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Double Blessing Slot Machine Game - A Sequel Of "Dancing Drums"

Double Blessings slot machine game, which features lovely Asian graphics, expands on the hugely popular game Dancing Drums. Both games have the "Fu Fly Feature", which is a player favorite, and the "Fu Babies" symbol progressive jackpots.

Author:Gordon Dickerson
Reviewer:Paolo Reyna
Nov 09, 2022
Double Blessings slot machinegame, which features lovely Asian graphics, expands on the hugely popular game Dancing Drums. Both games have the "Fu Fly Feature", which is a player favorite, and the "Fu Babies" symbol progressive jackpots.

Double Blessings - Dancing Drums Slot Machine Sequel

It is not surprising that Dancing Drums, a well-liked casino slot machine that was inspired by titles like 88 Fortunes and 5 Treasures, has a follow-up called Double Blessings.

How To Play The Double Blessings Slot Machine Game?

Let's start by discussing what is comparable between the Double Blessing slot machine game and Dancing Drums. The betting layout, which places line bets at the bottom and gold symbols at the top, is a direct carryover from the previous game.
You activate larger payouts for the gold symbols and access to the progressives based on the number of gold symbols. A significant modification that affects bet strategy in this game is when you critically trigger which symbols can be stacked in the bonus round.
As before, landing a wild symbol and having at least two gold symbols active will cause the progressive picking screen to appear. From there, you can win your way to a progressive on a predefined bonus screen. How the gold symbol wager operates is as follows:
  • Two gold glyphs win the mini-game right away.
  • 3 symbols in gold choose the minor or mini.
  • 4 symbols in gold Choose between tiny, minor, and major.
  • 5 symbols in gold Choose between tiny, minor, major, or grand.
No matter what level you wager, your chances of winning a specific progressive are the same, but the more you bet, the more likely you are to activate the screen. After you hit that screen, the odds of winning any given progressive are the same regardless of stake amount, so more bets imply you'll be picking more frequently.
And now for the novel. First off, the payouts for symbols other than gold have increased. That may appear strange because it indicates that your pay has increased when the gold symbol is off. When we reach the bonus game, the rationale for this will also be obvious.
The three-of-a-kind payouts for the gold symbols were reduced. With the exception of the highest gold sign, four of a type were all lowered. With the exception of the top two gold symbols, five of a kind fell. This implies that the payouts for the stacked symbols in the main game are lower.
Take the hit indicated at the article's top. That same win on Dancing Drums would be worth $54.00 instead of 90 cents because there are 54 ways to win at a rate of $1.00 per line. That is a 10% decrease for the same bet.
This adds up over time and is comparable to a video poker machine that waters down certain payouts while boosting a few considerably more uncommon ones. You are increasing the machine's volatility to increase the value of some scenarios while decreasing the value of others.

People Also Ask

Does The Double Blessings Game Offer "Free Spins"?

Yes, Double Blessings offers a special free spins bonus round with bigger reels and extra symbols for even more winning combinations!

What Happens During "Double Blessings Free Spins"?

During free spins, the reels enlarge to give players extra opportunities to win.

What Does The Double Blessings Game Feature?

It features the well-known "Reel Ways" and "ALL UP* betting options.


Unfortunately, the Double Blessings slot machine game, like many sequels, falls victim to the sequel volatility trap, making it harder than the first, which was already occasionally challenging.
However, players who are Dancing Drums fans and anticipate a similar experience on Double Blessings should be aware of the modifications and what they entail for the game. Double Blessings does have its enjoyable moments, so this does not imply that it is not a fun game.
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