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"Blue Beetle" Dethrones "Barbie" From The Top Spot At The Box Office

"Blue Beetle" dethrones "Barbie" at the box office in the United States. Even though it opened with less money than expected, the latest DC superhero movie took the No. 1 place. "Blue Beetle," which starred Xolo Mariduea as an alien symbiote, made an extra $18 million at the foreign box office.

Author:Dexter Cooke
Reviewer:Hajra Shannon
Aug 22, 2023
"Blue Beetle" dethrones "Barbie"at the box office in the United States. Even though it opened with less money than expected, the latest DC superhero movie took the No. 1 place.
"Blue Beetle," which starred Xolo Mariduea as an alien symbiote, made an extra $18 million at the foreign box office. The movie was shown in 63 countries. With $43 million worldwide, it's one of the DC Cinematic Universe's slowest starts.
After being number one for four weeks in a row, "Barbie" landed in second place with $21.5 million from 4,003 screens, which is a huge number at this point in the movie's run. Greta Gerwig's fantasy comedy has been out for five weeks and has made $567 million. It will soon pass Universal's animated "The Super Mario Bros. Movie" ($574 million) as the biggest American release of the year.

"Blue Beetle" Dethrones "Barbie" At The Box Office

Blue Beetle – Official Trailer

After four weeks at the top of the box office, Barbie is stepping down. This weekend, DC's Blue Beetle took the top spot with $25.4 million, making Barbie's rule an anticlimactic end. The superhero caper made an extra $18 million overseas, for a total of $43.4 million around the world.
Blue Beetle, which has nothing to do with the old DC Extended Universe or the planned reboot of the series, only made an estimated $26 million in its first weekend, after making $10 million on Friday. This puts it behind both Birds of Prey and Shazam! Fury of the Gods, which most people agree did not do well at the box office. The price for the movie is also about the same as those two DCEU movies.
But it's clear by now that the average moviegoer no longer wants to see more parts of a series that has been put in the public rearview mirror. This doesn't look good for Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom, the last movie of the old DCEU, which comes out in December. The DCEU will start over in 2025 with Superman: Legacy. James Gunn and Peter Safran will be in charge.
After making an estimated $21 million more in its fifth weekend, Barbie had to settle for the number two place. This brings the total amount of money the movie has made in the U.S. to a staggering $566 million. Barbie has made more than $1.2 billion worldwide, which means it is about to pass The Super Mario Bros. Movie in the U.S. and around the world to become the biggest movie of the year. Greta Gerwig directed Barbie, which came out last month with Christopher Nolan's Oppenheimer in what has become known as the "Barbenheimer" event. Together, the two movies have made nearly $2 billion worldwide.
After adding $11 million this weekend, Oppenheimer moved up to third place. The movie is close to making $300 million in the United States, and in the next few days, it should pass Nolan's Inception's lifetime total of $293 million. Like Blue Beetle, Oppenheimer is likely to become a popular trivia question because it is the biggest movie in history that has never been the most popular at the box office. On Saturday, the movie made over $700 million around the world. By Sunday, it will have made around $718 million.
The movie is directed by Angel Manuel Soto and stars Xolo Mariduea as both the main character and his alter ego, Jaime Reyes. The main character is one of DC's less well-known superheroes.
In the movie, Jaime just graduated from college and goes home full of plans for the future. When he gets there, he finds that things aren't quite the same as when he left. As Jaime is looking for his place in the world, fate steps in when he finds the Scarab, an old piece of alien biotechnology.
Certainly, Blue Beetle isn't expected to make anything close to Barbie money, and we have to imagine Warner Bros. isn't too happy about giving the crown to itself in this case. It's worth noting that if Blue Beetle had opened last week, it would have likely been buried well below the floor of Margot Robbie's dreamhouse since Greta Gerwig's movie made nearly $34 million in domestic markets even as it passed the "one-month in theaters"


Now that "Blue Beetle" has quickly climbed to the top, "Barbie" is no longer the box office doll. The DC Comics movie made $10 million on its first night, which was Friday. The movie directed by Angel Manuel Soto is on track to make $25 million to $27 million just this weekend in North America. It already made history because it was the first live-action superhero movie with a Latino main character.
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