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Death Tarot Card Meaning – Major Arcana

Death Tarot Card Meaning – First and foremost, if you’ve drawn the 13th Trump of the Major Arcana – the death tarot card, do not be alarmed! Death is among the most dreaded cards in a Tarot deck, alongside the Tower and perhaps the Devil.

Author:Paolo Reyna
Reviewer:Emily Sanchez
May 09, 2022
Death Tarot Card Meaning– First and foremost, if you’ve drawn the 13th Trump of the Major Arcana – the death tarot card, do not be alarmed! Death is among the most dreaded cards in a Tarot deck, alongside the Tower and perhaps the Devil. Because most people are afraid of death, any card depicting it is likely to be seen as negative.
Fortunately, this isn’t always the case. When the Death tarot card appears in the spread, it almost often signifies the end of something that no longer serves us well. The Death tarot card symbolizes the end of all the negative relationships and unnecessary situations in our life.
Refrain from reshuffling the deck if you’ve drawn the Death card during a reading. It’s time to pay attention to what’s being said because it’s a powerful message.

Death Tarot Card Meaning and Significance

The Death card depicts the Messenger of Death who is a skeleton clad in black armor and riding a white horse. The skeleton is a representation of the human body’s frame – that endures long after the death of its vital parts.
The armor is a powerful symbol of invincibility and the certainty of death, while its black color is a representation of mystery and mourning. The horse in the Death tarot card is symbolic of raw power and strength while its white color signifies purity.
As a symbol of beauty, purity, and immortality, the black flag in the Death card is adorned with a five-petal white rose. Number 5 in this context indicates change and transformation. The combination of these symbols reveals that death is more than just the end of a person’s life.
Death is always followed by new beginnings, fresh starts, rebirth, or transformations. Beauty in death is rooted in being alive, and it is a natural part of the Universe.
A young woman, a child, and a bishop beg the skeleton figure to pardon them as it lies motionless on the ground. Death, on the other contrary, spares no one!
The Death tarot card also consists of boats moving down the stream and this can be inferred as a representation or a metaphor of mythological boats which carry the dead into the afterlife.
The imagery of the sun setting between two towers on the horizon symbolizes the cycle of death and rebirth. A similar display of two towers can also be seen in the Moon tarot card.

Death Tarot Keywords

In order to get a better grasp on what the upright and reversed Death cards imply, here is a list of the most crucial phrases associated with this Major Arcana card.
  • Upright– New Start, Transformation, New Life, Metamorphosis, End of Cycle
  • Reversed– Stagnation, Immobility, Stalemate, Fear of Change, Resistance to Change
  • Numerology– 13
  • Planet– Pluto
  • Element– Water
  • Yes or No– Yes
  • Astrological Zodiac Sign– Scorpio

Death Upright Card Meaning and Guide

The Death card in the Tarot deck is one of the most frightening and misunderstood cards. Anyone who hears the card’s name is terrified they will start trembling if it ever arises in their reading.
Relax! The Death card is one of the most beneficial and positive cards in a tarot reading.
To put it another way, the Death card indicates the end of a major phase in your life which is no longer working in your favor and the arrival of new possibilities for something far more precious and significant.
To open a new door, you must first close the old one. It is time to let go of the past and move forward, ready to take advantage of new possibilities and opportunities. You may find it tough to see beyond the past, but you’ll soon understand its significance and the possibility of rejuvenation and transformation if you persevere.
These inevitable endings can cause agony both physically and emotionally. But if you use your imagination to see a new path, you can open the door to more positive outcomes.
Similarly, Death depicts a period of profound change, transition, and transformation. To make room for the new, you must undergo a personal transformation and purge your life of the old.
Any change happening in your life should be welcomed with a positive outlook and should be seen as an energy that is capable of transforming your life. In the event of death or the removal of restricting constraints, the gateway to a broader and more fulfilling life can be opened.
The Death card characterizes abrupt and unexpected changes. It doesn’t matter who you really are or what you have when it comes to death. The same is true with regard to change or transformation. Regardless of your color, race or financial standing – always remember that change is inevitable.
You might think that you’ve been trapped in the midst of substantial change and therefore can escape its effects. This is especially true if the Death card is accompanied by either The Tower card or the Hanged Man.
As difficult as the upheaval may be, it’s possible that it will offer a slew of unanticipated chances and advantages to your life.
As a last thought, death serves as a reminder to free yourself from unhealthy attachments in order to live a life richer in meaning and importance. The Death Tarot encourages you to let go of old ways of doing things and move on.
The Upright Death card can serve as an excellent means for breaking undesirable habits or unwanted behavioral patterns. Take this opportunity to purge your life of anything that isn’t essential. Get rid of the things that are obstructing your progress.

Death Reversed Card Meaning and Guide

The Death Upright card represents transformation and the need for you to start a new and fresh phase in life by letting go of the past. Whereas the Reversed Death tarot card implies that you are on the cusp of a significant change which you might be resisting, although unknowingly!
Let go of the things that no longer serve your best interests. You may be unable to take advantage of a fresh chance because of your old beliefs. In the wake of your refusal, you’ve been left feeling like you’re in a state of limbo.
Reversed Death card allows you to accept rather than reject change. As you say ‘yes’ to change, you’ll be surprised at the amazing possibilities that open up for you.
A brighter future awaits those who let go of their past and submit to their current circumstances. Repeat the statement, “I accept and embrace transformation in all its forms.” New doors will open for you in ways you never thought possible as your energy shifts.
For some, Death Reversed is a sign of a profound personal transformation that is taking place behind the scenes.
You’re letting go of what no longer benefits you in order to make room for something new to come into your life. Take a look at the other cards in the tarot reading or choose a follow-up card to get a better idea of what you need to let go of and purge.
It’s possible that you’re liberating yourself from restrictive thoughts and fears. You may be adjusting your behavior. Natural medication or other forms of spiritual healing can help you cleanse and transform physically as well.
This may not be the appropriate time to reveal your journey with the world. Wait until your personal discovery has taken place before letting the world.

Death Card In Money And Career Tarot Reading

Let go of your fear of change when the Death card shows up in your money or career tarot reading. You don’t have to keep grinding and working hard if you’re dissatisfied at the workplace, in your professional field, or in your financial situation.
A number of options are available, including quitting your employment, declaring bankruptcy, or working to improve your finances.
You’re in charge of your own destiny and how you respond to life’s challenges.
With the Death card in your hand, you’re being urged to cut out the superfluous. Do everything that you can, and accept the inevitable. When everything in your life seems to be drawing to a close, remember that there is always a fresh start.

Death Tarot Card In Yes Or No Reading

Experienced tarot readers would say that the Death card is a “No” in a yes-or-no reading. But as far as I’m concerned, I don’t think the answer is as simple as “yes” or “no” in a Tarot reading. It really is a case-by-by-case basis.
  • When asked if you should stay on to a terrible relationship or employment position, the answer is “No.”
  • It is a “Yes” if you’re looking for advice on a new beginning, such as quitting a job to start your own business venture.

Death Card In Love And Relationship Tarot Reading

If you’re debating whether or not to stay in a relationship, then the appearance of the Death tarot card is not a good sign.
The Death card doesn’t necessarily represent your current relationship. It might also be a suggestion to let off your emotional baggage, broken relationships, or negative experiences which are affecting your present and future. This is particularly true for those who are ready to get back into the dating scene after a long absence.
Toxic relationships and incompatible individuals should be recognized and avoided at all costs. You should accept this fact of life and move on!
For those who sincerely believe they’ve discovered their soul mate, they must both bury their past and begin their new life without the burden of the past’s difficulties.

Death Tarot In Health & Spirituality Reading

There is no need to freak out! Even within a health reading, the Death tarot card seldom depicts actual death. Instead, it’s a sign that major adjustments must be done if you’re serious about reaching your healthiest possible state.
Controlling your diet, refraining from alcohol, and not smoking are a few lifestyle changes that might seem to be difficult. But if you persevere enough, you will soon have them in control. It is just a matter of making these lifestyle adjustments!
Spiritual texts, particularly those which talk about death – encourage you to change your perspective. Authentic living means letting go of old habits and ways of thinking. Prioritize the development of your spirituality. Read, ponder, and learn about universal principles.

Drawing Death Card In Tarot Reading

“Don’t be afraid of the reaper,” someone once said. Death’s scythe may appear to be severe and frightening, yet he’s here to offer you crucial lessons and help you grow.
As you prepare for a major shift in your life, the tarot cards in front of you are showing you why and how it will unfold. Let go of your fear of death, and you’ll be amazed at what comes out of it.

What Zodiac Is Death Tarot Card?

The Death card is associated with the astrological zodiac sign Scorpio.

What Does The Death Tarot Card Mean In Love?

In terms of relationships and love, the Death tarot card interpretation may represent a need to break free from old emotional patterns. If you’re currently in a relationship, you must learn to accept change in order for it to flourish.

Is The Death Card Scorpio?

The 13th trump of the Major Arcana is the Death Tarot Card. This card advises us that in order to grow, we must let go of the things that are no longer serving us. The Zodiac sign Scorpio is associated with the Death card.

Does The Death Card Mean Death In Tarot?

Death, the Tarot card, is feared by many, yet it does not necessarily imply physical death. In addition to the ethical implications, the Death Tarot Card actually signifies a phase of spiritual development and a fresh start.

What Is The Meaning Of The Death Card?

It is quite improbable that the Death Tarot card depicts literal death in real life. This card indicates the end of a relationship or a phase in your life after which you will attain a deeper understanding of your own identity.
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