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Get to know more about Halsey’s Father: Chris Frangipane

Chris Frangipane is the father of the famous singer Ashley Nicolette Frangipane also known as Halsey. He earned his bachelor's degree in 1997 from Fairleigh Dickinson University in New Jersey. When they were both in college, Chris met Nicole, Ashley's mother.

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Jul 14, 2021

Chris Frangipane Biography

Chris Frangipane is the father of the famous singer Ashley Nicolette Frangipane also known as Halsey. He earned his bachelor's degree in 1997 from Fairleigh Dickinson University in New Jersey. When they were both in college, Chris met Nicole, Ashley's mother. To prepare for the baby, they both had to drop out of college for a spell. Due to their inability to make ends meet, the couple was forced to relocate frequently. Their firstborn daughter, Ashley Frangipane (stage name Halsey), was born in 1994, followed by Sevian and Dante Frangipane in 1998 and 2005, respectively. Halsey says she thinks about her father when she's terrified in one of her Instagram postings. Chris, she says, gave her anything she wanted and was always looking for a better job so he could provide for his children.

Chris Frangipane Profile Summary

Name: Chris Frangipane
Nationality: American
Ethnicity: Mixed (African-American and Irish)
Relationship status: Married
Occupation: Automobile sales manager
Net worth:$200 thousand

Chris Frangipane Relationship

When they were both in college, Chris met Nicole, Ashley's mother. To prepare for the baby, they both had to drop out of college for a spell. The couple struggled to make ends meet, which forced them to move frequently. Sevian, born in 1998, and Dante, born in 2005, were their next two children. The couple had been through some difficult times, which led to them taking odd jobs and relocating to new locales on a regular basis. Nicole was even required to work as a security guard at one point. Nicole and Chris welcomed their first child, Halsey, on September 29, 1994. Chris and his girlfriend have three children in total. After the famous singer, they had two sons. In 1998, they had Sevian, their second child but first son. Dante, the family's youngest child, was born in 2005. Sevian, who is quite active on Instagram, frequently shares affectionate Instagram images with his sister.

Chris Frangipane Career

Chris works as a sales manager for a car dealership. In 2003, he began his career with Ayers Chevrolet as a sales manager. He served as a General Sales Manager at Prestige Volvo in 2013. He went on to work as a sales manager at Rossi's Chevrolet Buick GMC for the next year and a half, till April 2017.

Chris Frangipane Family

Because of Halsey's father's job, the Frangipane family traveled around a lot when they were young. As a result, Halsey and her brother had to attend multiple high schools to complete their schooling. Furthermore, Halsey's relationship with her parents was not always rosy, since her parents ejected her from the family home when she was still a teenager. When the pop diva dropped out of college, her parents ejected her from their home. According to some media reports, she was booted out of the family by her parents because she refused to stop using illegal narcotics.
The pop artist, on the other hand, has refuted such rumors, confirming that her parents kicked her out of the house because she refused to finish her college education. She faced numerous challenges, but she overcame them and went on to have a great career. Halsey and her parents have clearly improved their connection, as she has been seen with them at events and has posted loving messages to them on social media. Now, the famed singer and songwriter has confessed that her parents' support was vital in her career. She has even mentioned that her father gave her everything she desired and pursued a higher job in order to provide for his children.
Closer and Without Me, two of Halsey's tracks, charted on the Billboard Hot 100. Her albums have sold over one million copies, and her music has been downloaded over six billion times in the United States. In June 2017, she paid $2.23 million for a home in the Hollywood Hills. She also paid $2.4 million in July 2019 for a gorgeous 2,200 square-foot home in Sherman Oaks, California. Her parents may no longer reside in any of these opulent properties, but according to her father's LinkedIn profile, he currently lives in Greater Los Angeles. Chris Frangipane is the father of Halsey, a well-known singer and composer who goes by her stage name. He dropped out of college to care for his child, and it appears that his sacrifices paid off, as his daughter is now a successful artist.

Chris Frangipane Wife

Nicole Frangipane who is the wife of Chris works in a hospital's safety department and became a faculty member after becoming pregnant with Halsey. Halsey has bipolar disorder, which led to her attempting suicide at the age of 17.

Chris Frangipane Daughter

Ashley Nicolette or Halsey is a singer and songwriter from the United States. She was signed by Astralwerks in 2014 after gaining notoriety through self-uploaded music on social media sites. Her debut EP, Room 93, was released later that year. Badlands, Halsey's debut studio album, was released in 2015. The RIAA awarded it Double Platinum status, as did two of its tracks: "Colors" and "Gasoline." Halsey was featured on the Chainsmokers' single "Closer" in 2016, which went to number one in over 10 countries. Hopeless Fountain Kingdom (2017) was her second studio album, and it featured more "radio-friendly" songs than her previous efforts; the singles "Now or Never" and "Bad at Love" both charted in the top twenty on the Billboard Hot 100, with the former reaching number five. Manic (2020), Halsey's third studio album, was her best-selling album internationally, and its lead hit, "Without Me," was her most successful single as a lead artist.
Frangipane began writing music at the age of 17 and began publishing videos to social networking platforms including YouTube and Kik, as well as Tumblr, under the alias se7enteenblack, in 2012. She rose to prominence after performing a cover of Taylor Swift's "I Knew You Were Trouble," which was inspired by Swift's engagement with Harry Styles. She then went on to write a follow-up song about their relationship, which she released in early 2013. Frangipane went to a party in early 2014 and met a "music person" who invited her to join him on a song because he liked her voice.
Following that, Frangipane performed acoustic gigs across the country under various stage names. She picked Halsey as her permanent stage name since it is an anagram of her given name and refers to the Halsey Street station of the New York City Subway in Brooklyn, where she spent a lot of time as a youngster. She also mentioned that Halsey was the most commonly used name. Halsey began composing more serious songs as a method to market her poems, which she had been writing for years. After the traumatic life she had lived, music became her "confessional method" and a form of treatment.

Chris Frangipane Net Worth

Chris Frangipane, who worked as a Sales Manager at Rossi's Chevrolet Buick GMC for two years, is likely to have amassed a sizable net worth as a result of his work.
According to, the median annual compensation for a sales manager is $114,916. He has more than 14 years of experience as a sales manager. As a result, Chris may have received a sizable sum of money. He worked as a General Sales Manager for Prestige Volvo from November 2013 to 2015 before joining Rossis Chevrolet Buick GMC as Sales Manager. He also worked at Ayers Chevrolet for nearly a decade, beginning in 2003.
In addition, his daughter, Halsey, is a well-known pop singer and songwriter with a net worth of $5 million. She began her career on YouTube at the age of 17 and earned a recording contract with Astralwerks in 2014, releasing the extended play 'Room 93.'

Chris Frangipane Education

Christopher graduated from Fairleigh Dickinson University in New Jersey, the United States of America, in 1992 and later completed his study in 1997.

Chris Frangipane Body Appearance

Height In feet: 5’5″
Centimeter: 165cm
Meter: 1.65m
Weight: N/A
Hair Color: Bald
Eye Color: Black
Zodiac Sign: N/A
Body Type: Not Available
Sexual Orientation: Not Known

Facts About Chris Frangipane

  • Chris Frangipane enjoys music as much as his daughter Halsey.
  • Tupac, The Notorious B.I.G., Bone Thugs-n-Harmony, and Slick Rick are among his favorite rappers.
  • Listening to these rappers' tracks as a child had a significant impact on Halsey's musical style.
  • Nicole, his wife, is afflicted with bipolar disorder. Halsey, his daughter, too has the same problem.
  • Chris and Nicole Frangipane once chased their daughter, Halsey, out of the house after she dropped out of community college. Halsey had become too wild - she'd already started getting tattoos at the time – was one of their arguments.
  • Chris, the celebrity father, has his own career.
  • He worked as an automobile sales manager when his star daughter Halsey was little.
  • He was able to provide a decent childhood for his three children by working hard.

FAQ About Chris Frangipane

Chris Frangipane, Who Is He?

Chris is an American sales manager and the father of Ashley Nicolette, better known by her stage name Halsey, a well-known pop singer and composer. He is of Afro-American origin and was born and reared in the United States.

Chris Frangipane, How Old Is He?

Chris was born in the United States, however his date of birth has not been made public because it is not recorded anywhere as of 2020.

Chris Frangipane, How Tall Is He?

Chris is of normal height, but he has never revealed it to the world. We'll report his height once we get it from a reliable source.

Chris Frangipane, Is He Married?

Chris is married to Nicole Frangipane, with whom he has been married for almost two decades. Nicole, Chris's wife, is a professional hospital security guard who keeps the majority of her personal life hidden, therefore little is known about her. Sevian Frangipane, Dante Frangipane, and Ashley Nicolette Frangipane aka Halsey are their three children.

What Is Chris Frangipane Net Worth?

Chris' net worth is estimated to be between $200,000 and $500,000 dollars. When we have his exact earnings and net worth, we will update this section.

What City Does Chris Frangipane Call Home?

Chris has kept his exact site of residence a secret for security concerns. If we receive the location and photographs of his home, we will promptly update this information.

Is Chris Frangipane Alive Or Dead?

Chris Frangipane is still alive and well. He hasn't been unwell or had any health problems, according to reports.

Does He Use Social Media?

No. He does not use social media.
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