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Blackjack Playing Guide For Newbies

Every expert bettor knows that blackjack is the most popular game in a casino, whether it is land-based or online. This is because blackjack has a shallow house edge, which is a significant advantage for the players.

Author:Elisa Mueller
Reviewer:James Pierce
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Every expert bettor knows that blackjack is the most popular game in a casino, whether it is land-based or online. This is because blackjack has a shallow house edge, which is a significant advantage for the players.
If you can master this game, the chances of you taking home a huge amount of winning are highly likely to happen.
For beginners who are starting to study the blackjack game, here’s a guide to follow:

The Basics

One can not know how to run if they don't even know how to walk. Hence, we are starting this guide with a few basics vital in your journey to learn blackjack. Blackjack uses a traditional deck of cardswith four different suites and 13 ranks. For the suit, you will see a lot of:
  • suit of hearts
  • suit of diamonds
  • suit of spades
  • suit of clubs
I assumed that you already know what these suits look like, but it is best to do your research to know what suit you are looking at. Moving forward with the basics, the next thing you need to familiarize yourself is the 13 ranks that are included in one deck of cards which are:
  • Ace (A)
  • Two (2)
  • Three (3)
  • Four (4)
  • Five (5)
  • Six (6)
  • Seven (7)
  • Eight (8)
  • Nine (9)
  • Ten (10)
  • Jack (J)
  • Queen (Q)
  • King (K)
You have to keep in mind that all four suits contain all the 13 ranks of cards. The Ace (A) is considered the number one card and the highest card of the deck. On the other hand, Jack, Queen, and King are all referred to as face cards.

How To Score

Now that you know the basics of blackjack, we will now learn how you score. Take note that the face cards are all worth ten points, while the ace can be either one or eleven. The rest of the cards are scored as is. Your "hand" or the cards you have on hand will be given a score based on the card ranking.
To calculate the card on your hand, you will have to add up the score of all the cards you are holding. For instance, you have a jack and a number nine card in your hand, then that would be ten plus nine equals nineteen. If your card is higher than the dealer's cards, you will win the round. You will only have to compare the dealer's card and yours to nobody else.
However, if your hand reaches a total of 22 points or higher, then your card is considered a bust. Automatically, you will lose. Your goal is to have a hand closer to as 21 as possible but not go beyond that number. This is the reason why other people call it 21.


From the basic to how you can score, it now comes down to how you will win. The most recommended way is to strategize to increase your chance of winning in blackjack. Casino.FanDuel.comreleases a blog about the best strategies that bettors can use when playing blackjack. You might want to check it out and learn some tricks that can boost your chances.
Blackjack is a game of skills, so strategies are the best tool you can use to gain an advantage against the house. In general, blackjack only has one or less house edge than any other games you can find in a casino. This means that your chances of winning over the dealer are high, plus with your strategies, the more likely you will win.

Basic Rules To Remember

Aside from calculating your score, there is another general blackjack rule that you must remember. The first is to know when you can hit or stand. Hit is what you will do when you ask the dealer for another card to add to your hand. It would be best if you did this in situations where you have a very low score at hand, and you are certain that the next card given to you will not bust your score. The lowest the card, the more unlikely you will get a bust.
On the other hand, standing is what you do if you are already confident with your hand and do not want to request another card to be added to it. This usually happens if your card already has a high value and you have a feeling that the next card will be a bust.


Practice makes perfect, and the more you play blackjack, the more you become familiar and comfortable with it. You can try playing in an online casinofirst so that you can test the waters at your own pace. Playing in an online casino will put no pressure on you, which is why it is a great platform for beginners who want to practice a particular game.
There are so many available blackjack games online. You will have to choose the platform that best suits you. It is also recommended to choose a blackjack game with great graphics to play comfortably and understand the whole concept of the game better.

All Things Considered

This guide will surely help you in playing blackjackfor the first time. This guide is pretty straightforward, which is why it would be easy for you to understand and follow it. However, it is still best for you to even perform more in-depth research about this game to increase further your chances of profiting from it.
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