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Read News And Educate Yourself About African Countries On In 2022 is an online news outlet that covers newsworthy events around the continent of Africa.

Author:James Pierce
Reviewer:Elisa Mueller
Dec 23, 20214K Shares335.2K Views is an online news outlet that covers newsworthy events around the continent of Africa.

What Is website shows the Politics section website shows the Politics section is an online French publication that posts various news articles about countries in the African continent and its citizens that are based in France. It mostly covers the country of Cameroon and the Cameroonians, Africa, and Benin. It also covers native Africans who are based in France, Belgium, Switzerland
  • The website is pleasing in the eyes and it is easy to figure out. You can use the search bar at the right top of the site if you want to find specific news.
  • Click on the icons of the different social media platforms so you can be directed to their social media accounts like Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube.
  • Aside from the home page, there are four other categories at the navigation bar - the News, Culture, Free Expression, and Contact.
  • Under the News category, you can find hundreds of relevant and informative news about the economy, people, politics, society, and sport. It also has a Hello Doctor news which tackles different diseases and how to aid them, Diaspora, French Cam, FrancAfrique, Unusual, Did You Know, Media, Religion, Without Taboo, and Company.
  • Under the Culture category, you can choose between Art, Movie Theater, Delivered, and Music. Art covers the news about Cameroonian art exhibits, awards for upholding traditions, art competitions winners, and more. Movie Theater shows the news about showing and upcoming films, film awards, and the people of show business. Delivered is all about books, while Music is about musicians, rappers, new songs, and music awards.
  • Under the Free Expression category, there are Debate, Right, and Point Of View sections. The Debate section covers the debate news regarding injustice, finance, economy, and other controversial topics. The Right section is where you can find different types of news articles that are connected to law, legal matters, and procedures. The Point of View section gives you the editorial articles which cover human rights, taxation, democracy, election, corruption, tyranny, and so much more.
  • Under the Contact category, this is where you can find the contacts of the website. Reach out to them if you have matters to discuss. You can also send your own news article in this section.


For Cameroonians and Africans who are far from their home country, website is a great platform to read news about what is truly happening in their countries. Not to mention that it is all for free.
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