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BeatSage - Unleashing The Power Of AI In Beat Saber Custom Levels

In the exhilarating world of virtual reality gaming, Beat Saber has emerged as a frontrunner, captivating players with its unique blend of rhythm, lightsabers, and adrenaline-pumping music. But what if you could take your Beat Saber experience a step further? Enter Beat Sage, an AI-driven innovation that revolutionizes Beat Saber by generating custom levels for any song on YouTube.

Author:Anderson Patterson
Reviewer:Elisa Mueller
Oct 08, 2023
In the exhilarating world of virtual reality gaming, Beat Saber has emerged as a frontrunner, captivating players with its unique blend of rhythm, lightsabers, and adrenaline-pumping music. But what if you could take your Beat Saber experience a step further? Enter BeatSage, an AI-driven innovation that revolutionizes Beat Saber by generating custom levels for any song on YouTube. In this comprehensive exploration, we will delve into the realm of BeatSage, shedding light on its origins, capabilities, and the impact it has on the Beat Saber community and the broader landscape of AI in gaming.
Beat Saber is a virtual reality (VR) rhythm game where players slash blocks to the beat of music. The game has been praised for its addictive gameplay and challenging levels. However, creating custom levels can be a time-consuming and difficult process. That's where BeatSage comes in. BeatSage is an AI tool that can automatically generate custom Beat Saber levels from any song. The tool uses two neural networks to analyze the audio of a song and create a level that matches the beat and rhythm.
To use BeatSage, simply upload a song to the website or enter its YouTube URL. The tool will then generate a level for you. You can then customize the level by adjusting the difficulty, song events, and other settings. BeatSage is still under development, but it has already created some impressive levels. The tool has been praised for its ability to generate levels that are both challenging and fun to play.

The Beat Saber Phenomenon

Neon boxes and lines coming in
Neon boxes and lines coming in
Let's begin by introducing Beat Saber, the foundation for BeatSage. Beat Saber, created by Beat Games, is a virtual reality rhythm game that seamlessly melds lightsaber precision with musical excitement. Gamers don VR headsets, wield lightsabers, and slice through blocks synchronized with the music's beat. This fusion of gaming and music has garnered a global following.
BeatSage utilizes two neural networks to craft personalized Beat Saber levels. The initial network, the audio encoder, analyzes a song's audio to create a representation of its beat and rhythm. Subsequently, the second neural network, the level decoder, employs this representation to generate a level that harmonizes with the song's beat and rhythm.
While BeatSage is a potent tool for crafting custom Beat Saber levels, it remains a work in progress, continually advancing. The generated levels may not always be flawless, occasionally featuring blocks that are too close or too distant from one another or not aligning perfectly with the song's beat. Nevertheless, ongoing improvements ensure that BeatSage's generated levels are progressively enhancing the user experience.

The Birth Of BeatSage

Screenshot of beatsage website
Screenshot of beatsage website
Beat Saber enthusiasts have long relished the game's in-built library of tracks and official DLCs. However, one limitation remained - the inability to create custom levels for their favorite songs. This is where BeatSage enters the scene. Developed by a team of AI enthusiasts, BeatSage leverages the power of artificial intelligence to bridge this gap. It takes any song from YouTube and transforms it into a Beat Saber level, unlocking a world of endless possibilities for players.
The idea for BeatSage was born in 2019, when two friends, Chris and Daniel, were playing Beat Saber together. They were both frustrated by the lack of custom levels available for their favorite songs, so they decided to create a tool that would allow anyone to make their own levels.
Chris and Daniel had experience with artificial intelligence, so they knew that this was the technology that they could use to create their tool. They spent several months developing the algorithm that would allow BeatSage to analyze the audio of a song and generate a corresponding level.
In 2020, BeatSage was released to the public. It was an instant success, and it quickly became one of the most popular tools for creating custom Beat Saber levels. BeatSage has been used to create millions of levels, and it has helped to expand the Beat Saber community to new heights.

How BeatSage Works

BeatSage is a powerful tool that has changed the way that people play Beat Saber. When a user wants to create a custom Beat Saber level with BeatSage, they first need to select a song. BeatSage then uses the audio encoder to create a representation of the song's beat and rhythm. BeatSage possesses a magical ability to transform any song into a mesmerizing Beat Saber level, and its operation is a fascinating blend of technology and creativity:
  • Song Selection- It all begins with the user's choice of a song, typically from YouTube. This selection is the canvas upon which the BeatSage experience will unfold. Users can choose their favorite tracks, beloved classics, or even undiscovered gems.
  • AI Analysis- This is where the true magic of BeatSage comes into play. Its advanced AI algorithms dive deep into the selected song's audio data, dissecting it with meticulous precision. The AI identifies not only the beats but also tempo changes and subtle musical nuances. This analytical process is the foundation upon which the custom Beat Saber level will be built.
  • Level Generation- With the song's essence thoroughly analyzed, BeatSage's AI generates a custom Beat Saber level that perfectly synchronizes with the chosen music. The result is a visually stunning and musically immersive experience. The AI maps out the beats, patterns, and challenges in a way that creates a seamless dance between the player's movements and the song's rhythm.
  • Play and Share- The journey culminates with the creation of the custom Beat Saber level. Users can immediately step into this virtual dance, challenging themselves to master the intricate patterns and movements. Beyond personal enjoyment, BeatSage offers the option to share these custom levels with the larger Beat Saber community. This opens the door for players worldwide to immerse themselves in the unique experience created for their favorite songs, fostering a vibrant and collaborative ecosystem.
In essence, BeatSage takes the art of music and combines it with the art of gaming, creating a platform where users can turn their favorite songs into interactive, rhythm-driven adventures. It bridges the worlds of music and gaming, offering players a dynamic and personalized way to experience their beloved tracks like never before.

BeatSage Empowering The Beat Saber Community

BeatSage has not merely created a tool; it has empowered the Beat Saber community to shape their gaming experiences in many ways. Here are some of the ways that BeatSage has empowered the Beat Saber community:
  • Diverse song selection -BeatSage allows players to import any song from YouTube, which means that they are no longer limited to the songs that are provided by the official game or DLCs. This gives players the freedom to play their favorite songs, regardless of genre or language.
  • Endless creativity -The AI that powers BeatSage is able to generate custom levels that are virtually limitless in terms of their complexity and difficulty. This allows players to experiment with different song selections and level designs, creating unique and challenging experiences that cater to their preferences.
  • Community collaboration -Beat age has fostered a collaborative spirit within the Beat Saber community. Players can share their creations with each other, sparking creativity and competition among enthusiasts. This has led to the creation of a vast library of custom levels that are available for anyone to play.
In essence, BeatSage has democratized the Beat Saber experience, placing the power to curate and craft gaming adventures squarely in the hands of the community. It has redefined what it means to play Beat Saber, making it an ever-evolving and inclusive platform that celebrates music, creativity, and collaboration. BeatSage has transformed Beat Saber from a game into a dynamic and communal artistic expression.
Picture of beat saber game
Picture of beat saber game
The introduction of BeatSage has had a profound impact on the Beat Saber community. Here are some of the key changes it has brought about:
  • Personalized gameplay -Players can now personalize their Beat Saber experience by mapping their favorite songs. This enhances the game's replayability and keeps players engaged.
  • Accessibility -BeatSage has made custom mapping accessible to a wider audience. You don't need to be a skilled mapper to create custom levels, as the AI handles the intricate work.
  • Expanding the community -The tool has attracted newcomers to Beat Saber, drawn by the prospect of playing their beloved songs. This has led to a growing and diverse player base.
  • Innovation and exploration -Players are encouraged to explore new songs and genres, leading to musical discovery and broadening their horizons.
In essence, BeatSage has redefined the Beat Saber community, turning it into a dynamic and inclusive space where personalized gameplay, accessibility, and musical exploration flourish. It has not only enriched the gaming experience but also brought about a cultural shift within the community, emphasizing the universal appeal of music and the joy of sharing it through gaming. Beat Sage has, in many ways, transformed Beat Saber from a game into a platform for artistic expression, collaboration, and musical discovery.

The Broader Landscape Of AI In Gaming

A women wearing gaming VCR with purple neon triangle around her body with neon buildings in the back
A women wearing gaming VCR with purple neon triangle around her body with neon buildings in the back
The emergence of Beat Sage is a compelling testament to the increasing impact of artificial intelligence (AI) in the gaming industry. It highlights how AI can be harnessed to not only enhance but also radically transform the gaming experience, offering several key insights:
  • Automation of Complex Tasks- Beat Sage's AI algorithms excel at automating complex tasks that were previously reserved for skilled and dedicated human mappers. By dissecting a song's audio data and generating custom Beat Saber levels, the AI streamlines the mapping process. This automation not only saves time but also ensures a high level of precision in level design, resulting in polished and enjoyable gameplay experiences.
  • Fostering Creativity- While AI plays a central role in level generation, it does not stifle creativity; rather, it amplifies it. Players can unleash their creativity in song selection, exploring diverse genres and crafting unique challenges. The AI handles the technical intricacies, allowing players to focus on the artistic aspects of their custom levels. This symbiosis of AI and human creativity encourages innovation and diversification within the gaming community.
  • Accessibility- Beat Sage democratizes custom mapping, making it accessible to a wider audience. Players no longer need extensive mapping skills to craft custom levels, as the AI simplifies the process. This inclusivity encourages players of varying skill levels to participate in the creation of custom content, enriching the gaming ecosystem and broadening the gaming community.
  • Expansion of Musical Horizons- The integration of AI-driven level generation encourages players to explore new songs and genres. This expansion of musical horizons is not limited to gameplay but extends to the discovery of diverse tracks and artists. As a result, players engage with music in more profound ways, fostering a deeper appreciation for the musical landscape.

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Is Beat Sage Free To Use?

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Can Customize The Difficulty Of The Generated Levels?

Beat Saber players have varying skill levels, so they may want to know if they can adjust the generated levels' difficulty to match their preferences and abilities.


In the realm of virtual reality gaming, Beat Saber reigns supreme, captivating players with its unique blend of music and lightsabers. With the advent of Beat Sage, this beloved game has undergone a transformation, empowering players to create custom levels for any song on YouTube. This innovation is more than just a tool; it's a gateway to personalized gaming experiences, musical exploration, and community collaboration.
Beat Sage's journey is a testament to the power of AI in gaming, showing how technology can enrich and diversify our virtual worlds. As Beat Saber enthusiasts continue to embrace this tool, the boundaries of creativity and immersion in gaming are pushed further, opening up exciting possibilities for the future of virtual reality gaming. So, whether you're a Beat Saber veteran or a newcomer eager to explore this dynamic world, Beat Sage invites you to step into a realm where music meets the power of AI, and gaming reaches new heights of innovation and excitement.
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