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3 Best Sites To Buy Discord Members

We take a look at the three best sites to buy Discord members on the web, each guaranteeing 100% authentic members of unbeatable quality.

Author:Paolo Reyna
Reviewer:Iram Martins
Nov 09, 2022
Buying server members to get ahead on Discord is a popular tactic. But does buying members for your server really work, and is it safe to do? If so, which are the best sites to buy Discord members that are genuinely legit?
The answer is yes – buying social proof can and does work. On popular platforms like Discord, the more server members you have, the easier it becomes to drive engagement.
Popularity holds the key to gaining a competitive edge on any social network. With more than 140 million active users from around the world, Discord is enormously competitive. If you’re serious about standing out from the crowd, you need to present yourself as popular, established, and influential.
Something that becomes much easier when you have a tonne of Discord server members. But which sites to buy Discord members can you count on to get the job done? Given the importance of authenticity when shopping for digital services like these, who can you trust with your time, your money, and your reputation?

The Best Place to Buy Discord Members

We’ve spent a long time sifting through dozens of social media engagement specialists in order to find the best in the business. Evaluated on the basis of quality, safety, authenticity, consistency, and value for money, three Discord growth companies stand head and shoulders above the rest.
Each of which comes equally highly recommended and is well worth checking out:

Media Mister

The place to head to promote any of your social media accounts, Media Mister has been in business for almost 12 years. Still, the best place to buy Discord members of guaranteed authenticity, Media Mister sources all services from real people with active accounts. They operate with a strict zero-spam policy and personally verify the quality of every server member they deliver.
There are several different user types to choose from when you buy Discord server members from Media Mister - Offline, One Month Online, Two Months Online, and Three Months Online. You can buy anything from 500 to 10,000 Discord members per order, and their prices start from less than $5.00. For this, you get not only the guarantee of 100% authentic server members but also a full money-back guarantee and a 60-day retention warranty to boot.
Additional products and services available from Media Mister include Discord messages, Discord direct messages, Discord friend requests, and more. Whether you are just getting started on Discord or looking to enhance the performance of your current campaign, there’s everything you need to make it happen right here.
Media Mister has stacked up a reputation that speaks for itself and is regarded as one is the safest places on the web to buy social signals.


It’s a similar story over at GetAFollower – perhaps the best site to buy Discord members if you are looking for a bargain. As with Media Mister, you can buy a whole bunch of different types of Discord user types, with further targeting options available. You can even specifically buy male or female server members, which is a pretty cool feature.
GetAFollower likewise guarantees nothing but 100% real Discord server members – active and authentic users who are identical to the real thing. Their products and packages for Discord are seriously cheap – plenty of options for less than $20, and you can buy a huge 1,000 server members for just $63.
All orders are rolled out gradually to maintain discretion, and quality customer support is GetAFollower’s forte. A top-rated seller that puts its money where its mouth is, GetAFollower backs all orders with a reassuring satisfaction guarantee. Irrespective of how much or little you spend, you’ll be entitled to a full refund if they fail to deliver as promised.

Buy Real Media

A fairly new place to purchase Discord members, Buy Real Media has not been around for quite as long as its counterparts above.
Even so, their massive range of promotional services at rock-bottom prices has quickly earned them an extensive and loyal following. This is definitely the place to head if looking to buy Discord server members in bulk, as the prices of their larger packages are unbeatable.
Discord user types available include Offline, One Month Online, Two Months Online, and Three Months online, with packages on offer for less than ten bucks. Though particularly impressive is their offer of 5,000 (100% authentic) Discord server members for just $300. In addition, requests for bespoke orders and combined packages can be submitted directly to the Buy Real Media team, which is nice.
There’s an eight-week initial retention warranty on all orders, so you’re covered against any losses for the first two months. All server members purchased are guaranteed real people with active and authentic accounts – no bots and no spam. For a social media growth company that’s only just arrived on the scene, Buy Real Media’s performance to date has been spot-on.

Does Buying Discord Members Work?

Buying server members has the potential to add credibility and appeal to everything you do on Discord. The more members your servers stack up, the more attractive and engaging they become.
Social signals have a similar effect on all social networks – a quick and easy way to add authority and influence to your output. It’s no different on Discord, where the numbers are everything. If you want people to take you seriously, you need all the server members you can get.
But this only applies if you exclusively buy 100% authentic server members. Any fakes, bots, or spam in the mix, and you run the risk of your servers (and your account) being suspended.

Things to Check Before Choosing a Website for Buying Discord Members

Before placing an order for Discord server members, it is essential to conduct the following quality and safety checks:

High-Quality Members

The importance of authenticity warrants emphasizing. The only Discord server members that are safe to buy are those that are 100% legit. This means nothing but active and authentic Discord users – indistinguishable from organic server members.

Prompt Delivery

Knowing where to draw the line between fast delivery and safe delivery is important. You (of course) need your server members in a timely manner, but adding too many Discord users to a server in quick succession could cause suspicion. Delivery of server members should be fast but with a strong emphasis on safety.

Positive Customer Reviews

Online reviews and ratings tell you all you need to know about a social media growth company. If a seller has built a predominantly positive reputation over several years, they’re most likely a safe bet. If there’s a disproportionate number of negative write-ups, consider taking your business elsewhere.

Secure Payments

All efforts should be made to safeguard your personal information while placing your order. This includes the use of a secure payment platform and SSL encryption, with no need to disclose any of your private information or passwords.

Affordable Prices

Shopping around to ensure you are getting a good deal is always worth doing. Compare and contrast the prices being quoted by a few social media growth companies before deciding which seller is for you. Though while doing so, beware of any prices that seem suspiciously low – i.e., too good to be true.

Customer Support

Last, choosing a social media growth specialist who delivers excellent customer support is a no-brainer. It’s your money and your reputation on the line, so you may as well trust them to a seller that cares for its customers.
Each of these seven metrics was used to evaluate the three brands listed above, which in all instances, scored top marks across the board.

Final Verdict

Buying Discord server members can be great for boosting your social media strategy at an affordable price. The numbers can for a lot on platforms like Discord, where competition is ferocious. The more server members you buy, the more credible and appealing your content becomes.
Though again, this is only true in the case of 100% authentic server members. Every server member you buy needs to be a real person with an active and authentic account. Any fakes or bots in the mix could cost you your reputation – you could even be suspended from Discord.
Each of the three sellers in our shortlist above comes equally highly recommended, having scored top marks where it matters most.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it Safe to Buy Discord Members?

Yes – real Discord members are safe to buy. If you exclusively buy 100% authentic server members (real people with active and authentic accounts), they can be just as safe and effective as organic server members.

Are They Real Discord Members?

Yes – each of the three sellers outlined above guarantees nothing but 100% real Discord members. Each member added to your server is a real person with an active and authentic account and is, therefore, just as good as the real thing.

When Can I Expect Delivery?

Delivery times vary in accordance with the size and nature of the package you purchase. It usually takes up to 24 hours for orders to be processed, after which delivery takes place gradually to maintain discretion.

How Much Does It Cost To Buy Discord Members?

Prices vary from one seller and package to the next, but generally, Discord members cost as little as $5.00 for entry-level packages. You stand to save more by placing a larger order, so be sure to check out the full range of packages available before making your choice.

Can Others Find Out If I Buy Discord Members?

If you exclusively buy 100% authentic Discord members, the answer is no. Real Discord members (real people with active and authentic accounts) are indistinguishable from the real thing. Irrespective of how many you buy, nobody will be able to tell which members you purchased and which joined your servers organically.
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