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Culture And Tourism In Qatar

Qatar is one of the world's richest countries and home to amazing edifices, attractions, and cultures. The country has enjoyed political and economic stability for several years, culminating in rapid infrastructural and technological progress.

Author:Paolo Reyna
Reviewer:James Pierce
May 23, 2023
Qatar is one of the world's richest countries and home to amazing edifices, attractions, and cultures. The country has enjoyed political and economic stability for several years, culminating in rapid infrastructural and technological progress. The culture of Qatarstands out in the middle east. The capital city of Doha houses up to eighty percent of the country's population and is one of the fastest-growing cities in the world. Its rapid development and beautiful infrastructure have made it one of the most visited places in the Middle East. Read on to learn more about the culture and tourism in Qatar.


The national and official language is Arabic. However, due to the diverse population of the country and the presence of foreigners, you'll be able to get around if you do not understand Arabic. Many airport staff, tourist guides, and hotel and shop owners speak English, making it easy for foreigners to move around. Sometimes, you might need to brush up on some common Arabic phrases if you wish to communicate with locals living in the villages.


Food is an integral aspect of every civilization, and the Qatari people are known for customary Arab dishes. Machbus, the country's signature dish, consists of slow-cooked chicken, rice, and veggies. In other areas close to Qatar, this dish is also quite popular, and citizens make it in a variety of ways.
Jareesh, which is meat served with crushed wheat, and Madrouba, a porridge dish made with overcooked rice, chicken, and seasonings, are two more popular cuisines in the country. Apart from these local dishes, there are several foreign restaurants in major cities like Doha where you can have food prepared by other countries.

Cultural Values

The nation is predominantly Muslim, and the Islamic religion's core values are entrenched in Qatar's culture. Hence, most people dress modestly as the region highly frowns on indecent dressing and fashion.
The males usually wear a long garment and a head scarf, while the females wear head covers and mostly long black garments. The locals observe other social etiquette rules, such as the prohibition of public smoking and alcohol consumption. It is not uncommon to see shops and offices close intermittently for the observation of prayers.

Sports Events

Qatar is also home to several sporting facilities for people interested in swimming, tennis, football, car racing, and much more. The country recently hosted the last world cup, which has been dubbed arguably the best world cup event so far. Millions of fans and pundits from different corners of the world graced the tournament, and the Qatari government ensured a safe and fun-filled stay.

Museums and Markets

Qatar is a well-known place for tourism due to its wealth of ancient and modern attractions. First, the museum of Islamic art has a beautiful structure and provides a lovely view of the Pearl and West Bay. The exhibition rooms are also fascinating.
More eye-catching than the Islamic museum is the national museum, which boasts sophisticated architecture. Also at the gate mall is the Museum of Illusion, which houses art in its grandest form. Other attractions within the country include the manmade pearl island, the Aspire Park, the Katara Cultural Village, and the Qatar National Library.
The nation is also home to several ancient and modern shopping malls. The capital city has more than twenty-five halls and several cinemas. The souk waqif is the best place to walk and enjoy ancient market items. It has numerous art stores and entertainment arenas. On the modern side is the Vilaggio, which is a shopping mall with high painted ceilings. The mall has several sections, like kids' amusement and an ice rink. Qatar also has waterways for swimming, boating, and enjoyment on the shores.

A Final Word

Generally, Qatar is a peaceful country and has been ranked as one of the world's most peaceful places to live. This makes it suitable for several world events, such as the World Cup, the World Trade Organization conference, and the United Nations Climate Change Conference.
The climate is subtropical, and the mildest periods to visit fall between October and April. When it gets hot, most places are fitted with indoor and outdoor air conditioners. Hence, planning your visit during a period of mild weather can be beneficial.
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