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Skincare Experts Weigh In: Does Layering Face Serum Under CC Cream Work?

The skincare industry is all about experiments, trials, and myths. While many of these doubtful remarks confuse makeup enthusiasts, some are exaggerations or marketing stunts. But how to identify a fact from a bucket full of lies?

Author:Daniel James
Reviewer:Karan Emery
Mar 15, 2023
The skincare industry is all about experiments, trials, and myths. While many of these doubtful remarks confuse makeup enthusiasts, some are exaggerations or marketing stunts. But how to identify a fact from a bucket full of lies?
Experts suggest that research is the first step to finding a suitable makeup product that complements your skin type. Today, 3 in 5 women may still need to learn about their skin needs and wants. Therefore, begin your skincare journey by finding what works for your skin. Take the case of CC Creams. Use google or any search engine, type your query, and read. Now, make sure you have a pen and paper to jot down key points which will help you make a list of ingredients that benefit your skin type.
Researching may take a while, and if you are outside shopping for cc creams and serums, one thing must be clouding your mind–

Do CC creams and serums pair well?

If that's keeping you from investing in a skin-friendly regime, here are the top 3 myths debunked about applying CC Creams and Face serums together.

3 Common Myths About Layering CC Creams & Face Serums Debunked

Skincare issues never stop troubling makeup lovers. They need to learn proper methods and play a handful of tricks to make their look stand out in the crowd. Nonetheless, serums and Color correcting creams are the talks of the town that add a list of benefits to your skin. However, many are skeptical about their application together.
That's why experts suggest everyone be aware of the following misconceptions:
Common Myths
Common Myths

Myth 1 – Too Many Serums Under CC cream, Not a Good Combination

If someone ever told you that applying different facial serums and oils with a CC Cream is a bad combination, stop believing it. However, there's a catch – half knowledge is always dangerous. So when you are about to use multiple skincare products on your face, be well-informed about your skin type, issues, and which formulations can help you overcome them. Unawareness can cause irritation or skin infections if the products don't fit your skin goals.

Myth 2 – Serum Under CC Cream is a Waste

The second most circulated myth about CC Creams and serums is that they cancel out each other. So, according to those misbeliefs applying a face-nourishing serum under a Color correcting cream is a waste of product. Except it's not.
Like moisturizers, serums also hydrate the skin by going deeper into the skin. Therefore, if you want to add an extra layer of hydration to your skin, find a serum that complements your CC Cream's benefits.

Myth 3 – Apply CC Creams & Serums in Any Order, Without Break

Following an order in a skincare regime is key to flawless skin. During the application of CC Cream and serum, the same is true – serum goes first, and your color-correcting cream would be second. If you apply the CC Cream first and the serum later, the result will be unsatisfactory. That's why it's always suggested to hydrate your skin first with a serum, let it penetrate deeper, and then apply a CC Cream. Remember, the break is crucial while using different makeup products.
That's all about myth-busting. Now it's time to find the best serums that pair well with CC Creams. It is only a suggestion, so before purchasing any product, check the ingredients carefully. Read the product labels and search online for testimonials by typing CC Cream reviews, serum results, etc.
Nevertheless, the next section is definitely for all beauty shoppers. Take advantage of that.

5 Serums that Work Well With CC Creams

Although CC Creams are multifunctional products, offering users an all-in-one substitute for moisturizer, foundation, primer, and concealer, you can still add an extra layer of a skin-friendly serum. Here's a list of serums every individual can try depending on their skin type:

Hydrating Serum

It keeps moisture intact for long hours, leaving your skin a healthy glow.

Vitamin C Serum

A powerful antioxidant that prevents skin damage caused by UV rays and pollution.

Retinol Serum

It contains Vitamin A properties to improve the appearance of spots and aging signs.

Niacinamide Serum

A type of Vitamin B3 that prevents moisture loss.

Peptide Serum

Stimulates collagen production improving the overall texture of your skin.

Wrap up

That's a wrap. Hopefully, you'll follow the expert's suggestions and avoid such misconceptions. Also, do not indulge in shopping without conducting proper research. Happy shopping!
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