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Children’s London Visit – Parents Will Enjoy These Places, Too!

Scenic London is not only a destination for adults. Kids will also delight in visiting (and learn a lot from) this city. A long list of wonderful attractions and activities await these children!

Author:Karan Emery
Reviewer:Iram Martins
Feb 01, 2022
For children’s London visit, the city’s got a long list for parents going there together with their bundles of joy.
From indoor to outdoor tourist attractions, kids and adults alike will definitely experience a grand time exploring them.
So, for the next children’s London visit, check out the places mentioned below.

What Is There To Do In London With Kids?

Inside Natural History Museum in London, with the skeleton of Hope the blue whale hanging from the ceiling
Inside Natural History Museum in London, with the skeleton of Hope the blue whale hanging from the ceiling
When in London, what activities can you arrange for your kids?
There are a plethora of more enjoyable ways to spend a Saturday afternoon than dropping the kids off at the IKEA nursery.
For children’s London visits, it's only a matter of knowing where to find them.
First and foremost, don't forget that London is home to more than 70 museums and galleries. They will definitely provide you and your kids with a pleasant and educational day.
They include:
(a) Bank of England Museum (Bartholomew Lane)
(b) Horniman Museum and Gardens (London Road)
(c) Museum of London (London Wall, Barbican)
(d) Museum of the Home (formerly the Geffrye Museum; Kingsland Road)
(e) Natural History Museum (Cromwell Road, South Kensington)
(f) Science Museum (Exhibition Road, South Kensington)
(g) Tate Modern (Bankside)
Aside from museums, other interesting places for children’s London visit are the following:
(a) Gambado Chelsea (Townmead Road, Chelsea; indoor play area)
(b) KidZania (Westfield London Shopping Center, White City; an indoor city for kids to explore)
(c) London Wetland Center (Queen Elizabeth Walk; commune with nature, feed otters; birdwatching)
(d) Play Base at National Army(Royal Hospital Road; indoor play area)
(e) Sea Life London Aquarium (Westminster Bridge Road, Lambeth)
(f) The Making of Harry Potter(Studio Tour Drive, Leavesden)
(g) Tower of London (a UNESCO world heritage site)

What Is There To Do In London For Toddlers?

Male toddler on the floor of Claridge's ArtSpace in Mayfair Art Gallery, London
Male toddler on the floor of Claridge's ArtSpace in Mayfair Art Gallery, London
A trip to the zoo never fails; so, for children’s London visit, head to the Battersea Park Children's Zoo (London Borough of Wandsworth). For those who want their toddlers to be exposed to music (play the piano, for example), then go to Opera Dots at Royal Opera House (Bow Street, Covent Garden).
As they say, the best things in life are free. For children’s London visit that will not cost you a penny, below are some recommended activities:
(1) Experience the Free Family Trail (particularly recommended for toddlers; choose among eight themes) at the British Museum (Great Russell Street).
Note: The age of children who are considered toddlers vary. However, the range typically falls “from 1 year to 4 years of age,” according to parenting website Verywell Family.
(2) The Southbank is the place for free entertainment. Street performers include magicians and singers.
(3) After that, bring your toddlers to Jubilee Gardens, a playground at the back of Southbank.
(4) Take a riverside walk (starting point: Tower Bridge; stroll until you reach the London Eye).
(5) Go to Green Park at Westminster to see the pelicans (feeding time: 2:30 p.m. – 3: 30 p.m. daily).


Indian couple and their child visiting the London Eye at night
Indian couple and their child visiting the London Eye at night
For your children’s London visit, remember the places mentioned here and add them to your own personal itinerary.
London is an expensive city. Still, several tourist attractions in London are free for children below 5.
It’s good to know that the local government makes sure that every children’s London visit is fun, educational, and affordable.
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