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Boat Rental In Ibiza - Top 3 Things To Do For An Amazing Holiday

Ibiza is well-known for being one of the party capitals of the world, and if you are travelling around Europe looking for somewhere with a vibrant nightlife that never stops, it’s certainly going to be one for the bucket list.

Author:Karan Emery
Reviewer:Iram Martins
Oct 06, 2022
Ibiza is well-known for being one of the party capitals of the world, and if you are travelling around Europe looking for somewhere with a vibrant nightlife that never stops, it’s certainly going to be one for the bucket list. While this island may be fantastic for meeting new people, dancing till you drop and just having an all-round excellent time there’s so much more to discover, especially if you go by boat.
The great news is that boat rental in Ibiza is so easy to do. There are countless professional renting companies and private boat owners offering thousands of boats in Ibiza and the Balearic Islands, so you’ll be spoiled for choice. One of the most well-established and reputable is SamBoat, so you can expect fantastic, fast service with fully licensed boats and highly trained staff, as well as an online platform that’ll have you on the waves in as little as a few clicks.
Once you have a boat sorted, you’ll want an idea of what to do in Ibiza, so here are our top 3 picks for an amazing holiday you’ll never forget.

Top 3 things to do in Ibiza


It’s no secret that you can gain a whole new perspective by sailing around popular destinations, even if you’ve visited many times and feel like you’ve seen it all. With so many great harbours and anchorages, you can opt for day rentals or charters - and if you have a licence and some skills, you could even take a boat out alone and have a more personalised trip. A skipper can be an asset to boating excursions too though, as you can simply sit back and enjoy the views without worrying about the technical side of sailing.
You can witness some of the most incredible sunsets in and around Ibiza, and there’s no better way to do this than to sail around during the day and drop anchor in a different spot to enjoy the views every single night.
Top spots to sail: Formentera, Cala Llonga, Es Vedra, Cala Benirrás, Espalmador, Cala Portinatx, Cala Xarraca and Cala Salada.

Horse riding

One of the hidden gems of Ibiza is the north coast. As a relatively untouched destination, you can be one of the few who soak up the views by sailboat, motorboat, or even catamaran (depending on the port you choose). Once there, you can traverse the outstanding natural landscapes, stop by the tiny white-walled villages, visit a host of coves, and so much more. There’s a wonderful tradition of sightseeing by horseback, so why not give it a try for yourself?
Top spots on the north coast: Sant Joan de Labritja, Cova de Can Marçà, Port de Ses Caletes, Sant Mateu d’Aubarca, Es Portitxol and Cala d’Aubarca.

Fun on the water

There’s so much to do on land, but if you are sailing, it can be a great idea to make the most of everything the sea can offer across Ibiza. The water is warm, crystal clear and calm (if you pick the right locations). You can:
  • Kayak
  • Paddleboard
  • Explore by jet ski
  • Scuba dive
  • Go snorkelling
  • Wakeboard
  • Use a Seabob
  • Cliff dive
  • Go dolphin watching/swim with dolphins
There is so much more to do on the water, as well as in Ibiza, so it may be a good idea to create an itinerary for your holiday. This way, you won’t overlook an activity that’ll make your getaway packed full of fun.
Top spots for water sports: San Antonio Bay, Formentera, Santa Eulalia reef and Cala Salada.

Is it worth renting a boat and sailing around Ibiza?

While we’re sure that you’ll have a great time considering Ibiza is a wonderful holiday destination in its own right, there’s no doubt that renting a boat or going on a yacht charter and enjoying the island from the sea can be an incredible experience. Ibiza has a lot to offer on land, but many will find that being able to explore the surrounding waters and travel around the different islands just can’t be missed.
Whether you want a sailboat for a smaller group of people or you’re keener on going with a yacht charter, Ibiza is a great place for all kinds of sailing. Better yet, since there are plenty of rental options all around the island, it’s not too hard to find what it is you need for your perfect holiday.
Due to how popular Ibiza is and how many people choose to rent boats here, there may be some rather high prices (especially for those interested in more luxurious travel). However, that doesn’t mean that are no good deals. At SamBoat, we love to bring boating to holidaymakers of all kinds, so we prioritise accessibility and affordable rates for all your boating needs.

Where else could you travel on your holiday to Ibiza?

As mentioned a little earlier on, another one of the benefits of renting a boat for your holiday in Ibiza is that it offers you the opportunity to explore some of the nearby islands.
Ibiza is a part of the Balearic Islands. While there are many small islets here, there are 4 other main islands that you may want to consider checking out. For example, Formentera is known for its fantastic beaches and relaxed atmosphere. In fact, you’ll find that all of the islands have beautiful beaches, so this is something you’ll get to enjoy wherever you choose to go.
Menorca is another destination that you’re likely to want to visit if you’re keen on the idea of island hopping. Aside from having over 100 beaches, Menorca has some beautiful hiking trails (such as the Camí de Cavalls), an array of nautical activities all around the coastal areas of the island, incredible foods and so much more.
If you’re looking to see more of Spain and take in as much of the beauty as possible, it could be well worth paying a visit to any of the surrounding islands during your stay. Aside from Menorca and Formentera, we’d suggest taking a look into some of the other islands in the archipelago.
With our platform, you can look through an array of rentals that are available in Ibiza, If you’d like to visit other parts of Europe for sailing fun, Samboat operates in over 76 countries (why not check out our boat rental Corfu?). We have a fantastic reputation, with over 90,000 authentic reviews, so you know you’ll be getting services you can trust.

How do you find the perfect motorboat for a holiday in Ibiza?

Usually, the process of getting a good rental boat won’t be an issue. Sailboats are fairly common in and around Ibiza, so if this is what you’re looking for, there’s a good chance that you’ll be able to pick out a good rental with little fuss.
While many people choose to spend their time in a yacht or renting out a sailboat, you could just as easily rent out a motorboat for a day of exploration on the sea before getting back to the wide array of things to do on land.
When using SamBoat, it’ll be far easier to filter through the options. Users can both list and rent boats worldwide - and in most cases, you’ll be able to sort out everything in just a couple of clicks. With rates starting at €50 a day too, there are also plenty of more accessible rentals for those who just want an inexpensive boat trip for the day. If all this sounds good to you, feel free to take a look at some of the listings we have in Ibiza.
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