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Experience Seamless Financial Management With The Destiny Credit Card App For IPhone In 2023

The Destiny Credit Card app for iPhone is a new mobile banking service that enables customers to manage their accounts from any location. Users may use the app to check and manage their accounts, as well as get real-time credit score monitoring and other features.

Author:James Pierce
Reviewer:Alberto Thompson
Nov 10, 2023
The Destiny Credit Card appfor iPhone is a new mobile banking service that enables customers to manage their accounts from any location. Users may use the app to check and manage their accounts, as well as get real-time credit score monitoring and other features.

Destiny Credit Card App For IPhone Login

Destiny Credit Card Login is a financial application crafted by Wallpaper Apps World, and it made its debut in the digital realm in June 2022. Over the past month, this app has garnered approximately 3,000 downloads, reflecting the growing interest of users.
Although it may not currently occupy the top echelons of popularity, Destiny Credit Card Login manages to maintain a respectable user rating of 3.49 out of 5 stars, as evidenced by feedback from 310 users. This rating is a testament to its utility and effectiveness.
As of the latest available data, the app was last updated on August 4, 2022, showcasing the developer's commitment to keeping it current and bug-free. Moreover, Destiny Credit Card Login boasts a user-friendly "Everyone" content rating, making it suitable for a broad audience.
For those considering installing Destiny Credit Card Login, the APK download size stands at 13.55 MB, while the most recent version offered is 1.6. The best part is that Destiny Credit Card Login can be downloaded for free, making it accessible to a wide range of users seeking efficient financial management tools.

Highlights Of The Destiny Credit Card

Benefits Of Destiny Mastercard® – $700 Credit Limit

  • Pre-qualification Tool -One of the standout features of the Destiny card is its pre-qualification option. With just a soft credit pull, you can check your eligibility without affecting your credit score.
  • Credit Bureau Reporting -The Destiny Mastercard is your ally in rebuilding your credit history. It reports your payments to all three major credit bureaus, helping you enhance your financial standing.
  • No Penalty APR -Late credit card payments can sometimes trigger a penalty APR, resulting in higher interest charges. Fortunately, with the Destiny Mastercard, you won't have to worry about this additional cost.
  • Mastercard ID Theft Protection -Mastercard extends its helping hand by offering identity monitoring services. This helps safeguard your identity by keeping a close watch on your social security number, email addresses, usernames, passwords, and more.
  • Zero Liability Protection -Rest easy knowing that you won't be held responsible for unauthorized charges made with your Destiny Mastercard.
  • Autopay -The Destiny card streamlines the payment process with an easy-to-use autopay feature. Set it up online to avoid late or missed payments and maintain good credit habits.

Drawbacks Of The Destiny Mastercard® – $700 Credit Limit

  • Annual Fee -Different versions of the Destiny credit cards come with varying annual fees, determined by your creditworthiness. The least expensive option charges a $39 annual fee, while the priciest version costs $175 for the first year and $49 annually thereafter.
  • High APR -Your APR will depend on the version of the Destiny Mastercard you receive, but all options tend to have relatively high APRs.
  • Other Fees -The Destiny card includes additional fees such as late payment and overlimit fees, which can go up to $41 each. Additionally, there's a 1% fee for foreign transactions. Some versions of the card may also impose a $12.50 monthly fee after the first year.
  • Low Credit Limits -This credit card typically offers lower initial credit limits compared to others, and your annual fee is subtracted from your credit limit. For example, if you're granted a $300 credit limit and your first-year annual fee is $175, your initial credit limit would be reduced to $125, should you be approved for the less favorable card version.
  • No Rewards -While the Destiny Mastercard is a valuable credit-building tool, it doesn't offer cash back or reward points on your card purchases. It's solely focused on helping you improve your credit standing.
A man is showing Destiny credit card
A man is showing Destiny credit card

Important Things To Know About Destiny Credit Card

Several Versions Of Destiny Credit Card

There are a multitude of Destiny credit card versions, each with distinctions in fees, credit limits, APRs, and availability. These credit cards are labeled with numbers in the 200s, and you can only pre-qualify online for two of them: 201 and 209. The remaining Destiny credit cards are solely accessible through direct, targeted offers.
For card 201, there's an annual fee of $75 in the first year, which increases to $99 thereafter. Meanwhile, card 209 has a lower annual fee of $59. The annual fee is charged upon account opening, but you can have it refunded if you close the account without making any transactions. However, remember that canceling a credit card can have implications for your credit scores. Unfortunately, there's no upgrade path to a Destiny card with no annual fee.
Nevertheless, paying an annual fee doesn't have to be your fate, particularly if you can provide a security deposit, which, unlike an annual fee, is refundable. Some alternatives with no annual fees are the Chime Credit Builder Visa® Credit Card, Capital One Platinum Secured Credit Card, and Discover it® Secured Credit Card.

The Annual Fee Isn't The Only Fee You May Receive

The Destiny credit card, available in various versions, not only has annual fees but also overlimit and monthly fees, which can increase the card's overall cost.
Overlimit fees, though rare, are still present in some versions of the Destiny credit card. By opting in, you can charge beyond your card's credit limit, but it comes with a fee that ranges from $29 to $41.
Be aware that even with overlimit coverage, the terms and conditions state that transactions exceeding your credit limit may still be declined. This could lead to you paying for something without receiving its benefits.
Monthly fees are another potential cost, depending on your specific Destiny credit card version. These fees, charged monthly, are an added expense for using the credit card.
One version charges $10.40 per month, which accumulates to $124.80 annually, while others have even higher monthly fees at $12.50 per month or $150 per year. These monthly fees are in addition to the annual fee.
These additional fees are exceptions and not the norm, so you can find credit cards without them. None of the cards on our list of best credit cards for bad credit impose these fees. The Petal® 1 "No Annual Fee" Visa® Credit Card is also a noteworthy option, as it has no monthly fees and a $0 annual fee.

Small Credit Limits May Be Restrictive

The Destiny credit card typically offers a minimum credit limit of $300, which can be reduced by the annual fee. For example, if you have a card with a $300 credit limit and a $75 annual fee, your initial credit limit will be decreased to $225 even before making any purchases.
This impacts your purchasing power and credit utilization ratio, a key factor in your credit scores. Generally, lower credit utilization is better, but in this scenario, you're utilizing 25% of your credit line from the start.
The highest potential credit limit seems to be $700, but this is only available with some Destiny credit card versions. However, this better credit limit comes with a $175 annual fee. Other credit cards for bad credit may offer higher spending limits without an annual fee. For instance, the Petal® 1 "No Annual Fee" Visa® Credit Card has a maximum limit of $5,000.

Rewards Are Possible But May Not Offset The Card's Fees

Some individuals might receive a targeted offer for the Destiny Mastercard with Cashback Rewards, which provides 1.5% cash back on all purchases, automatically redeemed as a statement credit.
A 1.5% cash-back rate is decent, especially among credit cards for bad credit. However, since all Destiny cards have annual fees, you need to earn a certain amount of rewards to break even.
For example, if you have a card with a $35 annual fee, you'd need to spend approximately $2,333 per year to earn $35 in cash back. Given a credit limit of just $300, this could be a challenging target.
A better alternative could be the Capital One Quicksilver Secured Cash Rewards Credit Card with a $0 annual fee. It also offers a 1.5% rewards rate, and the required deposit is refundable.

It's Not All Bad News

To be fair, the Destiny credit card has some positive aspects. It's relatively easy to qualify for if you have limited or bad credit or even a prior bankruptcy. If you're unsure about your approval odds, you can fill out a pre-qualification application to determine which, if any, of the Destiny credit cards are available to you.
Pre-qualification provides information about the annual fee, APR, and other card terms before you officially apply. It won't affect your credit scores, but submitting a formal application will lead to a temporary decrease in your scores due to a hard inquiry.
Since it's an unsecured Mastercard, you won't need to tie up hundreds of dollars in a security deposit and can use the card at most locations. The Destiny card also reports to the major credit bureaus, potentially improving your credit scores if you use it responsibly.
Once you've improved your credit, consider upgrading to a better card with fewer fees and more robust perks.

Alternatives To The Destiny Credit Card

Avant Credit Card

The Avant Credit Card, which has an annual cost ranging from $0 to $59, is likewise oriented at consumers trying to restore their credit. The card does not need a deposit and records payments to the three main credit agencies.
The Avant Credit Card, unlike the Destiny Credit Card, never levies overlimit fees. Cardmembers also enjoy Mastercard features like lost wallet help, emergency card replacement, and an Airport Concierge Discount, which provides a 15% discount on airport meet-and-greet services while flying.

Secured Chime Credit Builder Visa® Credit Card

There is no annual fee or interest rate on the Secured Chime Credit Builder Visa Credit Card. There is also no credit check required to apply. When you make on-time payments, this secured card helps you establish credit by reporting your payment history to the three main credit agencies.
To be eligible for this card, you must have a Chime Checking Account and receive a qualifying direct deposit of at least $200 within 365 days of applying. However, as long as you fulfill that condition, there is no minimum security deposit required for this card, and whatever money you do put aside may be used to pay your account.

Tomo Credit Card

The Tomo Credit Card does not conduct a hard credit check when you apply and does not charge interest. Rather than demanding a specific credit score or a payment, Tomo will request that you link your bank account so that it can assess your whole financial picture.
That's fantastic news. However, this card does not provide incentives for spending, and not all financial institutions can be readily connected to your card for approval. Furthermore, Tomo demands you to pay off your debt every month. If a payment is not made on time, your account will be suspended until the prior month is completely paid.

FAQs - Destiny Credit Card App

Does Destiny Credit Card Have An App?

Wallpaper Apps World has released a free app for Android. You may begin developing your own profile and adding dollars to your account after you have enrolled. Each user is assigned a unique username, password, and security code by the service.

How Do I Check My Destiny Credit Card Application?

Applicants may verify the progress of their Destiny Card application by contacting 1 (800) 583-5698. When you call, you must supply the necessary information in order for First Electronic Bank to link you to your application. First Electronic Bank does not enable you to monitor the progress of your application online.

What Is Destiny Credit Card Limit?

The First Electronic Bank Destiny Mastercard® - $700 Credit Limit is an unsecured credit card. This card is designed for persons who have less-than-perfect credit or have a past bankruptcy on their credit record.

What Credit Card Is Destiny?

The Destiny Mastercard is designed for consumers with poor credit who do not wish to use a secured card. However, the absence of a security deposit may not compensate for the yearly charge.

Final Words

The Destiny Credit Card app for iPhone allows customers to manage their accounts while on the move. It makes money management simple and safe with features like as account management, real-time credit score monitoring, bill payment reminders, and secure password security.
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