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DDRB Lawyers Fighting For Victims' Rights - Miami's Legal Powerhouse

In the vibrant legal landscape of Miami, a distinct and formidable presence emerges—DDRB Lawyers. Their driving purpose: fighting for victims' rights.

Author:Dexter Cooke
Reviewer:Hajra Shannon
Aug 23, 2023
In the vibrant legal landscape of Miami, a distinct and formidable presence emerges—DDRB Lawyers. Their driving purpose: fighting for victims' rights.
This firm stands as a beacon of hope for those who have endured negligence and personal injury, embodying a resolute commitment to securing justice. With a track record exceeding $1 billion in verdicts and settlements, DDRB lawyers fighting for victims' rights.
This article delves into the very essence of Miami's legal powerhouse, uncovering how DDRB Lawyers Fighting for Victims' Rights have reshaped the landscape of personal injury representation through their unwavering dedication and unwavering compassion.

A Legacy of Advocacy

Championing Justice for Victims

At the heart of DDRB's mission is the unwavering commitment to championing justice for victims of various forms of negligence. From medical malpractice to drunk driving accidents, the firm's attorneys have positioned themselves as advocates for those whose lives have been upended by the recklessness of others.
Championing Justice for Victims
Championing Justice for Victims

The DDRB Difference

Personalized Attention Amidst Complexity

Unlike many high-volume practices, DDRB prides itself on providing individualized attention to each case they take on.

Every Case Is A Story

They understand that behind every case lies a unique story of pain, suffering, and recovery. This understanding forms the foundation of their approach, ensuring that clients are not just another case file but individuals seeking justice.

Empowering Clients

DDRB lawyers take it upon themselves to alleviate the legal burdens from their clients' shoulders.

Guiding Through Turbulent Waters

Navigating legal proceedings can be overwhelming, especially for those dealing with injuries and emotional trauma. The firm's attorneys take a proactive role in guiding clients through these turbulent waters, allowing them to focus on healing and recovery.

A Trail Of Success

Reimagining the Verdict Landscape

With a staggering record of over $1 billion in verdicts and settlements, DDRB lawyers have reimagined what is possible in the realm of personal injury cases.

Turning Odds Into Triumphs

Even against difficult odds, they have consistently turned challenges into triumphs, securing compensation that not only helps victims rebuild their lives but also sends a resounding message against negligence.

Community and Commitment

Should I Settle or Go to Trial? | Q&A with Attorney Dan Dolan

Beyond The Courtroom Walls

The firm is deeply intertwined with the Miami community, actively engaging in initiatives that promote safety, awareness, and justice. Their commitment to making the community safer echoes their dedication to their clients.

Pioneering The Path Ahead

As DDRB lawyers continue to fight for victims' rights, they are also pioneering the path ahead in personal injury representation.

Innovating Justice

With a blend of compassion, legal acumen, and innovation, they are reshaping how personal injury cases are approached and resolved.
Their legal business is restricted to assisting clients whose lives have been turned upside down as a result of a serious injury or the loss of a loved one, as opposed to taking on a large number of cases for people who only suffer from minor injuries.
This allows them to better serve the requirements of our clients.
There are only a handful of law firms in which every partner has been elected to a prominent leadership role within the local legal community. This is an extremely rare occurrence.
In comparison to other firms in the industry, Dolan Dobrinsky Rosenblum Bluestein stands out. Additionally, it is quite uncommon for a company to be able to brag that any of its lawyers have ever been recognized as "Most Effective" by the highly regarded Daily Business Review.

Should You Trust Them Too?

Should You Trust Them Too
Should You Trust Them Too
Before we can place our trust in someone, we must first understand why we should. Examine some of the DDRB's accomplishments and evaluate whether they are worthy of your trust:
  • Dolan Dobrinsky Rosenblum Bluestein Ranked Fourth in the National Law Journal’s Top 100 Verdicts
  • Sidewalk Bicycle Death by Semi-Truck Hauls $10M Settlement
  • Randy Rosenblum Receives Distinguished Leaders Award at 2023 Florida Legal Awards
  • 2023 DDRB Legal Scholarship Winner Announced
  • Dan Dolan Served as MC for Dedication Ceremony of Benjamin L. Crump College of Law at St. Thomas University
  • Dolan Dobrinsky Rosenblum Bluestein Named Tier 1 “Best Law Firm” in the 2023 Edition of U.S. News & World Report – Best Lawyers®, “Best Law Firms” List
  • Jury Returns Over $1 Million Verdict in Nursing Home Negligence Case
  • Randy Rosenblum Leads Successful Litigation Against Big Tobacco, Amounting to $1 Billion in Damages for Lung Cancer Victim
  • Manuel L. Dobrinsky Named Best Lawyers® 2023 “Lawyer of the Year”
  • Randy Rosenblum Named Best Lawyers® 2023 “Lawyer of the Year”
  • Daniel D. Dolan II Recognized in the Best Lawyers in America® 2023 Edition
  • Eric Bluestein Recognized in the Best Lawyers in America® 2023 Edition
  • Dan Dolan and Randy Rosenblum Named Among 2022 Florida Trend’s Legal Elite
  • Eric Bluestein Listed Among 2022 Florida Trend’s Legal Elite Up & Comers
  • DDRB Partners Selected to the 2022 Florida Super Lawyers® and Top 100: 2022 Miami Super Lawyers List
  • 2022 DDRB Lawyers Legal Scholarship Winner Announced!
  • Dolan Dobrinsky Rosenblum Bluestein Co-Founding Partner Manuel L. Dobrinsky Selected as a Lifetime Achievement Honoree for South Florida Business & Wealth’s First-Annual 2021 Legal Awards
  • DDRB Partner Eric Bluestein Selected as an Honoree for South Florida Business & Wealth’s 2021 Up & Comer Awards
  • Dolan Dobrinsky Rosenblum Bluestein Proudly Supports Legal Services of Greater Miami and Their Twelfth Annual Heart of Giving Celebration and Judicial Reception
  • Dolan Dobrinsky Rosenblum Bluestein Partners Recognized in the Best Lawyers in America® 2022 Edition
  • DDRB Partners Recognized in the 2021 Florida Super Lawyers and Top 100: 2021 Miami Super Lawyers List


In the heart of Miami, DDRB lawyers stand as a testament to the power of advocacy, compassion, and justice. Their relentless pursuit of justice for victims has not only earned them a remarkable record of success but also the gratitude and respect of a community they serve.
With each case they undertake, they reaffirm their position as Miami's legal powerhouse, offering a lifeline of hope to those in need.
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