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Identifying A Legitimate Or Fraudulent Essay Writing Service- Learn About 6 Trustworthy Companies That Offer Best Essay Writing Services

If you poll students on how they felt about the school year, you'll get nearly identical responses. Time constraints, a slew of assignments, challenging classes, and run-ins with professors are all too common. Almost everyone who goes to college has to deal with stressful situations. Having no sense of self-control only adds to the difficulties. Many people are unable to resist the temptation to postpone assignments until the last minute.

Author:Paolo Reyna
Reviewer:Iram Martins
Feb 16, 2022

What's the BEST CONTENT WRITING SERVICE? - 5 content writing services reviewed

Many people are unable to resist the temptation to postpone assignments until the last minute.
What can you do about it? How do you find a sense of equilibrium and alleviate the stress? Students in their senior year are happy to talk about their personal experiences. You don't need to keep working on your homework if you can outsource it to a team of experts. So far, we've checked out a number of websites and forums on the topic of academic assistance. So, here are the best essay writing services that have been talked about the most:
  • PaperHelp – Best for college paper writing
  • WriteMyEssay – Best essay writing service overall
  • CheapPaperWriting – Best price
  • EvolutionWriters – Best for reputation
  • 99papers – Best customer service
  • ExtraEssay – Best for loyalty program

An Easy-To-Use UI

The first impression is the most important factor in making a good impression. Users' opinions of a website can be swayed if they are unable to use it. All the information you need is available on the site's homepage. The interface even includes a price calculator to make things easier for customers.

The Help Desk

Teamwork relies heavily on mutual support. Even the frequently asked questions (FAQ) does not always provide enough information. So, you need someone who can tell you what to do or solve a problem that's arising in your life right now. Fortunately, there is a well-functioning Support Team available on these sites. So you can always get in touch with it.


What is the best way to evaluate the quality of a job? There are many students who believe that a high-quality paper should be error-free in both grammar and factual content. It has to be delivered on time as well. These services, according to reviews, are all devoted to meeting the needs of their customers and doing a great job.

Inexpensive Costs

However, high-quality products are not cheap. In any case, the cost should be manageable for most customers. The reason for this is that customers prefer services that they can clearly see what they are paying for. A good price-quality ratio is important to them. A student's wallet isn't the only thing that these services take into consideration. That's why the help is as cheap as it can be.


In the absence of any guarantees, who orders a paper? Fortunately, there are a lot of guarantees on these websites. The money-back guarantee is critical. If you are dissatisfied with the service, contact Customer Support. Case-by-case, you may be eligible for a credit, discount, or refund.

Seasoned Authors

When it comes to writing a good piece of content, many people argue about whether or not the author should be a native English speaker. According to our research, this isn't an important consideration. All of this depends on how the company chooses to hire. These six companies have a strict selection process. It doesn't matter if the author is American or not.

The List Of 6 Best Reliable Essay Writing Services

PaperHelp – Best For College Paper Writing

Since 2008, this essay help site has gained many fans. PaperHelp is used by over 105,000 students and still gets good reviews. It now has 4.7 stars on TrustPilot. Why do people love it? Let's get specific.
First, getting a paper is as easy as 3 steps. You don't have to be an expert to place an order. Everything is crystal clear. After that, secure payment protects your confidential information. You can also select a payment method.
There is a user-friendly interface for both computers and smartphones. So you can get a phone app. Faster login and notifications!
Expertise of authors is not in doubt. The hiring process is strict. The team uses grammar and writing tests to assess writers' abilities. Then they interview the workers. They even monitor their work during their probation period after hiring them.
Many students value the referral program. So now you can earn with PaperHelp. You get 10% of what your friends pay if you invite them. You could also become a friend's reseller. Help them place an order and earn a percentage!
Other reasons to use PaperHelp:
  • VIP option
  • 24/7 Customer Support
  • Option “Previous writer” to receive updates via SMS
  • Direct contact with the author
  • Topics for free essays
Users dislike:
  • A wide range of provided services is only available with the VIP option.

WriteMyEssay – Best Essay Writing Service Overall

This essay site is new. But a lot has been done in 3 years. So far they have 580 satisfied customers and 647 completed tasks. So their average rating is 4.7 stars or higher on SiteJabber and TrustPilot.
One of the main benefits is no upfront fee. So you don't pay until you get your essay. Other sites rarely provide such a feature. WriteMyEssay prefers to build trust with clients. Its team also believes that this payment model will encourage authors to do better work.
WriteMyEssay covers a wide range of topics. There are 16 authors who cover all academic fields. Contact them with any theme and they will deliver. They can even write urgent orders in a few hours. This option saves time and avoids many issues, but it is not cheap.
Student Favorite
  • VIP service
  • Expertly prepared free samples
  • How to write an essay blog
  • 2 copies of the same paper for 30% off – 24/7 availability
  • Chat with the author
Dissatisfactions of students:
  • The service selects writers and then suggests options. So choice is limited. Even if all authors are qualified.

CheapPaperWriting – Best Price

If the title says “cheap,” you might expect a free paper. Check to see if other essay writing services charge at least $12 per page. So, why does the website claim to be the cheapest online? How is CheapPaperWriting different from competitors?
CheapPaperWriting is a bundle of free benefits. Its main feature sets it apart from competitors. A direct chat with the writer or a revision should not cost extra. Price includes unlimited sources and 24/7 Customer Support. Authors follow the rules for free. Regardless of formatting or bibliographic style! They focus on helping you write papers and achieve goals. That's why it's rated highly on sites like TrustPilot and SiteJabber.
This service is ideal for those who require a native speaker author. CheapPaperWriting only hires native English speakers. Its team believes that no one can write English like a native. So don't worry about your assignments' quality. A careful selection.
Clients are protected by numerous guarantees. You might get a full or partial refund. Consult the website's terms to learn how to get a 100%, 70%, or 50% refund.
Many students also mention:
  • Always meet deadlines
  • Blog with useful writing tips
  • 10% discount with promo code “cheappaper10off”
Users dislike:
  • No examples of their authors' completed papers

EvolutionWriters – Best For Reputation

After 10 years, EvolutionWriters is a popular essay writing service. This confirms over 105,000 happy users and a 4.5 star average rating. What makes it unique?
The minimum price per page is $10. It's $2 less than the previous services. Does it affect paper quality? Reviewers say “no”! Writers are experts in multiple academic fields. Authors must prove their professional abilities before joining the team. They pass tests and write an essay. Work experience and degrees are required. You can even look up Top Writers' stats. Examine their rating, order completion rate, and expertise areas. You will get top-notch paper at a low cost!
People are more likely to order from a new site than an old one that hasn't been updated. EvolutionWriters combines years of experience and self-improvement. So students love the Memoji sticker website design. They say it's obvious the company keeps up. The interface is also user-friendly, making it simple to find information.
  • Other reasons why students like it:
  • Money-Back Guarantee
  • “GRAB15” for 5% off and an extra 10% bonus for your next order
  • Option of VIP customer service
Clients dislike:
  • You must pay extra to select a writer's category or to add extras like expert editor proofreading.

99papers – Best Customer Service

99papers is another seasoned custom essay writing service. It has an average of 4.67 stars. So why do people choose this firm?
Its minimum price is critical. Contrast it to other services – 9,95$ per page. The price also includes premium features like proofreading and plagiarism check. Free unlimited revisions, bibliography, and title pages. That's why students with no money come here for help.
To join 99papers, writers must be academically qualified. The company only hires experienced professionals. It's true! For example, in Yale, Cambridge, and Berkeley. Services are varied due to the writers' extensive knowledge of various topics. So you can order anything. Experts can assist with essays, research papers, and dissertations.
Students can also directly contact the chosen writer. It aids their progress. They can discuss the outline and ask questions.
Also choose this essay writing service:
  • 10 second average response time
  • Complete anonymity and privacy Lots of assignment samples
  • Bonuses and gifts
  • Refund policy
  • A useful blog
Minis customers say:
  • No author personal data or statistics available

ExtraEssay – Best For Loyalty Program

ExtraEssay is a good choice for a professional and best essay writing service. Every year, over 10,000 students seek help. Its 4.74 star rating demonstrates its professionalism.
There is a customer loyalty program. Newcomers get a 10% discount. If you order more than 10 papers, you will save 15%.
The fact that you can order any type of assignment is a plus. ExtraEssay's writers are qualified to handle any task. So they can write a resume, a report, or a book or movie review. Request an essay, research or term paper from them. Even if you order urgently, they deliver. So you always get structured content. Expert advice from experts!
The website offers plenty of guarantees to students. Most importantly, the text must be 100% unique. ExtraEssay's money-back policy is part of their terms of service. Because this service values its customers, it promises to resolve disputes quickly.
The following features attract students to the service:
  • Free custom paper samples
  • Free inquiry system without upfront payment
  • Free assignment revisions
  • Lots of guarantees
The flaws students see:
  • No chance to pick a writer


Do you avoid asking for essay help because you believe it is illegal? Good news. Trusted services are legit and safe. Experts assist you as parents assist their children. So it's legal.

Can My Teachers Tell I Bought An Essay Online?

No one will notice if you hire a skilled writer. So use trusted websites. They offer free revisions and guarantee no plagiarism. But you should still learn the work. Prepare by reading and studying the materials. Teachers may notice something suspicious only if they believe you are unaware of the task.

How To Tell A Legit Site From A Scammer

Examine websites to find reliable businesses. Verify the Support Team. Read comments to see if they are genuine. Even trusted sites have bad reviews. Examine their guarantees. The best companies provide 100% unique content and a Money-Back guarantee. They should also guarantee the privacy of your personal and credit information. If so, don't worry, it's safe to ask for help.

Need Urgent Essay Help?

Don't waste time and contact essay writing services right away. Professionals who always meet deadlines. Experts get used to writing papers quickly. The only issue is that the urgent order price is 30-50 percent higher.

Bottom Line

Getting help with homework and essays has never been easier. As a result, there are a lot of fraudulent websites that steal money through deception and mistrust. Students are wise to steer clear of pre-written papers that are available for purchase online. Some of them get nervous even if they decide to order a paper. Because they can almost sense the expiration of the deadline as they exhaust all available methods of verifying the reliability.
There is no longer a need for you to waste your time and money on this endeavor. We've done our research and compiled a list of six reputable writing services.
Is it true that they're all the same? There is only one thing they have in common, and that is the level of excellence in the services they provide. They have a well-trained staff and always meet deadlines, so you get excellent work at a fair price.
In fact, each one has its own distinct characteristics that set it apart from the rest. We've done our best to provide you with all the information you need to make an informed decision about which service is best for you.
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