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What Is Chris Cuomo Age And How Much Does He Make?

In addition to being a CNN broadcast journalist, Chris Cuomo is also an author. He is the eldest son of former New York governor Mario Cuomo and the younger brother of current New York governor Andrew Cuomo.

Author:Emily Sanchez
Reviewer:Elisa Mueller
Sep 05, 2022
As the host of CNN's Cuomo Prime Time, which airs at 9 p.m. every night, Chris 'Chris' Cuomo interviews newsmakers from both parties, and reports on the most recent breaking news from Washington and across the world. But many people do wonder what is Chris Cuomo's age.

Who Is Chris Cuomo?

Chris Cuomo wearing a suit on CNN Heroes All-Star tribute
Chris Cuomo wearing a suit on CNN Heroes All-Star tribute
Cuomo was born in Queens, New York, on August 9, 1970. As the youngest of five children born to Matilda and Mario Cuomo, he grew up in Queens. Mario was a Democratic politician who was elected governor of New York when Chris was 12 years old. The family afterward relocated to the Governor's Mansion in Albany, where they lived until Mario Cuomo's resignation in 1994.
Cuomo was raised primarily by his 13-year-old brother Andrew, while his workaholic father was frequently away. Chris's big brother was the one who dropped him off at Yale when he left in 1988. Andrew was elected governor of New York in 2010, following in his father's footsteps.
Cuomo earned his legal degree from Fordham University in 1995 and went on to have a successful career as a Wall Street lawyer, as well as becoming one of New York's most sought-after bachelors.
People magazine named him one of the "Most Beautiful People" in 1997. After John F. Kennedy Jr. (who later warned Cuomo, "Don't worry, they'll always regard you to be the poor man's me, anyway,") W magazine called him "New York's most eligible bachelor."

Journalism Career

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With the benefits of a high-flying lifestyle, Cuomo decided to leave law and pursue a career in media. A CNBC show called Equal Time offered him the opportunity to appear on the show for a short time in 1997. As Geraldo Rivera's co-host, he went on to become a reporter for Fox Files, a popular news program.
Cuomo's chosen career path was met with mistrust by members of his family. His father considered journalism to be a lower sort of civic service than other professions. "My dad didn't want me to become a journalist," Cuomo said, recalling his father's disapproval. "'Why do you just cover these things?' he would ask.
Why don't you go and do them yourself?'" As his brother Andrew advised him: "You've got to determine what's more important: your personal celebrity or what you're able to accomplish for others."
However, within a few years, the family had set aside their skepticism about the project. During a 2000 public event, Mario Cuomo bragged about his son Christopher: "No, he's my son, Christopher, and we're really proud of him, because he's going to be the youngest correspondent ever at 20/20."
In the hopes of attracting a younger audience, the show's producers enlisted the help of Chris. First, he covered the manager of the boy bands *NSYNC and Backstreet Boys for 20/20.
On ABC's Good Morning America in 2006, Cuomo displayed a more mature side, taking on investigative projects and debuting "Cuomo's AmeriCANs," a series highlighting people making a positive impact in their communities. With Elizabeth Vargas as his co-host on 20/20 in 2009, Cuomo was elevated to a more prominent role on the show.
Cuomo joined CNN in early 2013 and co-hosted its redesigned morning show, New Day. His sharp criticism of Republican candidate-turned-President Donald Trump helped him stand out among the crowded cable news personality scene. In late 2017, he hosted the five-part HLN special Headline.
In June 2018, after a few trial runs, Cuomo Prime Time was launched at 9 p.m. The move was made to boost ratings by cutting Anderson Cooper's two-hour prime-time show in half.

What Is Chris Cuomo's Age?

Since he's born on August 9, 1970, that makes Chris 51 years old, which is still young, in our opinion. He's still definitely got lots of things to do and can accomplish.

How Much Does Chris Cuomo Make At CNN?

Chris Cuomo wearing a black suit at Hollywood Reporter Gala
Chris Cuomo wearing a black suit at Hollywood Reporter Gala
According to Celebrity Net Worth, American television journalist Chris Cuomo has a net worth of $12 million.
Chris Cuomo, the brother of former New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo, who just resigned after sexual harassment charges, and the son of the late Mario Cuomo, another New York governor, is establishing a reputation and a substantial income for himself outside of politics. According to Celebrity Net Worth, he earns $6 million per year as the host of CNN's "Cuomo Prime Time."
According to Money Inc., Chris Cuomo and his wife, Christina, own a seven-room Park Avenue co-op that they purchased for $2.995 million in 2011. According to Celebrity Net Worth, the 3,000-square-foot Southampton, New York, home he purchased for $1.3 million, remodeled, and then sold for $2.9 million in 2019 was previously owned by him.


Chris Cuomo has proven for years that he is a great journalist and that he still has a lot to offer to the public. We look forward to a more successful life for him, both with his career and personal life.
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