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Designing Your Home with Your Pet in Mind

Pets have became a big part of the family life, especially if they live with us indoors. So how can you design a fashionable home that doesn't feel like we exist in the doghouse we offer this advise on pet friendly decorating.

Author:James Pierce
Reviewer:Dexter Cooke
Oct 09, 2023
Pets have become a big part of family life, particularly if they live indoors with us. So how do you plan a trendy home that doesn't feel like we're in the doghouse? We're offering advice on pet friendly decoration.
Considerate selections on flooring, furniture, bedding decorations and interior design will help us live pleasantly with our furry friends. Because you all know how much we love them and want to enjoy there company.

Flooring Wise

-Hardwood, bamboo or ceramic tile hard surface floors are great because they are low maintenance and clean up easily.
-Carpet is typically a magnet for pet fur, dander, stains and heaven forbid odors. Nevertheless, it is warmer and safer for our beloved pets that have a hard time on slippery surfaces.
-When selecting carpet, choose a low-pile without a continuous loop with a color that matches or goes with your pet’s natural color.
-Think about installing floor tiles that can be installed easily and picked up individually for cleaning or replacement.
-Vacuum rooms frequently.
-Avoid vinyl/linoleum & cork floors that can nick easily from your pets nails.
-Keep pets nails trimmed regularly, to keep away from scratches and unsightly carpet pulls.

Furniture And Pets

-Choose a sturdy home décor fabric with a multi-color pattern much like a carpet to blend in with your pet.
-Keep away from cotton denim, thick corduroy, all velvets and flannels, and for sure all chenille's loose-woven upholstery.
- Consider using leather or outdoor fabric styles made of polyester or acrylic that have a smooth feel.
-Micro-suede can be good with pets that are non-shedding, for clean ability and toughness.
-Think about your living room décor and purchasing furniture with metal legs for pets that still chew.
-For bedding décor, use duvet covers, coverlets, and comforters with a tightly woven fabric for ease of care.
-Never use dry cleaning chemicals on your furnishings that can be dangerous to your pets.

Kitchen Décor

-Consider installing a toe-kick drawer that tidy away pet food bowls in the room between the cabinets and the floor.
-Dedicate one total cabinet with a pullout storage drawer for your pet’s food, medicine, toys and treats.
-Design a location for your pets to have their own space within your kitchen while we all spend much time in their preparing meals and socializing.
Keep these ideas in mind to help you better align with your pets in your house, and your home can remain in better condition, while keeping your pets in a healthy environment.
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James Pierce

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Dexter Cooke

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