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Cristina Gilabert - The Sexy 'Survivor' Instagram Model

Fitness model and social media star Cristina Gilabert is best known for her Instagram account, criscanaria5, where she posts about fitness and fashion. She has more than 932,000 people who follow her on the platform.

Author:Iram Martins
Reviewer:Paolo Reyna
Jul 20, 2022
One of the other participants in La Casa Fuerte who is not as well known is Cristina Gilabert.
However, those of you who have been keeping up with the most recent season of Survivors, which was won by Jorge Pérez, will be aware of the fact that she is Ferre's girlfriend.
In point of fact, she was one of her revelations when she won over the audience for her defense of her boyfriend on set, with whom she already now competed as a couple in the new reality show that Telecinco produced on 2021.
In point of fact, it was one of the discoveries that helped him win over the audience for the defense that he made of his boy on set.

Who Is Cristina Gilabert?

Cristina Gilabert with two way braided hair with a spoon on her mouth while wearing black two piece
Cristina Gilabert with two way braided hair with a spoon on her mouth while wearing black two piece
She was previously unknown to the general public; but, thanks to her appearances on the show in which she defended her partner, she has been able to win the favor and affection of viewers.
The so-called "fitness" model is quite the "influencer" on social networks, particularly Instagram, where she has about 932,000 followers thanks to the photographs she posts and the nutritional guidance she provides.
Born in Spain on June 23, 1992, model Cristina Gilabert is well recognized for her work in the fashion industry.
A fitness model and social media celebrity, Cristina Gilabert is most known for her @criscanaria5 Instagram account, on which she shares content related to both fitness and fashion.
Up until this point, its notoriety in the realm of digital culture was predicated on the realms of physical activity and nutritious eating.
The Canarian is a personal trainer who is considered to be among the very finest in the business.
The most impressive consequence of her work as a personal trainer is undoubtedly herself, as she maintains a svelte appearance that all of her customers obviously covet after seeing it on her.
Gilabert is not only a trainer, but also a fitness model, and this dual career has helped her amass a sizable following of followers across all of her various social networks.

What Is Her Zodiac Sign?

Because Cristina Gilabert's birthday is June 23, the Cancer zodiac sign best describes her.
The crab is the animal that embodies the sign of Cancer, which is the fourth sign of the zodiac.
The primary trait that people associate with them is their empathetic, nurturing, and highly perceptive nature.
Additionally, they are known to be sensitive and at times insecure.
Cancer is a sensitive water sign that is ruled by the moon, and just like the moon, you experience ups and downs in your emotions.
This sign has a vibrant inner life, and the domain of imagination is frequently where they find the most contentment in life.

She Is A Businesswoman And Fitness Model

Fierce looking Cristina Gilabert wearing a black lingerie
Fierce looking Cristina Gilabert wearing a black lingerie
Cristina is originally from Fuerteventura, where she completed her training as a nursing assistant and in aesthetics.
Today, she lives in Valencia, where she opened a beauty salon when she was just 17 years old.
At the moment, in addition to being a successful businesswoman, she also models for fitness magazines.

Cristina Gilabert Was Known For Being Ferre's Girlfriend

She had a 6-year romantic relationship that she describes as 'catastrophic' before she met Ferre.
Another 3 years passed, and now she had been with Ferre for more than 4 years.
She met Ferre through Instagram after following him on his way through 'Super shore,' an MTV reality show where the young man made himself known.

Ferre And Cristina Broken Up

Ferre came out and talked about why he and Cristina Gilabert broke up.
The former "Survivors" contestant sat down with his good friend and partner from "La Casa Fuerte," Iván González, to talk about his breakup with his ex-girlfriend over the last four years on Iván's mtmad channel.
After saying she was excited again and talking about her ex in a not very friendly way, the Canarian finally spoke up and answered Ferre.
From her car, Cristina Gilabert has seen that her fans are upset with her ex-partner.
She thinks this is because the way her ex-partner talked about her wasn't the best or most appropriate.
Ferre has put his life back together with the help of a mysterious young woman he still doesn't want to meet.
Cristina, on the other hand, is still getting over her breakup, and even though she was let down by the ex-survivor, she still believes in love, even though she hasn't found it yet.
During these months, Cristina Gilabert and Ferre seemed to get along well.
They have been very close at times, like when one of their "children" was sick.
But after the ex-confession survivor in Mtmad, where he said "I haven't felt anything in years" and also said he was excited again, this good relationship between them may have ended.

What Is Her Favorite Part Of Her Body?

Wet-haired Cristina Gilabert wearing a black two piece and denim shorts
Wet-haired Cristina Gilabert wearing a black two piece and denim shorts
The young woman, who has been active in the world of athletics for more than three years, came to the conclusion that she needed to make a significant adjustment to her life in order to get over the loss of a significant other.
Her chest is the only portion of her body that has been altered through surgical procedures; yet, her abdomen is her favorite part of her new and improved physique.

Cristina Gilabert Is A 'Fitness' Model On Instagram

But, what other information do we have regarding Cristina Gilabert?
She describes herself as a "fitness" model and a fan of healthy eating on her Instagram account, which she has set to private but which already has around 932,000 followers and which will almost certainly gain more followers as the competition continues.
In addition to posting images of herself, she also offers guidance on healthy eating.
The competitor has experience working as a fitness instructor.

Gilabert Is Famous On TikTok

Crisitina Gilabert wearing a black panty and red bra in a beach
Crisitina Gilabert wearing a black panty and red bra in a beach
On her previous TikTok account, which was called @criscanaria55, she amassed more than 360,000 followers thanks to her dancing and fitness videos.
She can now be found on TikTok with the username @criscanaria5.
In August of 2020, she uploaded a TikTok set choreographed to the song "TKN" by Rosala and Travis Scott.


On her official Instagram account, where she has more than 932 thousand followers, the Spanish model Cristina Gilabert likes to post photos of herself flaunting her fantastic form.
However, not only are Cristina Gilabert's movies entertaining, but also the photographs she shares are excellent and should not be overlooked.
Cristina is a health and fitness model who is passionate about eating well and staying active.
She was born and raised in the Canary Islands.
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