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Biden Approval Rises 40% - His Highest Approval Rating After Historical Lows

The public's opinion of U.S. President Joe Biden is at its highest level since early June, since Biden approval rises 40%, according to a Reuters/Ipsos poll done on Tuesday. This comes after a string of legislative wins for Biden.

Author:Darren Mcpherson
Reviewer:Camilo Wood
Aug 12, 2022
The public's opinion of U.S. President Joe Biden is at its highest level since early June, since Biden approval rises 40%, according to a Reuters/Ipsos poll done on Tuesday. This comes after a string of legislative wins for Biden.
The two-day national poll found that 40% of Americans are happy with how Biden is doing his job. This is the lowest level of approval ever for a U.S. president.
Biden's approval rating has been going up recently, with gains in each of the last three weeks. This could make Democrats less worried that their party is going to lose big in the midterm elections on Nov. 8, when Republicans hope to take control of the U.S. Congress.
On Sunday, the U.S. Senate passed a major bill to fight climate change, lower drug prices, and raise some corporate taxes. The bill, which Biden supported and which is likely to pass in the U.S. House of Representatives, was a big legislative win for Democrats who hope it will get more people excited about voting in November.
On Tuesday, Biden signed into law another major bill that will give subsidies to U.S. companies that make semiconductors and help the U.S. catch up with China in science and technology.
In a poll taken on Tuesday, 78% of Democrats said they liked Biden, which is up from 69% a month earlier. This week, only 12% of Republicans liked Biden, a number that has mostly stayed the same over the past few weeks.
In May, Biden's overall approval rating was at 36%, which was the lowest point of his presidency. It has been below 50% since August of last year when the COVID-19 crisis was still hurting the economy.
Biden's lowest ratings are close to those of his predecessor, Donald Trump, whose popularity hit its lowest point of 33% in December 2017.

Biden Approval Rating Today

The Reuters/Ipsos poll says that most of Biden's gains come from people in his own party.
Seventy-eight percent of Democrats said they were happy with how the president was doing, which is up 9 points from a month ago when he was at 69%. His approval rating among Republicans is 12%, which is about the same as what polls have shown in the past.
For the 48th week in a row, the economy has been the most important thing to Americans. 32% of Americans said it was their most important worry. But in the past few weeks, the economy has shown signs of getting better.
After reaching a high of $5.03 in the middle of June, the price of gas fell below $4 for the first time since March. Even though inflation is still high, new numbers released on Tuesday show that the problem is getting better because prices for all types of goods are going down.
Biden and the Democrats have also had some legislative wins in the past few weeks, in addition to the economic gains.
The Senate passed the Inflation Reduction Act, a $740 billion bill that aims, among other things, to lower the cost of prescription drugs and promote clean energy. This is one of the wins.
The bipartisan CHIPS Act, which Biden signed into law on Tuesday, will put $200 billion into making semiconductor chips.
The passage of the PACT Act, which will give more health care to veterans who got sick after being exposed to burning toxic waste, is another win for Biden.
Even though the legislative process was a bit tense, Republicans eventually gave in, and the bill passed with support from both parties.


Democrats want to avoid or lessen the historical trend that a new president's party loses seats in Congress in the midterm elections. They have said they hope that the successes of the administration and party will help their chances in November.
All over the United States, the Reuters/Ipsos poll is done online in English. In the most recent poll, responses came from a total of 1,005 adults, 445 of whom were Democrats and 357 of whom were Republicans. It has a credibility interval of four percentage points. This is a measure of how accurate it is.
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