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Benefits of technological decentralization in businesses

Benefits of technological decentralization in businesses

Author:James Pierce
Reviewer:Camilo Wood
Jul 20, 202181 Shares81.1K Views
When technology is centralized, it implies that it is run and controlled by a single government, individual, or firm. On the other hand, decentralized technology is managed by a network of participants that no one actor can shut down or control. Below are some benefits associated with decentralization.

There Is Minimal Censorship

It is becoming prevalent that the government shut down their citizens' access to the internet, as they are trying to censor reports of what is happening internally. Shutting down is easy for them as all they have to do is bar traffic leading to central servers. However, it is far more challenging for them to censor traffic from technology solutions like ADAX. Each outbound packet being sent could be getting in touch with another peer on the decentralized solution, who can then pass that message forward.

Users Must Not Put Trust In A Central Authority

Governments and firms are with our money and information all the time and fully make decisions on a case-by-case basis. However, we see many instances where this trust disappoints us to varying degrees. This ranges from the products you trusted to support your entire photos getting shut down when the startup goes out of business or gets bought by the social media firm selling your data to promoters who follow you around the internet. In a well-structured decentralized network, you need to be better positioned to eliminate or reduce the trust required to put into third parties.

There Is Less Likely To Be A Single Point Of Failure

We encounter single points of failure consistently in the form of outages of centralized portals. Gmail deteriorates, and productivity stops since you can't get your Email. Your banks' portals shut down due to maintenance, and conduct online transfers to settle your bills. When it comes to decentralized systems, no single node going down can take down the whole network. Therefore, no matter how many consumers come and go, your application needs to remain up and function.

Decentralized Solutions Are More Likely Open Development Platforms

This implies that anyone can create unique products, tools, and services, over decentralized solutions. Would you mind comparing this with centralized technology, which is closed more often with global limited development opportunities? Decentralized and open does not imply that firms are not competent enough to make money. It means the opposite, as the more critical items and tools are built, the greater the network impacts are locking users into the system. Therefore, there will be more chances to develop great businesses on top. Great companies found opportunities to grow enormously due to the network effects of the entire significant things being created on top of the network solutions.

There Is Potential Network Ownership Alignment

This is considered the idea of individuals contributing value to decentralized solution ownership for the economic state of the network, which becomes essential as the network develops. In addition, this is considered the most exciting thing that technology like ADAX brings to decentralized systems. Also, it allows economics to be integrated into the systems themselves to build the perfect incentives.
This article is meant as a reminder of the advantages of decentralization. Therefore, if you attack any business problem that requires economically rational, censorship-free, open to development, reliable, and resilient, focusing on a genuine decentralization system is the way to go.
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