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Best Beauty and Salon Jobs in Seattle in 2022

Anyone who is interested in a career in beauty will know that there are lots of options available in terms of the type of work you do.

Author:Camilo Wood
Reviewer:Alberto Thompson
Apr 25, 2022
Anyone who is interested in a career in beauty will know that there are lots of options available in terms of the type of work you do. Of course, you need to ensure you get the relevant training for the type of position you want, as you can then create the ideal resume using a resume builderto demonstrate why you are the right person for this type of job.
Of course, finding the best beauty and salon jobs in Seattle for 2022 can be a challenge, and you have to remember that there is a lot of competition for jobs such as these. This means that you have to go that extra mile to boost your chances of success, particularly if you want to get a position with higher pay. It is also important to remember that the higher-paid positions tend to come with experience and expertise, so it may be a case of going in at a lower level and working your way up. However, it is useful to know what types of salaries you could be looking at, and we will look at some samples in this article.

Some Salary Samples For Beauty And Salon Jobs

If you want to work in a beauty or hair salon or within the beauty industry, you need to determine what sort of work you want to do. You will need to gain certain skills and qualifications, and you will need proper training to enter into this type of career. Once you have done this, you can look forward to a job with plenty of great opportunities, and you can enjoy a bright financial futurewith a good income. Some of the salary samples for work in this industry in Seattle include:
  • Salon Receptionist - $34,000-$49,000
  • Microblading Specialist - $31,000-$44,000
  • Apprentice Hairstylist - $53,000-$73,000
  • Cosmetology Instructor - $38,000-$53,000
  • Esthetician - $43,000-$62,000
It is important to remember that these are average salaries, so depending on your qualifications, experience, and the employer, the amount you earn could be a little lower or higher than these. However, you should also remember that you may be able to progress within the industry, and you could even breakout on your own and become a self-employed professional over time in this type of industry.

Why Choose This Type Of Career?

There are lots of reasons why so many people choose this type of career, and while the salary can be very good in many positions, it is often about more than just the money. Many people love being able to help others to make the most of their appearance and give them more confidence and self-esteem. Others love to use their creativity and passion for the latest trends to create the perfect look for customers.
Of course, there are also the opportunities that this type of career can offer, as you can work for a salon and work your way up, but you could also work for yourself eventually if you wish to.
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