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The Best Metals To Choose For Your Wedding Rings

Most couples become enamored by the engagement ring. It’s the ring that gets most of our attention and every husband-to-be is determined to find the perfect diamond for their spouse. However, you can’t forget about the wedding rings themselves! These rings are worn by both of you, and you’ll (hopefully) wear them for life.

Author:James Pierce
Reviewer:Alberto Thompson
Jan 10, 2024
Most couples become enamored by the engagement ring. It’s the ring that gets most of our attention and every husband-to-be is determined to find the perfect diamond for their spouse. However, you can’t forget about the wedding rings themselves! These rings are worn by both of you, and you’ll (hopefully) wear them for life.
The funny thing is, most people don’t realize how diverse wedding bands are. You assume you’re getting a plain gold band - but that’s far from the case. Wedding rings come in many metals, some of which may be better suited to you than others.
Keeping that in mind, we’ll show you the best metals to choose for your wedding rings, detailing who we think each type is perfectly aimed at!

Gold - Ideal for traditionalists

You can’t get more traditional than a yellow gold wedding ring. It’s an iconic look, and you can find a multitude of beautiful designs to choose from. Gold may also work beautifully with the engagement ring so you can stack the two and wear them together.
There is a word of caution for anyone seeking gold rings; 24 karat gold isn’t that durable. It can be scratched or morphed fairly easily, meaning you’re advised to avoid wearing the ring during physical activity or in places where you can damage it. Or, you could opt for a lower karat gold which gives less overall gold content but way more durability. The choice is yours - but gold will always look the most traditional.

Sterling Silver - An option for people on a tight budget

Let’s face it, planning a weddingrequires lots of money. You’re forking out thousands of dollars on everything - not to mention you already likely spent a few months’ salary on an engagement ring.
Consequently, you’re operating on a strict budget and want to save money wherever you can. A sterling silver wedding ring is a brilliant opportunity to do just that. Silver is the most affordable metal on this list yet it provides an elegant beauty that few metals can match. After all, many people try to replicate the visual look of silver by getting white gold rings. Why spend that much when you can have real thing on your finger?
Sterling silver jewelry does require more maintenance than most, so bear that in mind. Nevertheless, if you can deal with this, then it’s well worth the financial savings.

Platinum - Perfect for pure longevity

Platinum wedding rings are growing in popularity for a stream of reasons. On the one hand, they look fantastic and are a statement piece on anyone's finger. On the other, platinum is an extremely durable material that can withstand general wear and tear for decades. Many people see this as a luxurious option because it’s an extremely costly metal. Look, you won’t be choosing platinum if you’re on a budget, let’s just leave it at that!
If you do want to splash the cash and invest a lot of money in your wedding rings, this metal is arguably the best choice you can make. Why? Because you get sheer longevity. Any stones that are fixed into the ring will stay where they are forever. You’re highly unlikely to scratch the ring or see defects. It’s possible to wear your platinum ring all day while doing any activities and it’ll still look new.
This is the ideal option for couples who want something that’ll last as long as their marriage! It can be hugely symbolic for your relationshipif you get platinum rings; you’re saying that your love is as strong as this metal and nothing can break it.

Titanium - A fine choice for men’s wedding bands

We’ve spotted a growing trend in the jewelry industry, and it revolves around titanium wedding bands. In the past, few couples would consider this metal as it wasn’t the most “glamorous” idea out there. Now, titanium is one of the best options for men’s wedding ringsacross the world. It has some unique qualities that helped it rise to prominence, but one of its key aspects is lightness.
Compared to other precious metals, titanium is pretty lightweight. It barely feels like you’re wearing a ring on your finger, which is why men love it. When you’re not used to wearing jewelry every day, a wedding ring can feel heavy and very restrictive. Titanium gives you something that lets you show off your wedding band with pride while not getting irritated by it.
Oh, and it’s also easy to maintain. The strength of titanium means it requires virtually zero maintenance. Again, that’s perfect for guys who aren’t used to looking after jewelry!

Rose Gold - Suitable for the modern romantic

As many of you are aware, the world went rose gold crazy a few years ago. It was everywhere you looked, but the trend died down slightly. Now, you mainly see rose gold jewelrywhen looking at engagement or wedding rings. It remains a highly popular metal for the latter, particularly if you want a modern ring design.
Rose gold has modern qualities and it’s considered a very romantic metal thanks to the pinkish hue. Because you’re mixing gold with copper and other metals to create this look, a rose gold ring is typically very affordable. This makes it another choice for couples on a budget, but we think it is better suited if you want the most contemporary wedding ring out there.
Can you find other metals for wedding rings? Yes! Plenty didn’t make our list for one reason or another, but you can find wedding rings made from tungsten, palladium, cobalt, white gold, and more. We think the options above are the best - especially for the recommended categories!
One final thing to note is that couples do not need the same wedding band. This is a common misconception, but you can have entirely different rings to suit your tastes. Some couples still love the idea of matching rings, which is why many opt for the traditional gold band. The way we see it, you’re both wearing these rings for life, so you may as well choose designs that suit your individual desires!
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