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Biden Is On A Roll That Any President Would Delight To Have - Is This Where Things Begin To Change?

Biden is on a roll that any president would delight to have, and now people are asking if this is where things begin to change. Aides in the White House have stated that the recent spate of victories holds up well in comparison to the two-year legislative record of virtually any other contemporary president.

Author:Dexter Cooke
Reviewer:Hajra Shannon
Aug 10, 2022
Biden is on a rollthat any president would delight to have, and now people are asking if this is where things begin to change.
Aides in the White House have stated that the recent spate of victories holds up well in comparison to the two-year legislative record of virtually any other contemporary president.

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On Monday, President Biden arrived at Air Force One with a light step, a lighthearted demeanor, and a wide grin. "I'm feeling wonderful," he said. He meant physically, having finally defeated Covid-19, but he may also be referring to his presidency in general.
Mr. Biden has emerged from his medical confinement into a new political landscape. Suddenly, the administration that couldn't seem to get anything right, that couldn't seem to catch a break, was on a roll that any president would appreciate: major legislation cruising to passage, at least some economic indicators trending upward, and the world's most wanted terrorist killed after a two-decade manhunt.
Those early dreams to be the next Franklin D. Roosevelt or Lyndon B. Johnson, which felt so arrogant in recent months, are being heard again in the halls of the West Wing and the Capitol.
According to White House aides, the president's string of congressional victories — capped by the package of climate, health, and tax provisions that finally passed the Senate over the weekend — compares favorably to the two-year legislative record of most other modern presidents, including F.D.R. and L.B.J.
Of course, whether Mr. Biden's recent successes will prove to be a major turning point in his presidency or only a fleeting period in an otherwise grim administration remains to be seen.
According to polls, Mr. Biden is still one of the most unpopular presidents in recent history at this point in his presidency, and even some House Democrats privately worry that none of his accomplishments will save him from an electoral rout in November.
While the domestic package advanced over the weekend is popular in polls and many of its individual components are too, Republicans hope to use specific elements as a wedge issue against Democrats, characterizing the measure as a tax increase that will empower the IRS to go after middle-class Americans without combating inflation. Democrats will accuse Republicans of opposing senior drug relief to help the industry.
But, for the time being, Mr. Biden has broken the impasse that has hampered his policy agenda and may have dispelled the impression that he could not impose his way on a Congress that he has served in for 36 years
He did it, strangely, in part by stepping back and allowing senators work out their differences rather than negotiating himself, restraining his legislative instincts.
Mr. Biden and his cabinet secretaries are already arranging events and trips in the coming days in the hopes of converting the achievements into popular support. "Do I expect it to help?" he said reporters on Monday, when asked if the latest law will make a difference in the midterm elections. “Yes, I do.”
The headlines, which read, "Biden Poised for Big Wins in Congress," "Joe Biden Just Had the Best Week of His Presidency," and "Wait, Is Biden a Better President Than People Thought?" had clearly been a tonic for a White House that had been demoralized for months.
"There are few better feelings in a White House than when the fever of bad news breaks," Jen Psaki, Mr. Biden's former White House press secretary, said. "It gives a much-needed boost to the exhausted team while also sending a message to the American people that government can actually do something."


So, when the president awoke on a bright Monday morning to a third negative Covid test, confirming his freedom from isolation, he knew he was in for one of the most uplifting days of his presidency. He has no idea how long it will last, but he intends to enjoy it while he can.
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