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Depomin82 - Analysis Of The Website

Depomin82 is a Spanish sports-based website that allows its users to watch different kinds of sports videos without any encryption.

Author:Iram Martins
Reviewer:Frazer Pugh
Jul 09, 2022
Depomin82is a Spanish sports-based website that allows its users to watch different kinds of sports videos without any encryption.
Depomin82 is a website based in Germany. Its website’s current IP is It has a 32884 global ranking on Alexa and its regional rank is 4487. It is most popular in Mexico.
You might be wondering what is depomin82 and how it works. In simple words, it is Televisión libre (free-to-air).
Digital illustration of blue blocks on a blue background
Digital illustration of blue blocks on a blue background

Televisión Libre

Free-to-air services are television and radio services that are broadcast in an unencrypted form.
This makes it possible for anyone who possesses the appropriate receiving equipment to receive the signal and view or listen to the content without being required to pay a subscription fee, other ongoing costs, or a one-time fee.
So, depomin82 allows its users to watch any kind of sports without any fee.

Some Commonly Asked Questions About Depomin82

How Many Individuals Go To On A Daily Basis?

On a daily basis, is visited by around 83.8K users and generates 921,896 page impressions.

From Which Countries Does The Majority Of Traffic To The Website Originate?

Residents of Mexico, India, and Spain are the majority of visitors to the website

How Much Revenue May Be Generated By

The advertising revenue for should bring in approximately $3,265.89 every day.

What Do You Think The Value Of Is Right Now?

The domain name is estimated to be worth $2,384,101.94.

What Technologies Does Website Use?

Depomin82 uses Google Font API, Nginx, and Varnish.
Players discussing before a match
Players discussing before a match

SEO Stats

Have a look at its SEO stats:
  • Google Indexed Pages- 0
  • Yahoo Indexed Pages- 22142210
  • Bing Indexed Pages- 0
  • Domain FB Likes- 0
  • Backlinks- 0
  • Mozrank Checker- 4.7
  • Page Authority Score- 47
  • Domain Authority Score- 82
  • Total Sites Linking In (Alexa): 3,357
  • Total Backlinks: 84
  • Follow Links: n/a
  • Nofollow Links: n/a
  • Referring Domains: 15
  • Referring IPs: 17
  • Authority Domain Score: 0
  • United States: 7
  • Netherlands: 2
  • Thailand: 1
  • France: 1
  • Germany: 1
  • .com: 9
  • .net: 2
  • .pro: 1
  • .edu: 0
  • .gov: 0

Estimated Data Report

Daily Report

  • Its estimated pageviews are 98,004.
  • Its estimated unique visitors are 1,960.

Monthly Report

  • Its estimated pageviews are 2,940,129.
  • Its estimated unique visitors are 58,803.

Yearly Report

  • Its estimated pageviews are 35,281,548.
  • Its estimated unique visitors are 705,636.

Visitors By Country Report

  • Mexico- 21.2% (users%); 2.2% (page views%) 4910 (rank)
  • India- 12.1% (users%); 1.1% (page views%); 52187 (rank)
  • Spain- 9.8% (users%); 0.8% (page views%); 8117 (rank)
  • United Arab Emirates- 6.6%(users%); 91.2% (page views%); 1238 (rank)
  • United States- 5.2% (users%); 0.4% (page views%); 131132 (rank)
  • Peru- 4.8% (users%); 0.3% (page views%); 6550 (rank)
  • Thailand- 4.5% (users%); 0.6% (page views%); 10448 (rank)
  • Vietnam- 1.9%(users%); 0.3% (page views%); 20080 (rank)

Daily Earning By Country

  • United Arab Emirates: 840,769 (Pageviews); $3,152.88 (Earning)
  • UnitedStates: 3,688 (Pageviews); $42.30 (Earning)
  • Mexico: 20,282 (Pageviews); $19.67 (Earning)
  • India: 10,141 (Pageviews); $16.23 (Earning)
  • Thailand: 5,531 (Pageviews); $13.83 (Earning)
  • Spain: 7,375 (Pageviews); $8.19 (Earning)
  • Peru: 2,766 (Pageviews); $2.96 (Earning)
  • Vietnam: 2,766 (Pageviews); $2.02 (Earning)

Depomin82's Trustworthiness

Depomin82's trustworthiness ranges from medium to good. Why? appears to be a legitimate, secure website that is not a hoax. has a good rating.
The favorable trust score is based on an automated review of 40 internet data sources, including the technology utilized, the company's location, other websites identified on the same web server, etc.
Websites with a score of 80% or higher are generally secure, with a score of 100% being extremely secure.
However, it is firmly advised that you conduct your own due diligence on any new website before you plan to shop there or enter your contact information.
Different kinds of sports items placed on grass
Different kinds of sports items placed on grass

Positive Aspects

  • A Cookie consent was found.
  • There are mostly positive evaluations for this website.
  • The SSL certificate is valid, as per the results of the Xolphin SSL Check.
  • This website has been around for a while.
  • DNSFilter deems this website to be secure.
  • Trend Micro trusts this website.

Negative Aspects

  • The owner of the website is utilizing a paid service to conceal his identity on WHOIS.
  • There aren't many people visiting this webpage.
  • Another website is using an iframe to display this one.
  • There is a tool to shorten URLs on this website.

Complete Review Of Depomin82

Evaluation Of The Company

The proprietor of the website is remaining anonymous for security reasons.
These details are then used by spammers to promote their services to the owners of websites.
Because of this, the operators of several websites have made the decision to conceal their contact information.
However, con artists can also exploit this weakness in the system. ScamAdviser algorithm assigns a high rating to the website in question if it is clear who the site's proprietor is.

Evaluation Of The Online Store

In each and every one of the ScamAdviser analyses, they make sure to examine the Tranco ranking.
In this instance, it was not that high. A low score on Tranco indicates that the website does not receive a significant number of users.
This makes sense for a freshly launched website. The same may be said for a website that focuses on a very specific niche.
If, on the other hand, the website claims to be associated with a significant corporation or a huge number of users, red flags should be raised.
They were surprised to learn that the domain name of this website was actually registered quite some time ago.
Scammers typically have relatively recently launched websites. Despite this, you must exercise caution.
Scammers in today's world will even buy already established websites in order to begin their fraudulent activities. It is still very important to look over a website for any other signs of a scam.

Technical Evaluation

This website may be making use of an iframe or some other form of technology in order to incorporate material and features that are located on a different website.
ScamAdviser views this as a suspicious occurrence. The vast majority of large-scale and professional websites almost never accomplish this.
The website will not place cookies without first obtaining your permission. In this manner, the website is attempting to comply with legal requirements.
As a direct consequence of this, ScamAdviser has brought this website's Trust Score up to a significantly higher level.
They were able to locate a legitimate SSL Certificate. The communication that takes place between your computer and the website can be made more secure with the use of an SSL certificate.
SSL certification can be obtained at a variety of different levels.
There is also a free version accessible, and internet con artists make advantage of this version.
Nevertheless, the lack of an SSL certificate is worse than the presence of one, particularly if you are required to input your contact information.
The links on the website are shortened with the use of technology.
It may be frequent on discussion boards and social media websites, but it is not typical on the main page of a website.
Shortening links can also be abused in order to conceal the actual location of the linked resource. It could lead to a website that spreads malware or phishing scams.

People Also Ask

What Is The Website URL Of Depomin82?

The complete website URL is

What Is The Domain Age Of Depomin82?

The domain age of Depomin82 is 15 years from now.

What Percent Of Global Internet Users Visit

0.0017%of global Internet users visit


Have you ever heard about the depomin82 website before? Do comment down below.
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