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CBD in Washington: Knowing What Needs To Be Known about Cannabidiol

Cannabidiol is the ingredient found from either marijuana or hemp plants. The level of THC depends on where the CBD oil is derived. CBD is currently legal in Washington and different Initiatives were signed for the legalization of marijuana and hemp plants with some reservations.

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The sudden rise of Cannabidiolto fame, most commonly referred to as CBD, has Washingtonresidents hoping for more availability of CBD products. It is said that CBD is one of the most prevalent cannabinoids commonly found in the cannabis plant.
Most CBD products found in the market are obtained from hemp strains. Hemp is naturally low in tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), which is the mind-altering ingredient in cannabis.
CBD has a variety of potential therapeutic benefits a person can experience. As an allusion to this, the chemicals found in CBD show promising results in treating health conditions. It is why CBD is often used as a general health and wellness food supplement. Because of its therapeutic claims, it is gaining considerably huge attention and currently, more CBD strains are now cultivated.
CBD can do marvelous things in your body. It functions by interacting with the body’s endocannabinoidsystem, the network of receptors in the nervous system. This system aids in the responding to stressors.
The main work of CBD is to block the enzyme that breaks down endocannabinoid anandamide. Anandamideis responsible for the positive feeling you get after you exercise. Basically, CBD makes sure that your body has ample supply of anandamide to heal itself.
Is it legal?
Is it legal?
Currently, CBD oil and other hemp-derived products have a legal status in Washington, D.C. The legalization of cannabis in the District of Columbia harks back to the year 1998 under the Initiative 59. Well, it was formally implemented in 2013.
In the year 2015, Initiative 71was signed to make cannabis legal for adults. However, it is important to note that on federal land, the legal status of cannabis or cannabis-derived products is still illegal.
Even with some uproar from the anti-cannabis and hemp communities, the District of Columbia has not given their definite stance against CBD in different products. Such include beverages, animal feed, food, and dietary supplement.
It is common knowledge that CBD can be derived from either marijuanaor hemp, both of which are cannabis plant varieties. However, one of them would contain higher THC levels.
THC is the ingredient that alters the psychology of the mind. High levels of this psychoactive compound are found in marijuana. In contrast, CBD derived from hemp plants contain only trace amounts of THC below 0.3%, which ultimately means that they do not give any psychoactive effects.
As per theInitiative 502, the use of marijuana or marijuana per se was legitimized in the year 2012. This basically paved the way for CBD as a derivative of marijuana to be also legal and available for use.
Upon the inception of the Farm Bill in 2014, it has set the road for CBD hemp oil to be legalized as well. Enclosed in the aforementioned federal law is the fact that hemp can now be legally cultivated, sold and used. An addendum to this is the passing of the Senate Bill 6206, authorizing the use and possession of industrial hemp products across the state.
It is tantamount that when talking about CBD in the District of Columbia, the state solely takes claim that marijuana and all of its derivative products must be grown and sold only within the confines of the state and nowhere else.
Passing of the bill should bear no fear on the side of consumers who want to purchase CBD products. It is important to take note of several things. Here are some of the frequently asked questions about CBD in Washington.
  • Am I allowed to buy CBD in Washington online? Yes, anyone born in the United States can make online purchases of CDB Hemp oil.
  • Am I allowed to buy CBD in Washington offline or in local stores? Yes, you are allowed to buy CBD products in many different places like food stores and shops.
  • Can I grow CBD in Washington? Yes, as allowed and authorized by the Farm Bill which was passed in 2014.
  • Am I allowed to buy CBD products containing above 0.3% of THC for medical use? Yes, the state allows the purchasing of CBD products containing THC above 0.3% solely for the purpose of medical use.

Is CBD Addictive?

THC with levels higher than 0.3% makes someone experience psychoactive effects. Thus, the question of whether or not CBD oil is addictive entirely depends on percentages of its compounds.
It is important that we distinguish the two classifications for the cannabis plants that produce CBD oil. The two include marijuana and hemp.
Hemp-derived CBD should contain a small amount of THC as per the federal law in the U.S. This means that when someone uses this product, that individual is not at risk of developing cannabis withdrawal symptoms from excessive intake of THC.
Marijuana-derived CBD is most likely extracted from marijuana plants known for their intoxicating effects. In comparison, marijuana-derived CBD oil has high levels of THC that exceeds the 0.3% limit imposed by the federal state.
When someone uses CBD oil with high levels of THC, then that person could possibly experience cannabis withdrawal symptoms.
CBD oil with THC levels exceeding the 0.3% threshold is only available within the state for medical and adult-use legalization.
While it is true that CBD oil does not have the same psychoactive or addictive effects as THC, someone who takes CBD in large amounts on a daily basis could experience side effects.
It could also be possible to avoid THC when using CBD product. However, the combination of both THC and CBD is known to create what is called the entourage effect. Fundamentally, it boosts therapeutic benefits while at the same time suppressing side effects.
The combination of these two is being studied even more because they were found to be effective in treating pain than the combination of THC and placebo.

CBD Cure For Addiction?

CBD Cure
CBD Cure
Having been regarded as addictive, the opposite is quite true as CBD could actually fight addiction.
CBD has a great potential in treating cannabis dependence. Further studies are being conducted because the oil has been found out to offer potential treatment for other addictive disorders.
In addition, this non-intoxicating cannabinoid has shown tremendous change in supermodels. As this case stands, it was revealed that CBD could be effective in reducing cravings associated with heroin addiction. Not only that, CBD oil has also been discovered to help stop addiction to other menacing substances such as tobacco and opioids.

CBD Oils Side Effects

It may be true that CBD does not produce the kind of psychoactive effect as THC, but it is important to take caution and consider possible side effects of this oil.
Although there are good sides of this oil, it is inevitable that there are bad sides as well. One of the bad sides of the oil is that it was found to elevate the risk of liver toxicity. If this continues to happen, it can lead to scarring or what is commonly known as cirrhosis and possibly lead to liver failure.
The most common side effects of CBD oil are fatigue and drowsiness. Below is a list of some risks and side effects of the oil:
  • Decreased sensation of the mouth and loss of appetite
  • Development of loose, watery stools
  • Sudden change in alertness
  • Fatigue and exhaustion
  • Liver cirrhosis
  • Interaction with different medication may increase the risk of sedation and drowsiness
  • Anxiety
  • Change in sleep pattern
Currently, the enigma behind the CBD oil is slowly unveiling. Nevertheless, there are still unanswered questions that must be addressed:
  • If the usage of CBD is done on a daily basis, what would be the long term effects?
  • Given the side effects of CBD as evinced by researchers, does it affect male and female fertility?
  • Can CBD use affect pregnant women?
  • Does it make any difference if the mode of consumption is varied? (oral or smoking)

Types Of CBD Oil

Before buying CBD oil, it is of high importance to distinguish the different types of this oil because there are currently diverse range of products being sold in the market.
They differ depending on use. There is oil suitable for different illnesses and there is also oil applicable for topical or dietary supplement. Also consider if it is marijuana-derived or hemp-derived?
The different types of CBD oil are listed below:

1. Full Spectrum CBD Oil

Hemp plants are extremely rich in healthy fats. These fats are omega-3 and omega-6. From the name of CBD, you would not expect it to carry fats found in hemp plants. Full Spectrum CBD oils contain small amounts of these healthy fats. Now the question that needs answering is this:
Why is this kind of oil being developed? Why can’t we just have CBD oils with just CBD in them and nothing else?

2. CBD Isolates

The obvious alternate of the full spectrum CBD oil is the CBD isolates. This type of oil differs from the former in such a way that its purpose is to achieve maximal CBD concentrations.
If in full spectrum CBD oils healthy fats are kept, in CBD isolates, other hemp natural derivatives are forcibly removed during the production process.
This kind of oil does not contain THC. For this reason, individuals who are hoping to overcome cannabis addiction are advised to use this type of CBD oil.
People who are doubtful to consume THC can also use this kind of oil.

3. Broad Spectrum CBD Oil

In the year 2015, pharmaceutical companies directed their efforts in producing full-spectrum CBD oils. However, this has brought forth another question that needs answering:

How About Those Who Do Not Want To Consume THC?

Clearly, it would not be fair to keep them taking the CBD oils, especially when scientists agree that the entourage effect was highly desirable.
Thus, we now come to the last type of the CDB oil: Broad Spectrum CBD oil.
Essentially, this oil is just the full-spectrum CBD oil with the THC removed. This type of CBD oil is good for athletes and patients who want to take CBD but cannot consume THC as part of their treatment. For the moment, the broad spectrum CBD oil is regarded as better compared to CBD isolates.

Where To Find CBD Oil?

The best place to find CBD oil is online. But, if you are someone who is cognizant of online stores, we have listed the known stores in Washington selling CBD oil:

CBD Stores In Spokane

  • The Source CBD
  • CBD of Spokane
  • Tree of Knowledge International Corp.

CBD Stores In Tacoma

  • Bright Day CBD
  • True Healings CBD

CBD Stores In Richland

  • Your CBD store

CBD Stores In Vancouver

  • CBD American Shaman
  • Viper-Vapor Vancouver – Vape and CBD

CBD Store In Chehalis

  • Chehalis American Shaman

CBD Store In Longview

  • HempBerry Longview – Vape and CBD

Final Thoughts On Buying CBD Oil

If you enjoy using CBD oil, Washington is a marvelous place to be. The legalization of marijuana and hemp has given way for this kind of oil to be available in every nook and cranny in the state.
No matter how you want your oil to be bought, always make sure to do some research. It will not hurt to be knowledgeable.
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