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Beyoncé Announces Renaissance World Tour Concert Film, Hits Theatres In December

Beyhive, get ready! Beyoncé announces Renaissance World Tour concert film will come out in December.

Author:Camilo Wood
Reviewer:Dexter Cooke
Oct 03, 2023
Beyhive, get ready! Beyoncé announces Renaissance World Tour concert film will come out in December. "Renaissance: A Film By Beyoncé" will show fans what goes on backstage during her world tour.
"Renaissance: A Film by Beyoncé" will show Beyoncé's tour stops, from the first show on May 10 in Stockholm, Sweden, to the last show on October 1 in Kansas City, Missouri. The film will include concert footage as well as parts of Beyoncé's "Renaissance" visual album and a documentary-style story of how the album and tour came to be.

Beyoncé Announces Renaissance World Tour Concert Film

Renaissance: A Film by Beyoncé concert movie poster
Renaissance: A Film by Beyoncé concert movie poster
Beyoncé is making a movie about her Renaissance World Tour. Soon after the tour's last stop in Kansas City, Missouri, on Sunday night, the 42-year-old artist released the trailer for the new movie, which will be in theaters on Dec. 1.
The project is called Renaissance: A Film by Beyoncé, and according to an official synopsis, it "accentuates the journey of Renaissance World Tour, from its inception, to the opening in Stockholm, Sweden, to the finale in Kansas City, Missouri."
The synopsis goes on to say:
It is about Beyoncé’s intention, hard work, involvement in every aspect of the production, her creative mind and purpose to create her legacy, and master her craft. Received with extraordinary acclaim, Beyoncé’s Renaissance World Tour created a sanctuary for freedom, and shared joy, for more than 2.7 million fans.- Renaissance World Tour concer fim synopsis
Beyoncé purrs in the trailerover a montage of images from the road:
When I am performing, I am nothing but free. My goal for this tour was to create a place where everyone is free, and no one is judged.- Beyoncé
The singer's company, Parkwood Entertainment, teased a late reveal for the last stop on her domestic tour. Shortly before 11 p.m. PT, Beyoncé posted the trailer to her Instagram. She labeled the post with a line from her song "All Up in Your Mind": "Be careful what you ask for / ’cause I just might comply."
The movie is said to be a theatrical production of the superstar's world tour this summer, which included 57 concerts in 54 places in North America and Europe and welcomed more than 2.7 million fans to "Club Renaissance."
This movie looks like it will be a family event, like many of Beyoncé's works. In the video, you can see Beyoncé practicing with Blue Ivy Carter, her oldest daughter and current backup dancer, as well as her and Jay-Z's twins, Rumi and Sir. Shawn Carter himself can be seen, and in a voiceover, he can be heard asking his wife what she plans to do with this new creative project.
Beyoncé and Jay-Z's 11-year-old daughter Blue Ivy Carter also joined her mom on stage for a few songs and did a great job with the dance moves.
The trailer shows some behind-the-scenes footage of Beyoncé practicing with her 11-year-old daughter Blue Ivy, who has been dancing on the tour, as well as interactions with her husband Jay-Z and their twins Rumi and Sir. Sources told Variety that the film would include highlights from the world tour, documentary footage of the album's recording and the tour's planning, and the long-awaited music videos for the rumored supporting visual album.
Like Taylor Swift's planned Eras tour movie, the Renaissance movie will be sold directly to US movie theaters through the AMC Theatres chain, skipping the usual distributors. Variety said that, like Taylor Swift, Beyoncé will get more than 50% of the money made at the ticket office.
Normal showtime tickets start at $22 + tax. "Renaissance" will also be shown in IMAX, Dolby Cinema, and other expensive large format screens with branded names. Starting later this week, tickets will also be sold at many movie theater chains in the United States, Canada, and Mexico.
Beyoncé has already put out a few performance films. The one that got the most attention was the Netflix documentary Homecoming, which showed how she made her incredible 2018 Coachella headlining set. From Lewis Capaldi to Billie Eilish, musicians like Lewis Capaldi and Billie Eilish have been making money by making movies about their own lives.
A year later, her musical "Black Is King" debuted on Disney+ as a visual companion to the song "The Lion King: The Gift." She directed, helped write, and oversaw the making of the movie.
Then, early on October 2, fans learned that the 42-year-old music superstar was making a movie, and it was also said that her tour was a huge hit.
Several news sources said that the singer of "Cuff It" was in talks to turn her "Renaissance World Tour" into a movie before she revealed the news herself. Fans have been asking for visuals for "Renaissance" since Beyoncé's Grammy-winning record came out in July 2022. The film could be those long-awaited visuals.

Final Words

Beyoncé has said that her huge tour for her 2022 album Renaissance this year will be the basis for a new live film. In the trailer for the movie, which came out online after it was shown at Beyoncé's last tour stop, you can see the "Halo" singer both behind the scenes and onstage.
The film will cover a lot of ground. It will include clips from the full 2023 run of the Renaissance World Tour, the long-awaited videos shot for the "Renaissance" visual album, and a documentary-style look at how the album and tour were made.
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