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Cougar, Washington: Interesting Things About the Former Town

Cougar is located 30 miles northeast of Woodland. It can be found along the Washington State Route 503.

Author:James Pierce
Reviewer:Frazer Pugh
Sep 26, 2020
Cougar is an unincorporated community belonging to the Cowlitz County in Washington. It used to be a town earlier but isn't anymore. Let's find out more about this interesting little place.

Cougar, Washinton: Where Is It And What All Does It Entail

Cougar is located 30 miles northeast of Woodland. It can be found along the Washington State Route 503. It's on the northwest bank of Yale Lake, a reservoir on the Lewis River. During the 1990 census, Cougar was still incorporated as a town and had a population of just 122 people. By the 2000 census, Cougar was disincorporated as a town. Cougar is located at 46°03′05″N 122°17′58″W (46.0514993, -122.2995413).

Which School District Covers Cougar, Washington?

The Woodland School District covers the Cougar community. It's a K-12 school district of about 2,200 students. Cougar is the nearest community to the famous Mount St. Helens volcano, which lies 13 miles (20.9215 km) to its northeast. The eruption of Mount St. Helens on May 18, 1980 was the deadliest and most economically destructive volcanic event in the history of the United States.

Why Is Cougar, Washington Called So?

The place is named after the animal, cougar. A post office with the name of COugar was established in 1902.

Has Cougar Had Any Celebrity Resident?

Gary Bennett, former Arista Records recording artist and founding member of the country band BR549 hails from Cougar, Washington.

What Are Some Things To Do In Cougar, Washington?

The small town of Cougar is located on the Lewis River and 11 miles from Mount St. Helens. Outdoor recreational activities are numerous. Fish for Kokanee, Coho, Steelhead or Rainbow Trout, go boating or swimming on the Lewis River. Explore the popular "Ape Caves" at Mount St. Helens or hike the miles of trails. Winter provides plenty of snow for cross country skiing and snow shoeing.

Lewis River

Lewis River passes south of Mount St. Helens forming the North-South boundary between Cowlitz County and Clark County. There are a lot of water activities that people can do on the Lewis River. Activities like fishing for Kokanee, Coho, Steelhead and Rainbow Trout, boating and personal watercraft.

Mount St. Helens

This famous volcano is located in the Cascade Mountains and for decades had been a favorite destination for local outdoor enthusiasts. After the notorious volcanic explosion in 1980, many new roads, viewpoints and miles of trails have been replaced or created for tourists to explore by car, mountain bike or foot. During the summer Forest Interpreters lead a wide range of activities, from short walks to amphitheater presentations. Some other popular tourist activities of this region include fishing in the lake that was created as a result of the 1980 eruption. Tourists can also explore the 12,810 foot-long lava tube known as "Ape Cave" located on the south side of the volcano.

Is Cougar, Washington Under Threat From The Washington Forest Fires?

Big Hollow Fire in Gifford Pinchot National Forest has burned through an area of 12,000 acres. The southwest portion of the national forest, that has developed campgrounds, dispersed camping and day-use areas has been closed.
The Siouxon Block and recreational sites of Merill Lake Conservation Area have been closed as per the order of the Washington State Department of Natural Resources.
The following evacuation orders have been issued in the areas under threat of the forest fire (including Cougar, Washington):
  • A level 1 (get ready) evacuation order is in place for areas around Swift Reservoir and south of Lake Merwin.
  • A level 2 (get set) evacuation order is in place for areas around Yale Lake.
The southwestern part of Oregon and Washington has also been alerted for depleting air quality. The smoke rising from the wildfire can create hazardous conditions for the people living in the area.
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