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Beth Triffon - Multitalented Award Winning Actress

American actress, producer, and writer Beth Triffon is best known for her roles in On the Verge (2021), The Goldbergs (2013), Ten Days in the Valley (2017), and Fresh Off the Boat (2015). Triffon was born and raised in Ohio.

Author:Elisa Mueller
Reviewer:Iram Martins
Aug 04, 2022
American actress Beth Triffonis most recognized for her roles in the films Standup and Away! with Brian Regan (2018) and Ten Days in the Valley (2017), as well as her work on the television series Fresh Off the Boat (2015).
It should come as no surprise that the excellent actress is also a talented writer.
She is an actress that has been working consistently in the profession for quite some time now and has won several awards for her work.
She is also capable of building a respectable fanbase all over the world thanks to her acting and writing talent, which has enabled her to do so.
She is a multi-talented actor who recently took home the trophy for ABC Discovers 2016 Digital Talent.
A significant amount of time has passed during which the actress has been actively contributing to the industry.

Who Is Beth Triffon?

Beth Triffon smiling with checkered scarf on her neck
Beth Triffon smiling with checkered scarf on her neck
Beth Triffon is an accomplished actor, despite the fact that she is still very young.
Recent announcements have revealed that she will be appearing on future episodes of The Goldbergs in a recurring role.
In the eighth season of The Goldbergs, Beth made her debut in the role of Joanne Schwartz, Geoff Schwartz's sister in real life and the character she plays on the program.
In spite of the fact that the burgeoning star's official Wikipedia page has not yet been created, the following is information on her that you might find interesting.
Beth is a performer in film and theater, in addition to acting.
She has worked in over 15 theaters across the United States and has received training from some of the most well-known trainers in the industry.
The actress was selected as the top digital performer by ABC Discovers 2016 and won the competition.
She prefers to keep her personal life to herself.
There is very little information available on the internet concerning her at this time.
Beth is a native of Ohio and has worked on shows such as Asylum for BET, The McCarthy's on CBS, the national tour of Peter Pan, and various plays in Los Angeles.
She is also from Ohio.
In addition to that, she has a role in the webseries The F-List, which is officially produced by Hollywood.
Beth founded her own production company, Gardner Street Productions, after having a great time working with FremantleMedia, The Price Is Right, and Let's Make A Deal.
At her own firm, she produces, creates, and writes a variety of projects. She could not be more thrilled to be a part of the incredible work that is being done at The Echo.
The F-List2011
Veronica Mars2004
The Goldbergs2013
Ten Days in the Valley2017

Beth Triffon Age And Appearance

Beth Triffon smiling
Beth Triffon smiling
Beth Triffon has reached the age of 28 years old.
The 15th of September, 1993 was the day she was born.
In September of 2022, she will reach the age of 29 for the first time.
Due to the fact that she was born in the United States, her race is classified as Caucasian, and she is a citizen of the United States.
BirthdaySeptember 15. 2022
Age29 years old (2022)

Family And Parents Of Beth Triffon

The elderly couple of Beth Triffon's parents, Barb Jenks Triffon and Kent, make a picture-perfect set of fogeys.
Her most recent post on Instagram is a birthday wish for her father, in which she wishes him a Happy Birthday.
Her mother, Barb, blogs for Jeffrey Woods and enjoys taking pictures of the outdoors in her spare time.
The majority of her pictures on Instagram are photographs she has taken of natural scenes, including birds, animals, and landscapes.
Chris Triffon is Triffon's sister, and the two of them have a very close relationship.
Beth Triffon also has another brother who is yet to be revealed.
When it comes to her romantic life, Beth Triffon is currently engaged to her longtime boyfriend, who is now her fiance, Kerry Henderson; however, the exact date of their wedding is not yet revealed.
Kerry is a director of manufacturing at Stageleftcreative and does narrative work at Nightdrivefilmsla in addition to being a cinematographer.
The year 2019 marked the beginning of the couple's engagement to one another, and their love for one another is undeniable.

Who Is Beth Triffon's Boyfriend?

Kerry Henderson is a musician and guitarist who used to be a member of the band The Floorwalkers, which was based in Ohio.
The band first got together in 2001, released their first album, The Natural Road, in 2010, and has been touring all throughout the state of Ohio since then.
Both the guitar and the mandolin were in Henderson's musical arsenal.
Additionally, he was the videographer for their vlogs as well as their music videos.
After some time, he decided to leave the band in order to relocate to Los Angeles, and the group recruited a new guitarist to take his place.
In the state of California, Henderson works as a cinematographer.
He runs the business under the name Stage Left Creative along with Beth Triffon.
They are both directors, but Triffon is the creative director of the company that specializes in making music and documentary films, and Henderson is the cinematographer there.
Henderson has been credited with the creation of several music videos and short films, including "Alien Acoustic Session" by Sabrina Carpenter and Jonas Blue and "80s Baby" by NKOTB.
He has also worked on a few television programs.
At the very least, Kerry Henderson and Beth Triffon, both of whom are from Ohio, have been dating since 2008.
They announced their engagement in 2019.

10 Facts On Beth Triffon

Smiling Beth Triffon wearing a cyan top and silver earrngs
Smiling Beth Triffon wearing a cyan top and silver earrngs
  • Beth Triffon maintains an active presence on Instagram, where she frequently shares photos of her performances along with details about those performances. Her Instagram account is followed by 4.5 thousand people.
  • In addition to that, she has performed on stage. Beth Triffon has performed in more than 15 theaters across the United States and has received training from some of the most well-known trainers in the country.
  • Beth Triffon is an actress who has won multiple awards. The title of "ABC Discovers 2016 Digital Talent" has been awarded to her.
  • In spite of the fact that Beth Triffon is a well-known writer and actor, she does not yet have a bio on Wikipedia. On the other hand, there is a bio on her on IMDB.
  • As of this moment, she is not married, and there is no information available about the man who is Beth Triffon's boyfriend. We will provide an update as soon as any fresh information becomes available.
  • It is important to her that the media not learn any details about her family. Therefore, there is no data available regarding her parents.
  • Because of the work that she does, Beth Triffon brings in a sum of money that is not insignificant. Her wealth is estimated to range between $700.000 to $900,000.
  • She stands at an impressive height of 5 feet and 1 inch.
  • Beth Triffon was born in 1993, making her age 27 at this point in time. On the other hand, we do not have access to her precise birth date.
  • Beth Triffon is an American actor and writer who rose to prominence for her roles in Standup and Away! with Brian Regan (2018), Ten Days in the Valley (2017), and Fresh Off the Boat. Standup and Away! with Brian Regan is the show for which she is best recognized for her writing work (2015).


It's hard to miss Beth Triffon, an American actress best known for roles in Ten Days in the Valley, Standup and Away! with Brian Regan, and Most Recent Off the Boat.
Beth is an American actor.
Award-winning actress, ABC Discovers 2016 Digital Expertise recipient.
For a long time now, the actress has been enthusiastically serving in the industry.
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