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Gospel Singer Bobbi Storm Nearly Kicked Off Delta Flight For Singing

Grammy-nominated gospel singer, Bobbi Storm, nearly kicked off flight because she wouldn't stop singing, which started the most recent online controversy.

Author:Camilo Wood
Reviewer:Dexter Cooke
Nov 15, 2023
Grammy-nominated gospel singer, Bobbi Storm, nearly kicked off flightbecause she wouldn't stop singing, which started the most recent online controversy.
The singer, who has performed with Maverick City Music, told the plane in a video released by Storm earlier this month that she's "up for two Grammys." Her journey down the aisle to her seat is seen at the beginning of the video, during which a flight leader-identified employee orders her to "sit down" and "be quiet."

Bobbi Storm Nearly Kicked Off Flight For Singing

Bobbi Storm wearing a white long coat while holding a mic
Bobbi Storm wearing a white long coat while holding a mic
Gospel singer Bobbi Storm, a Grammy nominee, almost got removed from a Delta Air Lines flight for continuing to perform for other passengers. A video of Storm singing in the middle aisle of the aircraft was uploaded to her Instagram on Saturday. She is contacted by a member of the Delta crew, who tells her to sit down and "be quiet."
As she sits down, Storm starts by informing the other travelers that she is up for two Grammys and then she starts to sell her song, "We Can't Forget Him." While Storm is not a nominee individually, she has collaborated with Maverick City Music, which is up for two Grammy Awards in 2024: Best Gospel Album for "The Maverick Way" and Best Contemporary Christian Music Performance/Song. The album's track "Firm Foundation (He's Gonna Make A Way)" features a vocal by Storm.
Storm shared a video from his phone on TikTok and Instagram, in which the musician can be seen conversing with the flight attendant while standing in the aisle.
I'm charting right now on the Billboards.- Bobbi Storm
She is asked to take a seat by the flight attendant. She replies,"I can sit down," as she makes her way back down the aisle to her seat. She is heard declaring,
I sing for the Lord. I'm doing what the Lord is telling me to do.- Bobbi Storm
Storm remarked, "The seatbelt sign is off," as the man motioned for her to get back in her seat. She then went on to mention that her singing is currently number one on the charts. She finally took a seat and announced to everyone in her immediate vicinity that she had "just found out" that she was "up for two Grammys."
Storm says she "used to sing on planes" and "hadn't done it in a while," but as she went on and seemed to be about to perform, the employee from Delta approached her once more and requested that she "be quiet."
“Are you going to be quiet?” the flight attendant asks her. She answers, pointing to the other passengers, “But they’re enjoying it, so while we’re sitting here, could I please?”
“I’m not enjoying it,” he says sharply. “So I’m asking you can you be quiet?”
“OK. Well, I bind that up,”Storm says.
Following some back and forth, the employee from Delta states that Storm "will not be taking this flight" if she did not respond in the affirmative to his query. Storm gave in to his demands, but as soon as he left, she began to sing softly.
In the TikTok video's description, the singer expressed her gratitude for having "got to share this moment with people on this flight that embraced me and celebrated me."
I want to post this for people who have momentary power ... It gets us no where being nasty and I'll leave that there! Blessings to you all from your #FearlessFlightSinger #TheMaverickWay #WeCantForgetHim #grammys.- Bobbi Storm
When the flight happened, where it was going, and where it was going are all unknown. She clarified in a follow-up video that the plane returned to the gate after first taxiing in order to attend to what the crew claimed was a minor maintenance issue. That's when she decided, in Storm's words, to get up and sing. Storm added that Delta had apologized to her after getting in touch with her.

Final Words

Bobbi Storm nearly lost her flight because she disregarded a Delta employee's "instructions" to keep quiet. The performer, Bobbi Storm, allegedly refused to stop singing and was threatened with being kicked off the plane. She informed her other passengers that she had just found out she was shortlisted for two Grammy awards.
Storm speaks with the flight attendant who initially requested her to sit down in video captured from inside the aircraft. After sharing the exchange on social media, Storm got both positive and negative feedback. While some believe she should have been allowed to sing, others claim she was being disruptive.
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