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Not Sure What Table Games To Play? Games Of Choice If You Don't Know Which Best Game Tables To Buy

It's never been more critical to find enjoyable activities to do indoors, particularly ways to spend more time together as a family. If you're unsure which game to play, this article has compiled a list of the best table games.

Author:James Pierce
Reviewer:Elisa Mueller
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It's never been more critical to find enjoyable activities to do indoors, particularly ways to spend more time together as a family.
If you're unsure which game to play, this article has compiled a list of the best game tables.

How Many Types Of Table Games Are There?

Table games may appear complex or outmoded to some, but they offer a great deal of variety. Therefore, if you're looking for a new game to play with your friends, you may be surprised at how enjoyable table games can be.
Here are the seven best table games, which can be used as a basis for choosing the best game tables.
A board and a full set of accessories for the senet game
A board and a full set of accessories for the senet game


Additionally known as the Ancient Egyptian Game of Senet, this is one of the world's oldest table games! Senet is a dice, stick, and game piece game, and while it is not the simplest to learn, it is not as difficult as it appears.
You can even experiment with basic rules to get a feel for the game and then switch to advanced rules when you're ready. If you enjoy ancient or historical board games, Senet is a must-try.


Nowadays, backgammon is probably the most popular table game! From the board layout to the game pieces, it meets all requirements. Backgammon is fundamentally a strategy game, but there is an element of chance involved.
The objective of the game may appear straightforward; you must first remove all of your checkers from the board, but accomplishing that goal may prove difficult. If you receive a bad dice roll, all of your carefully constructed plans may be thrown out the window.
While Checkers and Chess frequently eclipse Backgammon, it remains an excellent two-player table game!


Trictrac may be a name that is familiar to backgammon players. Backgammon is occasionally referred to by this name, but the two games are distinct, albeit similar in some ways. The game board is identical to that used in backgammon, but the objective is different.
Rather than concentrating on removing your checkers or counters from the board, you should focus on accumulating the most points! There is, however, much more to learn about Trictrac than this, as the rules are quite complex.
Players can counter each other, and dice rolls can have a wide variety of interpretations depending on the rules being used. Thus, it is not a game that is easily accessible, but if you are an experienced backgammon player, you are likely to enjoy it.


Tavla is another table game inspired by Backgammon that follows the same rules. Tavla originated in Turkey and continues to be popular to this day! While it is very similar to Backgammon, it is distinguished by a few critical differences.
For one thing, Tavla does not use a doubling cube, and both backgammon and gammons are worth two points, not one. Additionally, because the game is generally played with fewer rounds, it is frequently faster than regular Backgammon.
However, the game is extremely versatile, and numerous different versions are played in Turkey, making it easy to find a variety of different rule sets online. Many involve the use of dice, as one would expect from a classic table game, but some simplified versions do not.


Chess, depending on who you ask, is not strictly a table game. However, the majority of modern interpretations of the title include Chess, which makes sense. The game is played on a board, similar to Backgammon, and despite the lack of dice, the majority of the other requirements are met.
You may have noticed that all of the table games we've discussed thus far are two-player games, with Chess being arguably the most popular two-player game. Chess is a highly strategic game that is far more approachable than you might believe.
While you will never be able to defeat a grandmaster at the game, mastering the fundamentals is simple and quick. Each player in chess will have their own "army" of unique pieces. The objective of the game is to capture the King, which is not as easy as it sounds.


Shogi, also known as Japanese Chess, is a complex strategy game. If Chess satisfies the criteria for a table game, Shogi satisfies them as well.
Shogi is played on a board similar to that of chess, and several of the pieces have the same names. Despite their similarities, the two games are played quite differently, and thus transitioning from Chess to Shogi is not straightforward.
As is the case with any good table game, it is highly strategic and ideal for two players. If you're already familiar with Backgammon or Chess, Shogi is an excellent table game to try next.


To conclude our examination of the best table games to play, we have Jacquet. Although not as popular as Trictrac, Jacquet was a very popular French game. As such, this is another Backgammon-inspired table game that is played on the traditional Backgammon board.
You can still play it, and there are even Jacquet-specific game sets available. Jacquet is a much more straightforward table game that shares many of the same rules and principles as Trictrac and standard Backgammon.


That concludes our look at seven distinct types of table games that you will undoubtedly enjoy in order to be inspired when purchasing the best game tables for your game room. While many classic table games share similarities, many people today consider traditional games such as chess and shogi to be table games as well.
If you're looking for some enjoyable two-player gaming, any of these titles will suffice.
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