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Bhol co i is the oldest and most credible Haredi news source in the world. Bhol co il is the widely renowned website or gateway of BHOL.

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Bhol co ilis the oldest and most credible Haredi news source in the world. Bhol co il is the widely renowned website or gateway of BHOL. It has this description that has a professional team of journalists brings you the latest news, revelations, and scoops. Specializing in inside knowledge on ultra-Orthodox communities across the world, coverage of ultra-Orthodox communities around the world, development of original and original news - which has been reported by media outlets around the world.

What Is Bhol Co Il?

Bhol co il is a Hebrew-language Israeli news website aimed towards the Haredi community. In honor of a Jerusalem crossroads in a Haredi-dominated neighborhood, the song is titled "Haredi. Bhol co il is the most authoritative source for Charedi news and current events The articles and videos on this page will help you to stay up to date with nervous News, current affairs, culture, anxiety music, and photos of the Torah.
In accordance with Alexa's traffic ranking, is a moderately popular website with roughly 516K visits per month. This gives it a pretty excellent traffic rating. Furthermore, Bhol co il has yet to expand its social media reach, which is now limited to 136 Google+ votes, 93 Facebook likes, and three LinkedIn shares. Although this site's reputation is practically excellent, it is vital to note that users have not provided feedback on its kid safety.
A total of 70,591 people are anticipated to visit this website each day, generating an estimated income of $135 USD in advertising revenue every day. The average amount of time that a visitor spends on Bhol co il in a single day is 15:01. The majority of the traffic to this website originates in Israel, and the website is hosted in Israel. According to the website and domain valuation, the website and domain are valued at $1,087,829 USD.

Is Bhol Co Il Safe To Use?

It looks Bhol co il is real and safe to use and not a scam website. The rating of Bhol co il is good. The positive trust score is based on an automatic analysis of 40 distinct data sources that we check online, such as the technology utilized, the location of the firm, other websites located on the same web server, etc. Websites that score 80 percent or higher are typically safe to use; 100 percent signifies it is highly safe. Still, we highly urge that you study any new website you want to buy from or leave your contact data on.

How Old Is Bhol Co Il Site ?

We have found live activity from the website dated 13 years, 11 months, 7 days ago (2008-03-09).

Who Visits Bhol CO Il?

Visitors have been identified as being primarily from the following countries: Israel, the United States, the United Kingdom, Switzerland, Belgium, and Canada. According to our traffic data for, the vast majority of visitors are from Israel.

Is Bhol Co Il A High-Traffic Site?

Yes! is one of the strongest website in the world. We have computed a Mysite Rank of #6341. It receives every day nearly 130.43 thousands unique visitors from all around the world.

Bhol Co Il Alternatives

As a small piece of territory in the Middle East, Israel receives far more news attention than any other country on the planet, except North Korea. Most of the time, the coverage is negative and focused on Israel's never-ending struggle to achieve peace with its neighbors, the Palestinians. However, there is much more going on in the Holy Land than just the "bad" stuff, as you will see if you explore around this website (please do!).
In Israel, a large number of people are news junkies, which is especially true when news from the Holy Land lands Israel on the front pages of foreign media. During times of crisis, it is common to see Israelis crowding around televisions or radios. As a result, there are several news sources to keep up with the news on a daily basis. Unfortunately, the vast majority of them are in Hebrew, with only a few quality English-language sites. However, we have managed to build a list of the top alternative English-language news websites for Bhol co il below.


Ynet logo
Ynet logo
In Israel, the best-selling Hebrew newspaper is also available in an English translation. However, despite the fact that it does not have a print edition, it does contain some amusing and unusual stories that will keep you occupied. Generally speaking, it is on top of the big topics, although it can be a little behind on the smaller ones, particularly in sports news.

Jerusalem Post

The Jerusalem Post Logo
The Jerusalem Post Logo
The Jerusalem Post is a broadsheet daily published in Jerusalem that was started by Gershon Agron in 1932 under the British Mandate of Palestine as The Palestine Post. The Jerusalem Post is owned by the Israeli government. The name of the newspaper was changed to The Jerusalem Post in 1950. After being purchased by Mirkaei Tikshoret, an Israeli media company backed by businessman Eli Azur in 2004, the publication was renamed The Jerusalem Post. Azur purchased the daily Maariv in April 2014 for an undisclosed sum. The newspaper is published in both English and French, and it has previously produced a French version.
According to the publication, it is located in the Israeli center, with an editorial stance that is critical of political corruption and supportive of the separation of church and state in Israel, as well as against unilateral concessions to the Palestinians. It is also a prominent advocate for more investment by the State of Israel in World Jewry as well as educational initiatives for Jews living in the Diaspora, among other things.
The most important of all English-language news sites in Israel, though a little to the right of center. It has some excellent articles and some excellent subsections, and you can always count on receiving up-to-the-minute breaking news.


Haaretz logo
Haaretz logo
It was established in 1918, making it the country's oldest newspaper still in print. It is presently published in both Hebrew and English, using the Berliner format, and is available in both languages. The English edition of the New York Times is published and sold alongside the International New York Times. Both the Hebrew and English versions of the book are available for reading on the internet. For readers in North America, it is published as a weekly newspaper, with pieces from the Friday edition combined with a summary of stories from the remaining days of the week.
It is well-known for taking left-wing and liberal positions on a variety of local and international topics. As of 2016, the newspaper has a 3.9 percent weekday exposure rate in Israel, according to Nielsen Media Research. For example, according to the Center for Research Libraries, "Haaretz is considered to be the most prominent and respected of Israel's daily newspapers, both in terms of news coverage and in terms of opinion." It is widely regarded as Israel's authoritative newspaper.


Today, it is simple to locate reputable contemporary Israeli newspapers and news sites online that provide a variety of perspectives and viewpoints on current affairs, cultural events, and religious concerns in Israel from a variety of perspectives. Current information about the lives, politics, and culture of Israel may be found on the websites above. Israel's English-language newspaper business is one of the largest in the Middle East area, and it is possibly the most important. As a result, we have a broad and diverse collection of Israeli newspapers and news websites on this page.
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