCM in combination with CFW, users can load ROMs from various sources, enabling them to play a wide range of games without relying solely on official game cartridges.
Additionally, AutoRCM provides the ability to modify existing games, allowing users to enhance gameplay, add new content, or personalize their gaming experiences.

System-Level Tweaks And Enhancements

AutoRCM opens up avenues for system-level tweaks and enhancements on the Nintendo Switch. Users can modify system settings, such as overclocking the CPU or GPU, adjusting fan speeds, or changing the theme and appearance of the user interface. These modifications can enhance performance, improve visuals, or simply provide a fresh and customized experience for the user.
AutoRCM Logo
AutoRCM Logo

Implementing AutoRCM

To implement AutoRCM on a Nintendo Switch, several steps need to be followed:
  • Prepare the Necessary Tools - Gather the required tools for the installation process, including a computer, a USB-C cable, and a payload injector.
  • Prepare the Switch- Enter the Switch's maintenance mode and disable automatic firmware updates to ensure stability during the installation process.
  • Obtain the Payload Injector- Download and set up a payload injector, such as TegraRcmSmash or Fusée Gelée, to send the AutoRCM payload to the Switch.
  • Inject the Payload- Connect the Switch to the computer using the USB-C cable and inject the AutoRCM payload using the chosen payload injector.
  • Reboot the Switch- After successfully injecting the payload, the Switch will enter AutoRCM. From this point forward, it will always boot into the custom firmware or homebrew environment.
It is essential to note that implementing AutoRCM may void the warranty of the Nintendo Switch and carries some risks. Therefore, users should exercise caution and ensure they follow reputable guides and sources to minimize any potential issues.

Precautions And Considerations

While AutoRCM unlocks a world of possibilities, it's crucial to be aware of the precautions and considerations associated with its usage. These include:

Brick Risk

Improper installation or incorrect use of AutoRCM can potentially "brick" your Nintendo Switch, rendering it unusable. Users must carefully follow instructions and double-check each step to minimize this risk. It is also advisable to backup the NAND (internal storage) before proceeding with any modifications to safeguard against any unforeseen issues.

Online Services And Ban Risk

Using AutoRCM and custom firmware may result in the console being banned from online services provided by Nintendo. The company actively monitors for signs of modified consoles and takes strict actions against those violating their terms of service. Users should be cautious and consider the potential consequences before taking their modified consoles online.

Regular Updates And Compatibility

Official firmware updates from Nintendo may patch vulnerabilities exploited by AutoRCM and custom firmware. Users must be prepared for compatibility issues and delays in utilizing the latest official firmware features or playing newly released games. The homebrew community often works to address these compatibility concerns, but it may take time for updates to become available.

Game Backups And AutoRCM

Game backups are a popular feature that becomes readily accessible with AutoRCM. By enabling AutoRCM on your Nintendo Switch, you gain the ability to install and play game backups, commonly known as ROMs, on your console.
This means you can enjoy a wide range of games without solely relying on official game cartridges. With AutoRCM and the right tools, you can load ROMs from various sources and expand your gaming library exponentially.
Game backups offer several advantages. First and foremost, they provide convenience, as you can carry multiple games on a single memory card or store them on your device's internal storage.
This eliminates the need to carry physical game cartridges, making it easier to switch between games on the go. Additionally, game backups can be particularly useful for preserving and protecting your original game cartridges from wear and tear.
It's important to note that while game backups offer convenience and flexibility, it's essential to respect copyright laws and only use backups of games that you own. Engaging in piracy or using unauthorized copies of games is illegal and unethical.

Boot Payload Without RCM Jig [AUTO-RCM] 2023

Overclocking And Performance Enhancements

AutoRCM not only opens up possibilities for software modifications but also allows for hardware-level enhancements, such as overclocking.
Overclocking refers to running a device's processor (CPU) or graphics processor (GPU) at higher speeds than the manufacturer's intended specifications. By overclocking your Nintendo Switch, you can potentially boost its performance, leading to smoother gameplay, reduced loading times, and improved graphics.
It's crucial to exercise caution when overclocking your Nintendo Switch. While it can enhance performance, it also increases the stress and heat generated by the system. Therefore, it's recommended to monitor the device's temperature and ensure adequate cooling measures are in place, such as using a cooling dock or fan attachment.
Overclocking is typically achieved through custom firmware (CFW) installed with AutoRCM. CFW provides access to system-level settings and advanced configurations, allowing users to tweak the CPU and GPU clock speeds, adjust voltage settings, and fine-tune various performance parameters.
However, it's important to be mindful of the potential risks associated with overclocking, such as increased power consumption, reduced battery life, and potential hardware damage if not done correctly.

The Potential Of AutoRCM - A User's Perspective

From a user's perspective, AutoRCM unlocks a world of possibilities and customization options for the Nintendo Switch. It empowers users to take control of their gaming experience and tailor it to their preferences.
By enabling AutoRCM, users can explore an extensive library of homebrew applications, enjoy game backups, and make system-level tweaks that enhance performance and aesthetics.
For enthusiasts, AutoRCM represents a way to dive into the thriving homebrew community. Homebrew applications created by passionate developers offer a range of utilities, emulators, media players, and even unique games that expand the capabilities of the Nintendo Switch beyond what the official firmware provides.
Whether it's retro gaming, multimedia playback, or experimenting with new software, the homebrew community offers endless opportunities for users to personalize their gaming experience. Furthermore, AutoRCM's support for game backups ensures that users can enjoy a vast catalog of games conveniently.
The ability to load ROMs from various sources means access to titles that might be out of print or hard to find physically. It also allows for modifications and customizations, providing users with the flexibility to personalize their gaming experiences and even create their own content.

People Also Ask

The legality of playing game backups depends on the jurisdiction and whether you own the original copies of the games.
Using a cooling dock or fan attachment can help manage the increased heat generated by overclocking the Nintendo Switch.

Can AutoRCM Cause Any Data Loss Or Corruption?

Properly implemented AutoRCM should not cause data loss or corruption. However, it's always advisable to back up important data regularly.

Does AutoRCM Affect The Ability To Play Online Multiplayer Games?

While AutoRCM itself does not directly impact online multiplayer, using custom firmware or unauthorized modifications can result in a ban from online services.

Are There Any Alternatives To AutoRCM For Homebrew On The Nintendo Switch?

Yes, there are other exploits and methods available for running homebrew on the Nintendo Switch, such as using different payloads or software exploits.


AutoRCM offers Nintendo Switch owners the opportunity to unlock the full potential of their consoles. By enabling AutoRCM, users can delve into the world of homebrew applications, custom firmware, game backups, modifications, and system-level tweaks.
However, it's essential to approach these modifications with caution, as they carry risks such as potential bricking and banning from online services. With the right precautions and considerations, AutoRCM can be a game-changer for Nintendo Switch enthusiasts, providing them with an enhanced gaming experience and endless customization options.
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