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Becoming a healthcare worker and assisting during the COVID pandemic

Through the pandemic, many changes were taking place, with one of the most significant ones being that people were now working remotely so that they would curtail the spread of the Coronavirus as much as they could. More than 80% of all companies were now getting work done remotely and pushing to meet their deadlines without getting their staff to come into the office.

Author:Daniel James
Reviewer:Karan Emery
Sep 14, 2021
Through the pandemic, many changes were taking place, with one of the most significant ones being that people were now working remotely so that they would curtail the spread of the Coronavirus as much as they could. More than 80% of all companies were now getting work done remotely and pushing to meet their deadlines without getting their staff to come into the office. Additionally, some lockdowns and changes were taking place, which meant that people could not leave their homes even if they wanted to unless they needed to gather essential services like groceries and medication.
While many companies moved to remote working, the same could not be said for people in industries that had to meet and operate in person. While some of these could not stay open for long, there were changes that they had to get through if they wanted to keep up. Some companies were working on essential services like healthcare, pharmacies, vehicle repairs, grocery stores, and many others who had to be working through the entire lockdown because they were providing services that they could not cause lives were on the line

What Was The Process When It Came To Hiring Healthcare Workers?

Through the pandemic, with a massive number of people catching the Coronavirus, people were not unsure about the changes that were taking place and were completely depending on their hospitals to assist. In the initial days that the virus was spreading, the challenge with the Coronavirus is that most people out there did not know what they were supposed to do about it or how they would stop it. They were all treating the symptoms, but they were unsure about stopping them completely. The speed was so fast that in many parts of the world, the hospitals and other places were quite overwhelmed, and there were no beds or places for the new patients who were flooding in every day.
There were other changes they had to keep up with, like the staff at the hospital catching it, which was quite common considering they were working with such high volumes of COVID patients and had to be isolated and quarantined immediately after. The change meant that they were unsure about how they were going to get through the process, and needed a lot more assistance if they were planning on getting through the process because there was a lot of assistance needed.
While there were rises and dips in the number of people getting infected, there were times that doctors had to make difficult calls through the pandemic. The healthcare workers could not meet their families because there were chances that they could spread the virus to them, so they were maintaining social distance and would only communicate over the phone. For those who caught the virus, they were alone cause their families could not meet them.
Most medical institutions were asking people to sign up because they needed all hands on deck, and there was a lot that they needed assistance with when they were getting through the process. There were other changes that they were going through. Statistically, through the entire process, there was always a requirement of healthcare workers because there was a constantly increasing number of patients. There were points during the pandemic, where the number of people infected would drop slightly but would increase again. More than a year and a half through the pandemic, the world is seeing positive results toward irradicating the virus but they are still not there yet

What Was The Interview Process When Applying To Be A Healthcare Worker?

While there were different levels and clearances for healthcare workers in every country, not all of them needed a broad level of qualifications, and some of them could get through the process with just the basics. In many cases, they would have a crash course or mini training program where they taught them all they needed to know when they were getting through the process. However, to hasten the process, there were times when they could not meet, and they would get through the entire process online.
Companies were getting applicants through various online portals, and they had to provide some more information about themselves to get through the process. One of the most common requirements now was a background check. While background checks were not mandatory to get through the process, they did make the application process easier and faster. Additionally, they increased the chances of the applicant getting through the interview because the people hiring would know that they were not picking someone who could be a challenge to work with, in the long run. Furthermore, they were not meeting all the applicants in person, so felt safer knowing that they cleared a background check. More than 40% of healthcare workers were hired through online and virtual interviews but with the desperate need, exceptions had to be made and their documentation had to be thorough.
They wanted to make sure that the teams they were putting together were capable of getting through the process. They also wanted to verify that they did not have a criminal record in the past, and they would get through that as well. However, in the healthcare profession, they needed a different level of background checks for people dealing with varying age groups and people. They had to make sure their applicants got through an enhanced background check where they could check their criminal record to make sure there were no misdemeanours when dealing with the older or younger population because, for the most part, there was not much that they could do to protect themselves.
Various platforms would assist with the process and make it easier for everyone. People could apply for clearcheck onlineand get their information fast and could apply for one of three different checks if they wanted to get through the process. They wanted to get through the process and could go to one of the many websites out there and upload their information. If there were additional checks to be done the website would handle those with the appropriate department or even coordinate with the police department to get their background history or anything else they needed. Applicants would have to wait for between a week or two if they wanted their results and could then get through their application process.
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