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Best Bad Credit Loans with Guaranteed Approval: 2022’s List Of Top Online Lenders

What do you do when you are stuck in a financial emergency and have low credit scores? Traditional lending institutions usually decline requests for emergency loans without a fair credit score. Overall, poor credit scores can affect your capacity to get loans at the best interest rates.

Author:Dexter Cooke
Reviewer:Darren Mcpherson
Jan 09, 2022
What do you do when you are stuck in a financial emergency and have low credit scores? Traditional lending institutions usually decline requests for emergency loans without a fair credit score. Overall, poor credit scores can affect your capacity to get loans at the best interest rates. But, there are several options available even for individuals with low credit scores. Various online lending portals with their registered list of lenders are willing to provide bad credit loans with guaranteed approval at decent interest rates. The lenders on these portals do not necessarily require a perfect credit score. Still, they have other eligibility criteria, based on which they disburse loans to individuals in times of financial emergencies. With a rise in popularity, the chances of falling prey to predatory loan proposals and scams also increase. As a result, one has to consider several factors before finalizing the loan deal, which we will discuss in this article. We have curated a list of the top companies for the best bad credit loanswith guaranteed approval. These companies are the top players in this domain, and a number of consumers have trusted them over the years, helping them become the best in delivery, credibility, and safety.

List Of Top 5 Companies For Loans For Bad Credit With Guaranteed Approval

#1. MoneyMutual— Overall Best Bad Credit Loans
#2. BadCreditLoans— Best Emergency Loans for Poor Credit Score
#3. CashUSA— Best Interest Rates for Instant Cash Loans
#4. Personal Loans— High Chances of Approval on Personal Loans
#5. Credit Loan— Multiple Lenders for No-Credit-Check Loans

#1. MoneyMutual — Overall Best Bad Credit Loans

#1. MoneyMutual— Overall Best Bad Credit Loans
Money mutual
Money mutual
Financial strength plays a huge role in the decisions that we make. But with increasing prices and a fixed income for extended periods, savings become less. Financial emergencies can become a huge burden when one lives from paycheck to paycheck, and they can turn into a dilemma without a fair credit score. Very seldom do traditional lending institutions disburse personal loans with bad credit scores, and even if they do, the rate of interest is sky-high.
But, MoneyMutual has become the best platform to help borrowers get over this dilemma. Ever since its inception in 2010, the company has gained a lot of popularity over the years. It has helped over 2,000,000 borrowers find a trustworthy and safe space to connect to lenders who are not waiting to prey on vulnerable borrowers with poor credit scores.
Additionally, the lenders on this platform charge lesser interest on loans.
To begin with, visit MoneyMutual’s website to fill out an online form. The relevant field will help them assess your eligibility for bad credit loans. Since there is no minimum credit score involved, lenders require the specific personal information to disburse loans.
You can request a bad credit loan ranging from $250 to $5,000, and after filling in the form, you will be connected to a network of lenders with the help of an algorithm check. The interaction process is solely between the lender and the borrower, and the interest rates, repayment terms, loan terms, etc., vary from lender to lender. Once connected, MoneyMutual acts as a facilitator and has no further role.
When finalized, you will receive the amount within the next 24 hours. It is that easy and convenient. So, here is what it takes to qualify as a loan applicant on MoneyMutual. You have to be a U.S. citizen and 18 years of age or above with income proof to show that your salary is not less than $800, and you also have to have an active bank account.
Borrowers on this platform have used their services not once but several times, which speaks for their efficiency, credibility, and impeccable services. With MoneyMutual, your approval for a bad credit loan is guaranteed.


  • Estimated APR (Annual Percentage Rate) ranges from 5.99% to 24.99%.
  • It is an online, user-friendly loan facilitating platform that connects potential borrowers to lenders.
  • MoneyMutual carries out minimum credit checks, making it ideal for bad credit holders.
  • Customers must fill in an online form to avail of loans up to $5,000.
  • Lenders review the customers’ information provided on the online form to decide whether they fulfill their requirements.


  • Low credit scores accepted
  • Highly experienced company
  • Has helped over 2,000,000 Americans
  • Trusted loan facilitating gateway reviewed by sites
  • like Trustpilot
  • Member of the Online Lenders Alliance
  • Simple and user-friendly website
  • Hassle-free signup process
  • Funds available within 24 hours


  • Not available in New York and Connecticut
  • Minimum monthly income of $800 required

#2. BadCreditLoans — Best Emergency Loans For Poor Credit Score

#2. BadCreditLoans— Best Emergency Loans for Poor Credit Score
Bad credit loans
Bad credit loans
BadCreditLoans is yet another platform where one is sure to obtain bad credit credit loans with guaranteed approval. The company has been dealing with finances and numbers for over 20 years. Established in 1999, it is no surprise that thousands of borrowers have been able to meet their financial emergencies with the help of this platform.
BadCreditLoans is not a lender but a gateway to a big network of lenders, including State and Tribal lenders. This virtual financial marketplace offers a free service that can connect you with a lender who will present their loan offer to you without any obligation to accept it.
No matter what your emergency is, BadCreditLoans will always be there to cover your back. You can approach the loan facilitator for loans to meet debt relief, debt reconciliation, auto repair, medical emergencies, etc.
Moreover, if you happen to not receive any loan offers from lenders, then the platform offers to facilitate debt relief, credit repair, or other credit-related services.
Their official website displays an application form that you have to fill out, which is the key to determining your eligibility to apply for a loan on this portal. On the application, you will be asked to specify the amount you want to borrow, the reason you need money, and proof of your citizenship, such as a social security number, your name, birth date, bank information, etc. Once you fill out the required fields, you will be connected to a network of lenders. You can then choose the best loan offer according to your needs.
On this website, you can request loans ranging from $500 to $10,000. The loan repayment term is flexible, usually ranging from 3 months to 36 months. The loan terms offered by a lender are not binding, so you can choose to accept or reject the offer.


  • The services of BadCreditLoans are available 24/7, which the borrowers have found very beneficial.
  • It offers extremely useful tips and advice on when to take out a loan, how to spend the funds responsibly, and how to budget your future income to pay off a loan quickly.
  • BadCreditLoans is again not a lender but a facilitator with an impressive network of lenders.
  • The platform’s network of lenders does not take your credit score into account.
  • The lenders at BadCreditLoans approve loan applications almost instantly and disburse the amount within one working day.
  • BadCreditLoans understands and respects your urgency, which is why the lenders approve your application quickly.
  • The platform actively participates in various charity activities and other great events associated with the welfare of people.
  • The website of BadCreditLoans offers an educational section.


  • Loans between $500 to $10,000
  • Committed to responsible lending
  • 24/7 services
  • Free to use platform
  • Protects borrowers’ information with advanced
  • encryption technology
  • APR varies between 5.99% and 35.99%
  • Flexible repayment terms
  • Wide variety of loan types available
  • Easy and hassle-free loan application process


  • Some lenders require a lot of personal information
  • Not suitable for people in need of more than $10,000

#3. CashUSA — Best Interest Rates For Instant Cash Loans

#3. CashUSA— Best Interest Rates for Instant Cash Loans
If approval rates had a number, CashUSA would be topping the charts. This platform is one of the best places to obtain loans with low credit scores and get approved and funded within the next working day. The company was established in 2002 and has shaped its objective to help people obtain loans even with low credit scores.
The company works in tandem with lenders from all 50 states. As you can see, their network of lenders is vast, helping you explore your options further. In addition to providing a platform for you to connect with potential lenders, the website also has an education center that can help you acquire a host of information on finance, setting your budget, credit scores, loans, etc.
The first step involves filling out their online form based on which lenders will connect to you if you are found eligible for a loan. This step includes providing basic information like your name, email address, and loan amount. Then, the next step requires you to provide more detailed information like your phone number, home address, monthly income, social security number, and bank account details.
You can request up to $10,000 at CashUSA, and a good financial history also increases your chances of obtaining maximum loan amounts. Once a lender connects to you and the deal is finalized, you have to send in your e-consent, and the amount will be credited into your account within 24 hours.
The loan portal uses industry-standard encryption to protect borrowers’ personal information and facilitates personal loans for bad credit at an APR (Annual Percentage Rate) between 5.99% and 35.99%. Giving a representative example, CashUSA says that if you borrow $1,500 over a term of two years with a representative APR of 7.9%, you will have a monthly payment option with 24 monthly payments of $67.77, for a total amount payable of $1,626.54.
Like the other two platforms we have already discussed, CashUSA also does not charge prospective borrowers any fee for connecting them to a lender or applying for a loan. Overall, the platform and its network of lenders has already earned a reputation for helping thousands of Americans.


  • Estimated APR ranges from 5.99% to 35.99%.
  • The repayment term ranges from 3 months to 70 months.
  • An online lending portal connects you to potential lenders that are best suited to meet your bad credit loan needs.
  • The online form provided on their website has to be filled in by customers to secure short-term loans up to $10,000.
  • Lenders then review your information and put forth their loan offer. You can accept or reject these offers based on the terms and conditions.


  • Secured site
  • Services available 24/7
  • Instant approval
  • Funds available within 24 hours
  • Standard eligibility criteria
  • Facilitates loans discreetly


  • Not suitable for those needing loans over $10,000
  • Website could have more information about the platform and lenders

#4. Personal Loans — High Chances Of Approval On Personal Loans

#4. Personal Loans— High Chances of Approval on Personal Loans
Personal loans
Personal loans
  • The motto of Personal Loans is, “Personal loans made simple,'' and they aim to deliver exactly that, even to those with low credit scores. Established in 2015, Personal Loans stands out as distinct and unique for its offers. This online financial marketplace caters to borrowers in need of high-value loans, as it is among the handful that offers loans between $1,000 and $35,000.
  • But if you are seeking instant personal loans with low credit scores, the amount is limited to $5,000, as larger loan amounts would require you to have a good credit score. Moreover, the lenders' network is vast, and they also work with third-party lenders to help you secure loans with guaranteed approval. Data safety is their top priority in this case, and the system is well encrypted.
  • The repayment terms are also flexible on this website, as personal loan lenders here accommodate late payments to some extent. If you miss your deadline or an installment, you can have a word with your lender beforehand to make necessary adjustments according to your situation and budget.
  • The lenders at Personal Loans offer a minimum APR of 5.99% and a maximum rate of 35.99% and carry a repayment term between 3 months and 72 months. However, the actual loan rate depends on the loan amount requested, the borrowers’ credit score, usage, and history.


  • Personal Loans is a transparent loan facilitating website that hides nothing. The borrowers feel comfortable and happy walking through this gateway to lenders because of its no-hidden-agenda practice.
  • The services it provides are fast because it understands your urgency.
  • Lenders in Personal Loans’s network approve borrowers’ requests virtually instantly and make cash available in 24 hours.
  • It accepts loan requests for any occasion.
  • Lenders on the Personal Loans’ network offer loans at competitive rates.


  • Loans between $1,000 and $35,000 available
  • Standard APR
  • Flexible repayment terms
  • Available across the United States
  • Caters to those needing large loan amounts


  • Bad credit holders are not eligible for larger loan amounts
  • Monthly income threshold is higher than other platforms, at $2,000

#5. Credit Loan — Multiple Lenders For No-Credit-Check Loans

#5. Credit Loan— Multiple Lenders for No-Credit-Check Loans
Credit loan
Credit loan
Credit Loan was established in 1998 as an educational platform to help people understand financial matters better. However, since the portal diversified its activities into helping people get loans, it has helped over 750,000 borrowers, even those with low credit scores.
You are guaranteed a loan with bad credit scores on this platform, and the best part is the interest rates. Furthermore, its network of lenders is vast, so you will come across competitive rates.
This portal is the best to obtain instant personal loans of small amounts ranging from $250 to $5,000 with guaranteed approval. However, the portal facilitates loans up to $40,000, depending on your credit score and other factors.
To get started, you will need to fill out the standard form on the site, which requires basic information such as your zip code, name, and email address. Credit Loan respects your privacy and safeguards your personal information, so you have nothing to worry about.
Furthermore, you must be a U.S. citizen, 18 years of age or older, not a New York or Connecticut resident, and have zero active bankruptcies and an active bank account in your name to be eligible for a loan at Credit Loan. In addition, the lenders at Credit Loan normally deposit the funds into your account within 24 hours.


  • Credit Loan’s website is simple and easy to use.
  • Just fill out an online application, and you will be connected to a network of lenders and approved the same day.
  • The requested loan amount is usually credited into your account within one working day.
  • You can request an instant bad credit loan ranging from $250 to $5,000 through their network of lenders. However, high-value loans would require credit checks. Smaller loan amounts need no credit checks and can be secured instantly.
  • Financial education resources are accessible on the website for visitors to learn how to manage their finances better.


  • Has been in the business since 1998
  • Personal loans up to $40,000 offered
  • Highly trusted portal
  • Offers student loans on easy terms.
  • Offers bad credit loans up to $5,000


APR range is not indicated precisely on the website, leaving the matter to be decided by the lender

How We Compiled Our List Of The Top 5 Bad Credit Loans With Guaranteed Approval

Online lending portals have witnessed a rise in their popularity over the years. So, we have created this list using the following criteria. Our first task was to create a list of leading online portals based on their popularity. For this, we conducted a simple online search. Then, we further delved into the company’s details and services.
Our next step was to perform thorough research on these companies. We then struck off each company based on loan costs, loan details, loan terms, customer service, client reviews, ease of doing business, and overall reputation.

Factors We Considered While Choosing Personal Loan Companies For Bad Credit

When creating a list, there were certain parameters that we looked for in each company. These primary key areas aided us in choosing the best picks. These key areas are:

#1. Funding Time

The speed of approving and disbursing loans is important, and the best websites have lenders that usually credit the requested loan amount into your account within 24 hours, making it quite helpful in times of emergencies. In this article, the secured loan or unsecured loan facilitating portals we have enlisted usually have a funding speed of 24 hours.

#2. Rate Of Approval

The speed of loan approval and rate of approval for bad credit funds play a key role in getting your loan request finalized. We have listed loan websites or facilitators where loan providers approve loan requests virtually instantly.

#3. Experience

Loan companies that have been in the market for quite some time have a strong customer base and years of expertise and experience, making them some of the best companies in this domain.

#4. Customer Feedback

If you want to genuinely assess the company’s performance and services, then going through their customer reviews is a great way to determine their authenticity on the guaranteed delivery of quality services. The trick is to differentiate between original comments and comments generated by bots. Several independent review websites can help you with customer satisfaction reviews.

#5. Services Offered

Apart from bad credit loans, these reputable companies disburse other loans such as auto loans, student loans, etc. There are many other services, including educational and financial resources, to help you improve your knowledge and better your finances.

#6. Minimum Credit Score

The companies mentioned in this article do not require a minimum credit score to be eligible for bad credit loans. They have other parameters based on which lenders assess your capacity to repay the loan amount and disburse loans.

#7. Cost And Other Charges

We finally finished our evaluation based on costs, fees, and other miscellaneous charges. Overall, the services of these online lending portals are free of cost, and they act as facilitators to provide you with a platform to connect to lenders. Lenders usually do not charge a service fee, origination fee, or upfront fee, and even if they do, they are minimal. These portals are the best in terms of value and service.

Factors To Consider While Choosing Lending Platforms For People With Bad Credit With Guaranteed Approval

Although emergencies do not take time to pop up, refrain from making decisions in haste. There are certain factors that borrowers must keep in mind before finalizing on the most suitable bad credit loan with guaranteed approval.
The loan facilitating portals we have chosen are based on systematic research which considers different parameters. Through elimination, we kept the companies that passed our stringent evaluation that only got more selective until only five remained. Some of the parameters we used for our screening include:

Check Your Eligibility

Most lenders on these portals do not pull a hard credit check for individuals with low credit scores. However, there are certain eligibility criteria that they strictly adhere to before disbursing these loans. Since lower credit scores involve a lot of risk on the lender’s end, it is mandatory to meet the parameters before applying for these loans.
Your debt-to-income ratio plays a major role in determining whether you are eligible for another loan. The debt-to-income ratio is explained as the amount you owe to debts and the monthly amount you earn. The maximum cap is set at 43%, beyond which your chances of eligibility drop significantly. Lenders prefer disbursing loans to borrowers with a stable income who can pay off the loan installments on time.
While some lenders have a fixed annual income per annum for the borrower, some choose to only look at your job and the salary you earn to assess your capacity to repay the loan amount on time. Lenders may choose to forego your credit score. Still, your credit history is of the essence here, as that also indicates how you have been with your repayments in the past. This history or your record of loan servicing also influences the lenders’ assessment of your repayment pattern and capacity.

Repayment Terms

Repayment terms usually vary between 3 months and 72 months for lenders available on these platforms, and they deduct the first installment from your account within 30 days of obtaining the loan.
If your loan is approved, make sure to review the loan terms, such as approved amount, interest rate, repayment deadlines, repayment options, and consequences for non-repayment or delayed repayment. Remember that you are not obligated to accept the loan after it has been approved, as you should accept the offer only if the terms are to your liking.

Annual Percentage Rate

These online platforms do not lend money themselves and, thus, do not fix the interest rate. However, the moneylenders associated with our top five companies are known to be fair, offering lower interest rates than what you would expect from a typical moneylender.

Interest Rates

Borrowers always want and look out for cheaper loans. But, what is a cheaper loan? A cheaper loan is a loan that comes at a low-interest rate.
Please remember that if you have a dismal credit score and a bad credit history, be prepared to pay high interest on the loans you are taking from lenders. These lenders, in offering you a loan, are taking huge risks, and as such, they usually charge higher interest than the banks or major credit bureaus.
But, it will be wise on your part to do a comparative study of all of the offers you may get and check out the interest the lenders may be charging before accepting any offer. Then, you should accept the offer which is the cheapest.
Even with poor credit, a fair moneylender should charge somewhere between 22-25% APR. If the money lender asks for more than 35%, it is a loan trap, and you should not accept the offer.

Loan Terms And Conditions

Many lenders usually make the loan terms and conditions available to borrowers once the applications are approved. The lenders’ terms and conditions include basic information, details about the loan amount, repayment terms, late fines, prepayment fees, and many more.
Do a thorough assessment of these terms and conditions before finalizing any deal to ensure the loan you are signing up for is the most favorable deal for you. Doing this will ensure you have no issues with the terms and conditions at a subsequent stage.

Miscellaneous Charges

It is usually advisable to repay loans in time to avoid paying penalties or late fees. Insufficient funds fees, prepayment penalty fees, late fees, returned checks, and other fees are examples of penalty fees.
If you default in repaying your loan and cough up late fines, they can wipe out your savings. Some lenders are more flexible with dates and may give you a grace period, but most will charge you a late fine.
If you pay off a loan before the term is over, you will be charged a prepayment penalty fee. The sum is usually a percentage of the previous month's excess interest charges.
When your check bounces due to insufficient funds, you will be levied a returned payment fee. In such circumstances, the price ranges from $25 to $40.

Backup Plan

It is always beneficial to have a backup plan before applying for loans for small amounts. It is always good to withdraw savings from your bank account or turn any asset into cash before applying for loans. Liquid assets come in handy in such situations.

FAQs: Bad Credit Loans With Guaranteed Approval

Q1: How Can I Obtain Bad Credit Loans With Guaranteed Approval?

A: Emergencies are called emergencies for a reason — they never give prior notice before knocking you down. When it comes to financial emergencies, it is no different. If you do not have enough savings or assets to turn into cash, these online lending portals are the go-to in such circumstances. You can utilize their network of lenders to their full potential.
If you qualify and meet their eligibility criteria, it will not be a problem securing bad credit loans with guaranteed approval despite your poor credit history. The best part is their funding speed, as the amount will be credited into your account within the shortest possible time. The entire process is simple and hassle-free.

Q2: When Do Bad Credit Loan Platforms Reject Loan Applications?

A: The online lending portals mentioned in this article are the best places to apply for bad credit loans with guaranteed approval. You will certainly get a loan if you meet their eligibility criteria. However, a loan application is sometimes rejected due to one of the reasons listed below or a combination of the following:
  • Lack of necessary documents
  • An invalid registered bank account
  • The loan amount requested is too high
  • The details mentioned in the online form are not in line with the requirements and are incomplete and inconsistent
  • If lenders find that your monthly income is insufficient to repay the loan amount
  • An unstable employment record also acts as a barrier to obtaining bad credit loans with guaranteed approval

Q3: How Much Can I Borrow With Bad Credit?

A: The amount you can borrow will depend on the online platform and how much you get approved for by a moneylender. Sometimes, you get exactly the amount you want, while at other times, you get approved for a lower amount based on your background. Generally, you can ask for a quick loan as low as $600 and up to $10,000 or even beyond in some cases. But, you should not expect loans above $50,000 under any circumstance, no matter the platform.

What Are The Benefits Of Applying For Bad Credit Loans With Guaranteed Approval?

Not having the perfect credit score to obtain a loan when stuck in a financial dilemma is no longer a reason to be worried endlessly. The rise in the popularity of these online lending portals has made it convenient for borrowers to obtain loans with guaranteed approval, irrespective of their credit score.
If you have what it takes to apply for loans on these specific websites, i.e., if you meet their eligibility criteria, then you can find the amount credited to your account the very next day. What sets these companies apart from the rest are the interest rates which are currently the best in the market, their impeccable services, and their satisfied customers who were immensely helped and bailed out of their financial rat traps.
MoneyMutual has earned the top spot for several reasons. MoneyMutual's features are unparalleled for bad credit loans with guaranteed approval, and they include payday loans, short-term installment loans, and so much more.
BadCreditLoans has helped borrowers with bad credit scores obtain loans year after year. It is known to cater to this section in times of financial emergencies.
Because of CashUSA's high approval rates, you are guaranteed to find a lender even if you do not find one anywhere else.
Personal Loans has a wide network of lenders, which they will scan through to look into third-party lenders to ensure you have your requested amount in your bank account at the earliest.
Credit Loan is not only a place where you can secure bad credit loans with guaranteed approval, but with good credit scores, you can request higher amounts with absolute ease.
So now, you can choose the one that best suits your needs and be on the path to financial freedom.
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