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CocoManhua - A Popular And Free Chinese Comics Site

CocoManhua is a Chinese comic reading website. Manhua is Chinese-language comics created in China and Taiwan. Now, its domain name has been changed to Cocomanga.

Author:Iram Martins
Reviewer:Frazer Pugh
Nov 05, 2022
CocoManhuais a Chinese comic reading website. Manhua is Chinese-language comics created in China and Taiwan. Now, its domain name has been changed to Cocomanga.
You can read comics of the highest caliber on Cocomanhua. Douluo Dalu, Peerless Tangmen, Doubaoqiang, Xingwu Shenjue, Bailiancheng God, and more well-known comics are among those included.

CocoManhua App

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CocoManhua Alternative Sites

Weibo’s Manhua Channel

One of the most popular microblogging social media platforms in China is Weibo. Weibo provides blogging and social networking platform in addition to a totally free online manhua area.
Simply browse the main manhua homepage for an intriguing title or cover to start reading manhua on Weibo. Select the book's first page after clicking on the title to open the in-browser reader. Since the vast majority of manhua on Weibo are only available in Hanzi, this resource is excellent for advanced students.

Manhua Tai

Online manhua are the focus of the Chinese comics platform Manhua Tai. Many of these manhua are online submissions from writers and artists rather than scans of print manhua per se.
Each comic on this site is free to read in your browser and offers a wide selection of genres and artistic styles. Although everything on the site is in Hanzi, there are many comics that are very straightforward and would be helpful for beginning and intermediate learners.


Omanhua is a website where you may read Chinese manhua online. It focuses on action, science fiction, and horror manhua. Omanhua is committed to ensuring that no stolen art appears on the website.
As a result, many of the manhua you choose can take you to the artist's website or a store where you can buy the manhua in print or online. There are still lots of free comics available to read.


For everything Chinese, Korean, and Japanese, check out YesAsia. Movies, TV series, video games, toys, collectibles, international products, and more are all on the table.
The manhua section of YesAsia is fantastic. You can get any of this actual manhua on the website and have them mailed to you from China or Taiwan. Numerous manga and American and British comics that have been translated into Chinese are also on sale.
Again, the majority of the manhua at YesAsia are written in Hanzi. There are many different genres to search through on this website, so if you like variety, you should check it out.

INKR Comics

Manga Rock was the company that came before INKR Comics, but since it lacked copyright, it failed. Additionally, INKR Comics' manhua, manga, web cartoons, and comics are now permitted. Currently, there are more than 1000 works.
You can read some manhuas for nothing at this website. Some well-known manhua are also available for free for the first few chapters, but later chapters cost a subscription.

People Also Ask

What Is CocoManhua's Global Rank?

The global rank of CocoManhua is #822,050.

What Is The Bounce Rate Of CocoManhua?

The bounce rate of CocoManhua is 60.24%.

What Are Some CocoManhua's Competitors?

  • yycafmh
  • 11manhua
  • qiamn56
  • 36mh.
  • manhuagui.


With a global rank of #10,801, CocoManhua is in the top 100,000 most visited websites on the planet.
Launched on October 6, 2020, has been operational for 2 years. Each month, it serves about 2,916,390 pageviews and reaches about 1,325,610 individuals. It makes an estimated $8,457.60 each month in revenue.
The value of is approximately $102,900.80. The servers for the commercially suffixed domain, which has the IP number, are situated.
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