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Cinzia Rota’s Short-lived Marriage with Bret Hart

The three-year marriage of Cinzia Rota and Bret Hart, and all in-betweens.

Author:Paolo Reyna
Reviewer:Iram Martins
Oct 06, 2023
Every person who is an avid fan of wrestling knows who Bret “Hitman” Hartand how legendary he is inside the ring. But what most people didn't know was that Bret had a couple of wrecked relationships before finding his way to her current wife, Stephanie Washington.

Their Union In A Nutshell

Bret Hart was first married to Julie Smadu-Hart, which lasted for almost sixteen years, roughly from 1982 to 1998. Then he had his second marriage to Cinzia Rota, which only lasted for three years, from 2004 to 2007.
Then, finally remarried in 2010 to Stephanie Washington despite their 26 years age gap. This sparked various comments since Stephanie wasn’t even born yet when Bret Hart began wrestling in the late ’70s and wasn’t even a teenager when he first won his first Intercontinental Championship in the WWE. But this did not stop Bret from pursuing marriage with Stephanie and are now still going strong after celebrating their 10th anniversary in July.
Bret Hart’s marriage with Cinzia Rota was one of Bret’s marriages that fans always forget about. Maybe it only lasted for a few years, and Bret did not give further details about it.

Who Is Cinzia Rota?

There are no sources that talk abundantly about Cinzia Rota since she was only known and brought into the spotlight because of her association with the iconic wrestler. But here are a few details about her:
  • Cinzia Rota has an Italian nationality.
  • She’s the second wife of the retired professional wrestler, actor, and writer, Bret Hart.
  • They met in Italy and were married on September 15, 2004.
  • They had their divorce in 2007

How Cinzia And Bret Hart Met

Bret once openly admitted that he was a serial adulterer. While married to his first wife, Julie Smadu, he confessed to having sexual relationships with numerous women during their WWE career tours. It was reported that Bret had a lot of women all over the world.
Cinzia Rota and Bret Hart
Cinzia Rota and Bret Hart
There were incidents where fans would ask for his autograph and end up not only getting one but a hook up with the famous wrestler. They even got into intense and intimate sexual activities to which his fans have obliged because it was deemed a privilege to them, despite knowing that Bret was already married to Julia.
His flings were not only for a one-night stand; he even admitted that he had an affair with a waitress from New Jersey that lasted for months. His wife during this time, Julie, knew about that adulterous act that Bret was doing behind her back after seeing all the long-distance phone bills.
Julie was furious, yet she tolerated and stayed with Bret even after being aware of his infidelity. This resulted in more philandering activities that Bret committed without thinking about his four children and his wife.
But Julie reached the peak of her patience when Bret traveled to Italy for WWE. In Italy, Bret met Cinzia Rota, who was his avid fan ever since she was a child. Just like the scenarios where Bret finds his flings, the two met at an autograph session, and they eventually had an affair after.
This ended Julie and Bret’s almost 20 year marriage, they separated in 1998, and after few reunions, they finally filed for a divorce in 2002. Bret and Cinzia then got married on September 15, 2004, but also ended up in divorce three years later. A family law attorney from Austinsays: "While disagreement on a permanent living location might not be a direct or primary cause for divorce universally, it can be a significant issue that, if unresolved, can contribute to the deterioration of the marital relationship.

Reason For The Couple’s Failed Marriage

Bret Hart Cinzia Rota
Bret Hart Cinzia Rota
After Julie and Bret’s divorce in 2002, the tying of the knot between him and Cinzia came right after in just two years. And this marriage seems like some sort of a rebound for Hart since it was not taken seriously. And also, it was quickly ended just because of a petty reason.
It somehow baffled the fans as the cause of their divorce was shallow and could have been saved by a proper discussion of matters between the two. Cinzia and Bret’s reason for divorce was their disagreement on a permanent living location.
They simply disagreed on the best place to live in as Cinzia prefers to stay in Italy, while Bret has other plans. After not being able to handle marital matters, the two decided to have a divorce in 2004.
In Bret Hart’s autobiography published as a book entitled Hitman: My Real Life in the Cartoon World of Wrestling, he claimed that he valued each woman he “spent time with” and referred to his escapades as love addictions.
Cinzia might not have stayed just a one-night stand to Hart since they got married, but she was one of Bret’s obsessions that he managed to get out of.
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