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Deadly Landslide On The Italian Island Of Ischia Killed At Least 3 People

A deadly landslide on the Italian Island of Ischia killed at least 3 people, including a young girl. The torrent of mud and debris dislodged trees, engulfed buildings, and dragged cars into the sea as it reached the coast early on Saturday, November 26.

Author:Dexter Cooke
Reviewer:Hajra Shannon
Nov 27, 2022
Adeadly landslide on the Italian Island of Ischiakilled at least 3 people, including a young girl. The torrent of mud and debris dislodged trees, engulfed buildings, and dragged cars into the sea as it reached the coast early on Saturday, November 26.
A woman's body was discovered beneath the mud, and several other people are still missing. Dozens of homes are cut off, and rescuers are hampered by bad weather. The Italian government has declared a state of emergency.
Dozens of emergency personnel have been dispatched to the island. A day after a landslide caused by torrential rain, emergency personnel increased their search efforts.

The Deadly Landslide

Ischia: Footage shows devastation caused by fatal landslide on Italian island

Ischia is a densely populated volcanic island about 30 kilometers from Naples. Its thermal baths and picturesque coastline attract visitors.
Heavy rainfall is becoming more common and intense as a result of climate change, experts say, exacerbating hydrogeological risks in many parts of Italy where housebuilders have long built illegally.
According to statistics, Ischia has a large number of illegally built houses, putting residents at permanent risk from flooding and earthquakes, which have frequently struck the hilly island in recent years.
The fatal landslide has reignited political debate over repeated pardons for some illegal structures that governments had conceded for decades, as well as some politicians' unwillingness to act on the issue.
Ischia, like nearby Capri, is a popular tourist and Italian holiday destination in the Tyrrhenian Sea. Ischia was featured in Elena Ferrante's popular book series Neapolitan Novels and served as the setting for the 1999 film The Talented Mr. Ripley.
This summer was the busiest season for tourists on the island since the coronavirus pandemic began. As the sun set, a crowd gathered at Casamicciola's port, where rescuers were searching the sea for possible victims.
The wind had picked up again, and more storms were predicted for Ischia and other parts of Italy in the coming days.

Landslide Rescue Operations

Italy has declared a state of emergency after at least one person was killed in a landslide on the Italian holiday island of Ischia caused by heavy rain.
As of Sunday, November 27, ten people were still missing, eight had been rescued, and 209 had been evacuated from the area where the landslide occurred.
Italian Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni declared a state of emergency due to "exceptional flood and landslide events." It provides €2 million ($2.082 million) in aid and assistance to the local population affected by the landslide and took effect on the day of the landslide.
According to the Italian Fire Brigade, search and rescue operations were underway in the small town of Casamicciola Terme, and reinforcements were sent from Naples, but weather conditions complicated the search. Currently, seventy firefighters are on the island assisting with the search and rescue.


After a storm causes a disaster in Ischia, killing at least five people, residents claim that the risks of the unregulated building were ignored. For several days, heavy rains have lashed Campania, the region surrounding Naples and Ischia.
Residents are being urged to stay at home in order to avoid impeding emergency services. As rescuers continued to search for seven people still missing following a catastrophic landslide in Ischia on Sunday, rage grew on the southern Italian island over years of rampant illegal construction that contributed to the disaster.
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