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Cody Lane - A Journey From Birth to Death

Explore Cody Lane's life journey from her birth in Louisville to her career in adult entertainment, and the tragic events leading to her untimely passing.

Author:Emily Sanchez
Reviewer:Elisa Mueller
Feb 14, 2024
People come and go. This statement is usually used to refer to people who have been a fleeting part of one's life. But this can also be true to our very own life. We come and go. We live and die. Death is an inevitable finale of a person's life. We can't escape death. Escaping and avoiding it would only prolong the agony.
The same thing happened to Cody Lane, who has gone on an unknown journey to end the misery she's been to. But before we go on that journey, let us go down Cody Lane's memory lane first.

Cody Lane Bio

Birth Date:November 28, 1986
Birth Place:Kentucky, USA
Marital Status:Married
Height:5.7 ft (1.7 m.)
Weight:69 kg (152 lbs.)
Eye Color:Light brown
Net Worth:$300k
Date of Death:January 9, 2021
Age at Death:34 years old
Profession:Pornographic Actress and Adult Video Model

Cody Lane Real Name

Cody Lane, originally known as Carla Rebecca Rushing, was an American adult star born on November 28, 1986, in Louisville, Kentucky, USA.

Who Is Cody Lane?

Cody Lane was the daughter of Sunny and Becky Rushing and spent her formative years in the serene surroundings of her hometown. Growing up in a small village, the allure of the city beckoned to her, eventually leading her into the world of adult entertainment.
Standing at a height of 5 feet 4¼ inches (1.63 meters), Cody Lane adopted her screen name to navigate the adult industry. Throughout her career, she gained a significant following and left a lasting impact on many viewers and fans, despite her eventual retirement from the industry.
Beyond her professional life, Cody Lane cherished her role as a wife and mother. She was married to Greg Collins and was a proud mother to a beautiful daughter named Chloe. While not much information is available about her family background, it is clear that she came from a humble upbringing.
Tragically, Cody Lane's life was cut short on January 9, 2021, in Louisville, Kentucky, due to injuries sustained in an auto accident. Her untimely passing left a void in the industry and among her admirers, reminding us of the fleeting nature of life.
Cody Lane
Cody Lane
Despite the controversies and challenges that often accompany a career in adult entertainment, Cody Lane's story serves as a testament to the complexities of human existence and the capacity for individuals to navigate their own unique journeys, irrespective of their origins or chosen paths in life.

Cody Lane Physical Appearance

The voluptuous and plump porn star stands at the height of 5 feet 4 inches. Cody's hair color is brunette, and her eyes are hazel-colored. She got a perfectly round butt and a sexy figure that measures 36C-25-35. With those numbers and features, there is no doubt that Cody Lane will surely draw the eyes of any man looking for her craft.
Moreover, the young brunette star is fond of tattoos. Cody has several tattoos engraved on her body. There is a shamrock symbol on her right bikini line; on her left shoulder blade are stars, a sunburst in her lower back, and on her right foot, there are two stars.
She is also known for her trademark look: the piercings on her navel, labia, nose, and lower lip.

Cody Lane Career And Achievements

With a gorgeous and alluring body, Cody Lane is sure to get the masses' attention. She is one of the naughtiest and sexiest stars ever to set foot in the world of the adult entertainment industry.
Cody Lane started her career while she was still in her teen years. She entered the adult entertainment industry by working as a stripper and exotic dancer at a local club. With her sexy and seductive dance moves and smile, she caught the attention of those in the industry.

Cody Lane Pornstar

In 2016, at the age of nineteen, Cody Lane landed her first film as a porn star. It was her first time to do a hardcore scene in front of a camera. Nevertheless, Cody Lane seems to know her craft. And eventually, many producers saw the talented young lady conquering the industry.
After her debut, project offers came pouring at her doorstep. Although she started young, her enthusiasm and willingness to do hardcore anal scenes paved the way for her to attain the fame she enjoyed for years. Her rise to stardom was quicker than most stars on her niche.
Cody Lane
Cody Lane
The way she handles sex scenes in front of a camera made viewers love her. And her stamina made her fans appreciate her more. Unfortunately, she ended her pornographic career after seven years.
From 2006 to 2013, Cody Lane has filmed over 180 adult movies. Aside from that, she also worked under the adult industry's big names such as 21 Sextury, Reality Kings, Brazzers, Bang Bros, New Sensations, and many more. Some of her top-rated movies are Big Wet Assess! 11, I Love Young Girls, and Gangbang Auditions #20.
Although Cody Lane retired from the industry, she still did some escorting jobs through Pamela Peaks' website. For an amount of $1,800 an hour, one can enjoy sight-seeing around town with a beautiful woman. Her escorting service was only available within Los Angeles, New York City, and Kentucky. Aside from those three places, Cody Lane is off-limits.
The end of her career as a porn star left her fans wanting more as there is only one Cody Lane in the industry. Her legacy as the anal queen has left a mark in the adult industry.

Cody Lane Controversies And Issues

Years after Cody Lane's retirement, people have been asking where she was and what she was doing now that she is no longer in the industry. Many people have also been asking why she quit her job as a porn star. Many speculations arose from having a bad image to receiving harsh treatments. But the star did not disclose any information about that issue.
Cody Lane
Cody Lane
Back in 2017, Cody was involved in a driving violation. She got arrested due to DUI (driving under the influence of alcohol). Additionally, she was also charged with concealed weapons (probation violation) and uncontrolled substance possession. The court booked her in Hardin County Jail on October 1, 2017. The leaked photos of Cody without make-up has cringed a lot of her viewers.
Many of her fans have relayed their dismay at the fall from grace of the once goddess of anal scenes.

Cody Lane Net Worth

Cody Lane, the American model and adult film star, had a net worth of $300,000 at the time of her untimely passing. Her career trajectory was a fascinating one, transitioning from an exotic dancer to an adult superstar. Despite the relatively short span of her time in the adult entertainment industry, she managed to accumulate a substantial net worth, which, in her niche, was considered noteworthy.
Cody Lane's journey in the world of adult entertainment was marked by roles in productions by prominent companies such as Hustler, New Sensations, and Evil Angel. Her unique and distinctive appearance, adorned with various piercings, including those on her navel, bottom lip, and nose, contributed to her recognition within the industry.
On January 9, 2021, at the age of 34, Cody Lane tragically passed away, leaving behind a legacy in the adult entertainment world. Her net worth and estate are set to be inherited by her sole heir, Chloe Rushing, ensuring that her financial legacy continues to have an impact on her family's future.

Cody Lane Hobbies And Interests

Although it may not seem for a porn star to love other things besides sex and pleasure, Cody Lane was different. She loved reading and was a voracious reader. She was also fond of photography; hence she became a model. Ever since a child, Cody has manifested a distinct interest in the artistic aspect of life.
Additionally, Cody Lane is fond of traveling, especially with her family. She loves learning new things, and through her travels and experiences, she gets to gain new knowledge about life and the world.

Cody Lane Death

So, what happened to Cody Lane? People have been shocked by the recent news about the famous Cody Lane.

Cody Lane Cause Of Death

Last year, on December 16, 2020, Cody Lane was innocently walking home on a sidewalk. While she was crossing the road, a reckless drunk driver hit her. Cody ended up flying and sprawled on the ground with blood gushing out from her wounds. She was rushed to the hospital and was then in critical condition.

Cody Lane Dead

Last January 9, 2021, she passed away due to the complications she suffered from her injuries. Alcohol has indirectly caused the end of one's life. Her death shocked the entertainment industry and left her family grieving.
Cody's husband, Greg Collins, posted:
Carla, it's never goodbye with the grace of God, only 'until we meet again.' Thank you for all you've touched. You were truly a gift.- Greg Collins, Cody Lane's Husband
She is survived by her immediate family, including her only child, Cloe Rushing, who will now grow up without a mother.
Although Cody's profession may have been something out of the ordinary or somewhat immoral, her family sees her as she is – a loving daughter, wife, and mother. A person's job does not equate to a person's most authentic self for them.

Cody Lane FAQs

Who Is Cody Lane?

Cody Lane was an American adult film star born on November 28, 1986, in Louisville, Kentucky, USA. Her birth name was Carla Rebecca Rushing.

What Were Cody Lane's Nicknames?

Cody Lane had several nicknames during her career, including Peter's Girl, Codi, Codi Star, Codi Lane, Cody, and Cody Starr.

What Was Cody Lane's Height?

Cody Lane stood at a height of 5 feet 4¼ inches (1.63 meters).

When And Where Did Cody Lane Pass Away?

Cody Lane tragically passed away on January 9, 2021, in Louisville, Kentucky, USA, due to injuries sustained in an auto accident.

What Were Some Of Cody Lane's Career Highlights?

Cody Lane gained recognition for her roles in adult films produced by companies like Hustler, New Sensations, and Evil Angel. She had a significant following in the adult entertainment industry.

Did Cody Lane Have A Family?

Yes, Cody Lane was married to Greg Collins, and the couple had a daughter named Chloe Rushing.

How Did Cody Lane Accumulate Her Net Worth?

Cody Lane's net worth, estimated at $300,000, was primarily earned through her career in the adult entertainment industry, where she worked as an adult film star.

Why Did Cody Lane Retire From The Adult Entertainment Industry?

In 2010, Cody Lane decided to retire from the adult entertainment sector, marking the end of her career in the industry.

What Were Some Of Cody Lane's Distinctive Features?

Cody Lane was known for her unique appearance, characterized by various piercings on her body, including those on her navel, bottom lip, and nose.

How Did Cody Lane's Life Come To An End?

Cody Lane's life was tragically cut short due to injuries sustained in an auto accident on December 16, 2019, which ultimately led to her passing on January 9, 2021.


In conclusion, Cody Lane, originally known as Carla Rebecca Rushing, was an American adult film star who left an indelible mark on the adult entertainment industry during her career. She gained recognition for her roles in films produced by prominent companies and amassed a net worth of $300,000 through her work. Cody Lane's unique appearance, marked by various piercings, added to her distinctive image.
Despite her career in a niche industry, Cody Lane's family remembered her as a loving daughter, wife to Greg Collins, and mother to her daughter, Chloe Rushing. Tragically, her life was cut short due to injuries sustained in an auto accident in December 2019, leading to her passing in January 2021. Her untimely demise shocked both the entertainment industry and her family.
Cody Lane's story serves as a reminder that individuals are multifaceted, and their professions do not define their true essence. Her legacy lives on, not only as an adult star but also as a daughter, wife, and mother, leaving behind a lasting impact on those who knew her.
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