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Best 10 Online Slots For Real Money In Canada + (Extra Bonus Slot)

Ideally, you want to find slots that are not only enjoyable to play but will also give you a better chance of winning real money.

Author:Alberto Thompson
Reviewer:Gordon Dickerson
Oct 10, 2023
Online gamers in Canada have a multitude of online slot machines to choose from. As there are so many options in the Canadian gambling market, however, it can be difficult to narrow down your choices and find the online slots that are worth your time and effort. Ideally, you want to find slots that are not only enjoyable to play but will also give you a better chance of winning real money.
To help you out, we’ve researched some of the best online slots to help you win some cash, looking at their expectations vs. reality. Let’s take a closer look:
Sweet Bonanzais our TOP pick for Canadian players, but we have another 10 real money online casino slots we’d definitely recommend. Let’s get started.
Best 10 Online Slots for Real Money in Canada + (Extra Bonus Slot):
  • Sweet Bonanza Slot
  • Cleopatra Slot
  • Game of Thrones Slot
  • Mega Moolah Slot
  • Book of 99 Slot
  • Gladiator Slot
  • 88 Fortunes Slot
  • Wolf Gold Slot
  • Thunderstruck Slot
  • Gates of Olympus Slot
  • Gonzo's Quest Slot (Bonus)

Things We Considered for Choosing These Slots

When looking for online slots that make real money in Canada, we considered a number of different factors to compile our list. This included:


Firstly, one of the key indications of which online slots lead to real money in Canada is the RTP or Return To Player percentage. This is a number that measures the amount of money paid out in the game, compared to the bets paid in. For an online game to have good odds, it would need to sit around the 94% RTP level or above.
The higher the RTP rate, the more chance you have of winning money. However, this cannot be guaranteed as the RTP does not mean that a certain amount is paid out to each player. Instead, some players will see more winnings and some less.


If an online slot machine has a higher RTP number, there is more chance of winning meaning that the slot machines are less volatile. The type of online slot machine can also change the level of volatility with progressive slot machines being slightly riskier than others.

Winning Rates

We looked at the winning rates of each of the slot games that we chose for our list to ensure that there is a good chance of winning real money on them.


And last, but certainly not least, we took into consideration the popularity; after all, there is a reason that people keep coming back to the same games over and over again. So, which ones did we choose? Let’s take a closer look:

Bonuses & Promotions

It is usually worthwhile to check out if the casino offers incentives and promotions, such as a welcome bonus when you sign up, as these can greatly enhance your gambling experience.
By carefully reviewing the T&Cs, you can ensure that the bonus has fair terms, such as a low wagering requirement.

1. Sweet Bonanza Slot

Looking for something for your sweet tooth? Well, the Sweet Bonanza slot is one for you. This slot is played differently from many of the others on our list. It is a 6 reel, 5 row game, but doesn’t rely on paylines. Instead, it is an all ways game, meaning that in order to win you simply need 8 or more of the same symbol somewhere on the reels, they do not have to be in rows.
The more similar symbols you get on the reels, the bigger your win will be. What makes this an even better way to make money is that if you end up with more than 8 of two different symbols on the reel, you can win money on both sets at the same time, known as cluster pays.
The design of the slot machine itself is playful and colorful, packed full of sweets and sales with a sweet and happy song playing in the background as you play. Some special symbols to look out for include the lollipop symbol which is the scatter symbol.
Match at least 4 of these to trigger free spins and a multiplier of your stake. Depending on how many you match, you can multiply your winnings on sound by 3, 5 or 100 times your bet.
The bright, rainbow coloured candy bombs also trigger multipliers of up to 100x so again, are a way to boost your winnings.
The RTP for this game? 96.51%, good odds for leaving with a profit and feeling like a kid in a candy shop!
Quick Stats
  • Popularity: High
  • RTP: 96.51%
  • Biggest gains: $28,565
  • Volatility: High
  • Winning Probability: 3 out of 10
  • Age: 3 years old slot

2. Cleopatra Slot

Another historical slot game that is a firm fan-favorite is named after the Ancient Egyptian queen Cleopatra. This Egyptian-themed slot was once a real slot machine that lined the aisles of casinos around the world, but it has now made its name online.
The layout of this slot is popular, with 5 reels, 3 lines and 20 paylines, with the ability to put down little or large bets on this reel. One thing that makes this slot game stand out from others on the market is that there are a multitude of ways to earn free spins, up to 180 of them to be exact. To access these free spins, find more than 3 Sphinx scatter symbols, which give you 15 free spins, these can build up over and over again.
The RTP percentages are great with the percentage sitting at around 95.02% meaning the game will pay out around $95 for every $100 spent but this is not evenly distributed between players. Additionally, Cleopatra is less volatile than some other slot games available online, so why not give it a go?
Quick Stats
  • Popularity: High
  • RTP: 95.02%
  • Biggest gains: £54,179
  • Volatility: Medium
  • Winning Probability: 5 out of 10.
  • Age: 17 years old slot

3. Game of Thrones Slot

Last but not least is a little bonus slot game on our list, where you will find dragons and mystery. It's the Game of Thrones slot based on the award-winning tv series. If you are a huge fan of the show, you’ll love the chance to choose your favorite house and work towards seizing the Iron Throne, earning riches along the way.
This slot game is 243-way and is packed with special features such as multipliers and free spins. You’ll see some familiar symbols such as the Baratheon, Stark, Lannister and Targaryen house symbols that make this game truly unique. Look out for the iron throne, which serves as your scatter feature and the wild symbol of the Game of Thrones logo.
What makes this game really stand out though is the ability to gamble every win you make for the chance of doubling each win. If you choose to gamble, simply make four correct moves to double your money, and with a 95.03% return rate, this is pretty good odds.
Quick Stats
  • Popularity: High
  • RTP: 95.07%
  • Biggest gains: $33,565
  • Volatility: Medium
  • Winning Probability: 5 out of 10.
  • Age: 3 years old slot

4. Mega Moolah Slot

This game has a stellar reputation for creating more millionaires than any other online jackpot slot game, so this is definitely a firm favorite on our list.
Mega Moolah slot machine has an African theme with vibrant visuals of African animals such as Lions as you play. It is a five-reel slot machine that has 25 pay lines so has a pretty standard layout making it easy to play.
The game has a number of bonus features that can help boost your profits. If you are looking for the wild symbol, keep an eye out for the king of the jungle, the lion. Anytime the lion is a part of your combination, your winnings for that combination will double.
Also, look out for those cheeky monkeys. Three monkey symbols on the reel give you 15 free spins with all payouts tripled, plenty of opportunities to win more money! But the big jackpot are the four progressive jackpots on the slot that can be triggered at any time, at random.
But will the Mega Moolah game deliver Mega money? Well, the RTP (Return to Player) percentages look promising! Sitting at 93.42%, the game will pay out around $93.42 for every $100 spent. However, this might not go to the same player. It’s pretty good odds for online slot games and shows that you have a fair chance of winning some Mega Moolah. In this game, the biggest win so far sits around 19.4 million Euros, which was won in 2021, so there is a chance to win some serious cash.
Quick Stats
  • Popularity: High
  • RTP: 93.42%
  • Biggest gains: €6.3 million
  • Volatility: High
  • Winning Probability: 3 out of 10.
  • Age: 16 years old slot

5. Book of 99 Slot

The Book of 99 slot focuses on Greek mythology and the one-eyed cyclops. There is one simple reason why it is on our list and that is its incredible RTP rate which sits at 99%!! This is the highest we have ever seen for a slot machine and means that there will be some big winners. The design is simple and easy to understand with 5 reels and 10 paylines.
Here, the visuals are comic-book like and truly eye-catching, while there are a couple of bonus features to keep an eye on. Look out for the wild symbol which is a book; match three or more of these and receive 10 free spins that give you a better opportunity to make a profit.
Quick Stats
  • Popularity: High
  • RTP: 99%
  • Biggest gains: $22,500
  • Volatility: Very High
  • Winning Probability: 4 out of 10.
  • Age: 1 year old slot

6. Gladiator Slot

One of the most popular slot machines online today is the Gladiator slot, based on the award-winning film Gladiator and developed by one of the leading slot machine developers, Playtech.
The Gladiator slot machine features the traditional 5-reel, 3-row, and 25 pay line layout. THe key icons are familiar faces such as Emperor Commodus, Senator Gracchus, and Juba. The scatter symbol in this reel is the famous Roman Colosseum, find between 3 and 5 of these and gain access to the bonus round where you can win a number of prizes including more Wild symbols, free games or multipliers, all increasing your chances of winning big.
Make sure that you also keep an eye out for the Gladiator’s Mask, match these and you can select 9 masks, each revealing a multiplier that can increase your winnings.
The RTP percentages are good for this game, sitting at 94.1%, meaning the game will pay out around $94.10 for every $100 spent. However, this might not go to the same player. Playtech has been open about the biggest win ever with this game, sitting at over 2.3 million Euros, so it might be worth a play or two.
Quick Stats
  • Popularity: High
  • RTP: 96.31%
  • Biggest gains: €2.37M
  • Volatility: High
  • Winning Probability: 3 out of 10.
  • Age: 14 years old slot

7. 88 Fortunes Slot

This slot has a beautiful East Asian theme with vibrant red and gold shades and Asian inspired symbols. For many Asian countries, Red is a lucky color, but will this red slot bring you luck tonight? Well the RTP percentage is 96%, great odds for those playing it.
The slot has 3 rows and 5 reels and has a familiar design to a lot of other online slot machines. What makes the machine stand out is the special symbols and free spins bonuses.
Gain free spins by matching three or more of the golden gong symbols on the reels. Watch out for the Fu-bat feature which can lead to huge jackpots.
Once you activate this feature, choose between 12 different lucky coins to try and match symbols. Match three symbols and you win either a mini, major or grand jackpot which could see you cashing in the gold.
Quick Stats
  • Popularity: High
  • RTP: 96%
  • Biggest gains: $30,000
  • Volatility: Medium
  • Winning Probability: 5 out of 10.
  • Age: 6 years old slot

8. Wolf Gold Slot

A newer slot game to the online gaming market is the Wolf Gold slot game, which has increased in popularity ever since its release. The game has a good RTP percentage of 96.01% and is a classic 5 reel game with 25 paylines.
Search for the moonlight in this game to have a higher chance of winning. Match 6 full moon symbols for the money respin part of the game. Fill the board with the moon spaces and you could win big with each moon having a coin value attached.
The scatter symbol on this reel is the sunset canyon. If you find these over three reels you get more free spins!
The maximum win on this slot is 2500x the stake, meaning you could be howling to the moon with excitement if you win big.
Quick Stats
  • Popularity: High
  • RTP: 96.01%
  • Biggest gains: $16,532
  • Volatility: Medium
  • Winning Probability: 5 out of 10.
  • Age: 5 years old slot

9. Thunderstruck Slot

This slot game is themed around the ancient Norse God Thor, the God of thunder and is a dark and mysterious themed slot. Will you receive a lightning strike of luck playing this game? Well, it has a pretty high RTP of 96.1% which is a good start and the maximum win is a whopping 10,000x your bet per spin or up to 30,000x your bet during any free spins you win as this can come with a 3x multiplier option.
The game is a 5 reel and 9 paylines slot and has a couple of extra features to look out for. The wild symbol is the bold image of Thor. Match 2, 3, 4 or 5 of this Norse God and receive multipliers on your bet. If you manage to fill your feel with Thors, you could win 10,000 times your bet, leading to mega cash.
The Ram icon works as the scatter for this game. Earn two or more of those across your reel and your bed will either be a multiplier or you can earn 15 free spins giving you more opportunity to win.
It is also worth noting that this online slot game is frequently listed in the top ten most played games on a number of different online casino websites, clearly showing that people enjoy it and keep coming back for more. It’s worth a shot!
Quick Stats
  • Popularity: High
  • RTP: 96.1%
  • Biggest gains: $24,631
  • Volatility: Medium
  • Winning Probability: 5 out of 10.
  • Age: 18 years old slot

10. Gates of Olympus Slot

Step back in time to the streets of Ancient Greece with the Gates of Olympus slot where you meet the wise Greek Gods. This 6 reel slot is packed full of features and has great payout odds with an RTP rate of 96.5% and 5000x bet top payouts.
This game is a little different from others and has no wild symbol, the first in our list. You’ll instantly, however, spot the king of all Greek Gods, Zeus, looming over the side of your reel. At any point during the game, Zeus can come to life, starting the multiplier feature on your reel, multipliers can range from 2x to 500x, and depend on the number of orbs fired from him. Landing 4 or more Zeus icons on the reel will also activate a free spins feature.
With an RTP rate of 96.5% RTP, this game pays out pretty well and has one of the best odds on our list. Perhaps the luck of the Greek Gods will be with you.
Quick Stats
  • Popularity: High
  • RTP: 96.50%
  • Biggest gains: $31,200
  • Volatility: High
  • Winning Probability: 3 out of 10.
  • Age: 1 year old slot

THE BONUS SLOT - The Lost Golden City-11. Gonzo's Quest Slot

Yet another historical themed slot that attracted our attention is Gonzo’s Quest slot. The slot machine is based on the tale of a Spanish Explorer looking for gold in the mysterious El Dorado. But will you find gold here? Well, the slot machine has pretty good RTP odds at 95.97%, higher than many on our list.
The slot machine itself has 20 paylines and has been extremely popular since its release in 2011. There is a fixed jackpot within this game where you can win up to 2500x your bet. To do this, you need to spin 5 gray masks. There are also avalanche multipliers on this reel, where you gain free spins and can earn up to 37,500x your bet; there is some real cash to be made here.
Quick Stats
  • Popularity: High
  • RTP: 95.97%
  • Biggest gains: $26,420
  • Volatility: Medium/High
  • Winning Probability: 4 out of 10.
  • Age: 11 years old slot

To Summarize

To summarize, there are a number of different online slot machines that can make real money in Canada. Some of our favorites, with great RTPs are listed above. It is clear that in order to win the big money on these machines, you will need to look for the bonus features of the slots where you can multiply your winnings. So, why not try some out today? Have fun and get the chance to win real money.

Where to Play and How to Choose an Online Casino that will Make You Real Money in Canada

Game selection

Make sure the online casino offers a wide variety of games, from slots and table games to live dealers, so you have many options. Betssen casino offers over 800 titles that you can get involved in giving its players a huge choice.


It's crucial to confirm the online casino's reputation before choosing to play there for your safety and peace of mind.
Fast payouts
If you do win big, the last thing you want to do is have to wait a long time until your winnings are paid out. Therefore, you want to find an online casino that gives payouts quickly. Therefore, check the limits on withdrawals and deposits to find a casino that suits your needs. Betssen offers fast payouts so you can get your money quickly.


You want the casino site that you choose to be compatible with how you want to play, whether that be on a full screen, on your mobile or on an app downloaded on your phone. Betssen is available in all these ways and is ready for you to get started.


What is a progressive jackpot?

Every time a progressive jackpot game is played, the jackpot increases in value. This can only mean one thing: a bigger chance of winning enormous real money jackpots!

What is a wild symbol?

This is a symbol that is designated as a wild card which can appear on any payline. Matching multiple wildcards can lead to increased winnings or free spins but this can differ per game so keep a note of the rules of the game you are playing.

What is a scatter symbol?

Most online slot games will have a specific symbol that is known as a scatter. The scatter can lead to a number of rewards depending on the game, from free spins to multipliers. Depending on how many scatter symbols occur in a payline, you receive a different bonus, with some slots even giving you a bonus if it appears at all on your paylines.

What is RTP?

RTP stands for Return to Player and it is the percentage of money that a game plays out per $100 spent, the higher the RTP, the better odds that you make a profit. It is worth noting, however, that winnings do not always go to the same person that deposits the money so winning is not guaranteed.

Real Money Casinos to Avoid (blacklisted)

It is important to note that there are some casinos online that do not have a good reputation. So, it’s always recommended to check out if the casino is safe or not, and then register and start playing there.

Information on addiction and problem gambling

If you or someone you know might have a gambling problem, we recommend that you seek help: - relevant information resource on the risks associated with online gambling.
CPGCB – a helpful resource to help you avoid and educate yourself on how to stay away from problem gambling. – a great resource for residents of any province in Canada who think they might have a gambling problem. – Located in London, Ontario and offers help to all Canadian residents. They can be contacted at (519)439-0174.
DISCLAIMER:The numbers of the quick stats, are based on the research made on the internet data, and it may not be accurate. Therefore, if you want to play based on those statistics, consider them inaccurate.
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