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Best Erotic Movies That Will Awaken Your Sexual Fantasies And Desires

Erotic movies are not porn, it's an art. The best erotic movies are defined by both their cinematic state of being and their physical intimacy.

Author:James Pierce
Reviewer:Elisa Mueller
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Erotic movies are not porn, it's an art. The best erotic movies are defined by both their cinematic state of being and their physical intimacy.
It's the undercurrent of a film that otherwise lacks sexual content. It's in the music, the camera work, and even the way the characters look at each other.
These films were praised for emphasizing the more obscene aspects of the plot. From passionate affairs to kinky obsessions, cinema has always explored it through stories.
As a result, Hollywood produced some of the best erotic movies that will awaken your sexual fantasies and desires.
Read through this article as we provide a rundown of the best erotic movies of all time.

Erotic Movies Explained

Any artistic work that deals substantively with erotically stimulating or sexually arousing subject matter is considered an erotic film.
Painting, sculpture, photography, drama, film, music, or literature can all depict erotic content. Erotic films have artistic goals that set them apart from pornography.
Sexual or erotic films focus on themes that include suggestive, erotic, or sensual scenes or subjects, as well as depictions of human nudity and lovemaking that are not always extremely explicit, gratuitous, or pornographic.
With their emphasis on pleasure, physical desire, and human companionship, these films frequently appeal to the viewer's emotions.
Sexual elements in romance films with heart-throb sexy lead characters are often secondary to the main plot goal - the search for and attainment of love.
Erotic films are intended to celebrate sexual bliss and the universal desire for carnal union. It will not age or become stale over time, as most porn does.

Best Erotic Movies Of All Time

All of the steamy movies on this list have exciting plots that will keep you interested throughout, and they are among the most erotic films of all time.
They have everything you'd expect from a film in this genre, from the leads' sizzling chemistry to betrayal.

365 Days (2020)

A beautiful woman lying on the bed
A beautiful woman lying on the bed
Because of the graphic sex scenes between stars Anna-Maria Sieklucka and Michele Morrone, the erotic romance "365 Days" became a Netflix word-of-mouth sensation in 2020. When its shower sex scenes started circulating on TikTok, Netflix's best erotic movies365 Days quickly climbed the horny ranks.
This nearly two-hour film has been described as a sexy cross between Fifty Shades of Grey and Beauty and the Beast. Sieklucka plays a young woman from Poland who falls in love with a man who imprisons her and gives her 365 days to fall in love with him.

Call Me By Your Name (2018)

Two men kissing each other while lying on the grass
Two men kissing each other while lying on the grass
Call Me By Your Name is a pleasant surprise of a film, with Hammer and Chalamet giving career-best performances against a stunning backdrop and time period. This is a fantastic film that will impress audiences who embrace it. It is erotic, sensual, and at times laugh-out-loud funny.
This film is fantastic and is sure to win audiences over with its beautiful Italian scenery, diverse soundtrack, and superb casting and performances. Although the film's pacing, as well as its erotic themes and imagery, may not be for everyone, the end result is a powerful film that deserves proper recognition and attention.

The Handmaiden (2016)

Four people lying closely to each other with words the handmaiden
Four people lying closely to each other with words the handmaiden
This erotic film is an ornate puzzle box of a thriller that isn't afraid to end on a gratuitously erotic note, presumably to reward the guy in the back of the theater with sweaty hands for persevering through all the twists and turns.
The gossamer touch with which Park and co-writer Jeong Seo-Kyong transplant Sarah Waters' novel, 'Fingersmith,' from Victorian England to Japanese-ruled Korea is only matched by the storyline's endlessly gripping, wildly stylish long-con. The production design is also ridiculously sexy.

Fifty Shades Of Grey (2015)

A blindfolded naked woman lying down on a red couch
A blindfolded naked woman lying down on a red couch
Fifty Shades of Grey, starring Dakota Johnson and Jamie Dornan in the iconic roles of Anastasia Steele and Christian Grey, brings the worldwide phenomenon to life.
The film was a slow, seductive burn that revolved around the turbulent love story of billionaire Christian Grey and student Anastasia Steele. It stayed true to the book and did an excellent job of capturing Ana's reluctance to enter Christian's world of dominance and submission, despite the growing sexual tension.
The sex scenes were handled flawlessly. They both didn't shy away from who they were, but they weren't gratuitous or excessive. They were handled elegantly and tastefully, with skin flashes. It was a steamy film.

Love (2015)

Couple lying on the bed with the man touching the woman
Couple lying on the bed with the man touching the woman
The erotic titular theme is presented in the grittiest sense in Gaspar Noe's 2015 Love. A vulgar assault on the senses with more self-indulgence than a student indie, and it certainly looks and feels the part. Nonetheless, Love is not pornographic exploitation.
The film's presentation certainly leaves a lot to be desired. The performances are mediocre, and the characterizations are frequently unbelievable. It's an emotional rollercoaster driven by Noe, the madman.

Blue Is The Warmest Color (2013)

Two people about to kiss each other
Two people about to kiss each other
The colorful and erotic romance that swept the Cannes Film Festival bravely delves into a young woman's first love and sexual awakening.
Adèle Exarchopoulos stars as a high schooler who, much to her surprise, falls into a thrilling relationship with a female twenty-something art student played by Léa Seydoux in Blue Is the Warmest Color.
This finely detailed, intimate epic directed by Abdellatif Kechiche sensitively renders the erotic abandon of youth. It has captivated international audiences and is widely regarded as the definitive love story of the twenty-first century.

Lie With Me (2005)

Woman lying on the bed with a man toucher her
Woman lying on the bed with a man toucher her
"Lie With Me" is a racy Canadian English film. The film is told from the perspective of the female protagonist, which adds a unique twist to the drama and narration. She struggles with sharing intimacy in a relationship.
It revolves around two nymphomaniacs who have never experienced or understood love. When they fall in love, seeing the world through their eyes is fascinating. The highs and lows of their relationship make for an excellent genre film. The actors delivered a convincing performance.

Unfaithful (2002)

Woman lying on the bed with a man on top of her
Woman lying on the bed with a man on top of her
What this erotic film emphasizes about affairs that many others do not is the fact that Connie (Diane Lane) and Edward (Richard Gere) do not have problems before she succumbs to the charms of Paul (Olivier Martinez) - that curiosity and novelty can be as powerful attractors as unaddressed or deep-rooted problems.
Lane received Golden Globe and Academy Award nominations for her performance, which required her to perform erotic scenes with Martinez, but more importantly, to portray the uncomfortable, intoxicating mix of reactions Connie experiences after betraying her husband - fear, excitement, satisfaction - even as her liaison causes chaos and eventually more of Lyne's melodrama as she attempts to extricate herself.

Intimacy (2001)

Couple kissing each other
Couple kissing each other
Intimacy is an erotica thriller. The plot revolves around two people who meet weekly to have sex. They know nothing about one another, not even their names. However, the man develops feelings for the woman and wishes to pursue a relationship with her.
Intimacy is a powerful film that will stay with you long after you've finished watching it. The acting, screenplay, and story are all expertly woven together. Intimacy will require more concentration because it requires your undivided attention.

Lolita (1997)

A beautiful girl with wet clothes while lying on the grass
A beautiful girl with wet clothes while lying on the grass
Lolita, the divisive erotic film based on Vladimir Nabokov's seminal 1955 novel, tells the story of a 40-something literature professor whose crippled soul is rekindled by a sexually aggressive 12-year-old girl. The twisted couple, played by Jeremy Irons and 15-year-old newcomer Dominique Swain, dies in the tragedy.
With only mild foul language, this film contains some explicit nudity as well as numerous erotic scenes involving implied incest, pedophilia, and even prostitution between a pedophile and his stepdaughter. The filmmakers handle the story in a poetic manner. One of the reasons the novel became so popular was that it allegedly sold 14 million copies in the United States.

People Also Ask

What Is Erotic Meaning?

Unlike sexploitation and pornography, the erotic genre focuses on human sensitivities and sensuality rather than graphic depictions of human nudity. Although nudity, and in fact complete frontal nudity, is present in this film, the focus is not on the copulatory act.

What Is The Purpose Of An Erotic Movie?

The erotic film is intended to arouse the viewer's sexual desire as well as other emotions (such as joy, sorrow, and anger). A compelling story, a message, and well-developed characters, particularly the female characters, are present. The well-crafted sex scenes are integral to the story and do not necessarily arouse the audience; it is a film that depicts sex contextually and artistically.

What Is The Difference Of Erotic Movies From Porn?

Both words are used to pass judgment. The term "erotic" is frequently used to describe positive sexual behavior that is classy and acceptable. The term "pornographic" is used to mean "negative sexual" in every possible context, far beyond its intended use as an adjective for constructed and performed entertainment intended to arouse and be masturbated to.


That brings us to the end of our list of the Best Erotic Movies. These films on this list use sex and eroticism as plot devices to propel their stories to new heights.
The films are flawed, with most receiving polarizing reviews, but the filmmakers who created them take a risk. They are willing to walk the fine line between art and porn. They dare to walk between the two opposing poles. They take the risk of transforming what some may consider obscenity and vulgarity into raw, visceral emotion.
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