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Dream With Feces - A Sign Of Wealth And Financial Luck

Dream with feces, or dreams involving excrement, are common and often confusing occurrences. These types of dreams can be extremely vivid and often leave people feeling disturbed, embarrassed, or ashamed.

Author:James PierceApr 05, 2023
Dreams have always been a mysterious and fascinating subject for human beings. While some dreams may be pleasant and positive, others can be strange and disturbing. One such dream that many people have experienced at some point is the dream with feces.
While this may seem like a gross or unpleasant topic, dream with feces can reveal important information about our subconscious mind and emotional state. Now, we will explore the meaning and symbolism behinddreams with feces.

What Are Dream With Feces?

Dream with feces, or dreams involving excrement, are common and often confusing occurrences. These types of dreams can be extremely vivid and often leave people feeling disturbed, embarrassed, or ashamed.
However, it's important to understand that these dreams are not necessarily a reflection of a person's innermost desires or personality traits, but rather a manifestation of their subconscious thoughts and emotions.
To begin with, dreams are a natural part of the sleep cycle and serve the purpose of consolidating memories and processing emotions.
The subconscious mind is responsible for creating dream content, and it is not bound by the same rules of logic and reality that govern our waking lives. Dreams often incorporate symbols and metaphors to represent complex or abstract ideas.
When it comes to dreams involving feces, there are several different interpretations that psychologists and dream analysts have proposed.One common explanation is that these dreams represent feelings of shame or embarrassment.
Feces are often associated with filth and dirt, and dreaming about them can be an indication that a person is struggling with feelings of inadequacy or low self-worth.
Alternatively, dream with feces may also be interpreted as a sign of a need for emotional cleansing or release.
Just as the body needs to eliminate waste products, the mind may also need to let go of negative thoughts or emotions to maintain mental health.
Dreaming of feces could therefore be a way of processing difficult emotions or experiences, and releasing them in a safe and controlled manner.
Brown Poop With A Smily Face
Brown Poop With A Smily Face

The Symbolism Of Feces In Dreams

Dreams have been a topic of fascination for humans for centuries, and many people believe that they hold hidden meanings and messages. One of the more common and often misunderstood symbols that can appear in dreams is feces.
In general, feces are often associated with negative or unpleasant emotions, experiences, or behaviors.
This is likely due to their strong smell and their association with waste and decay. However, in dreams, the symbolism of feces can be more complex and nuanced.
One possible interpretation of dreaming about feces is that it represents repressed emotions or desires that you are trying to hide or suppress.
Just as we try to dispose of our bodily waste, we may try to ignore or push away certain emotions or desires that we find uncomfortable or shameful. However, these emotions and desires can continue to build up and eventually manifest in our dreams as feces.

Release And Letting Go

In some cases, dream with feces can be a sign that the dreamer needs to release something from their life.
This could be an emotion, a situation, or even a relationship. Just as the body needs to eliminate waste to stay healthy, the mind and spirit also need to release things that are no longer serving them.

Shame And Embarrassment

Dreams with feces can also be a sign of shame or embarrassment. This could be related to something the dreamer has done or said in their waking life that they regret, or it could be related to a deeper sense of shame or self-judgment.

Creativity And Fertility

In some cultures, feces are seen as a symbol of creativity and fertility. Dreaming about feces could be a sign that the dreamer is in a creative or productive phase in their life, or that they are ready to give birth to a new idea or project.

Fear And Anxiety

Dream with feces can also be a sign of fear or anxiety. This could be related to a fear of being dirty or contaminated, or it could be related to a deeper fear or insecurity.

#45 Dreams About Feces - Meaning & Interpretation

Interpreting Your Dream With Feces

Interpreting dreams is a fascinating field of study that has been around for thousands of years. One of the most common symbols in dreams is feces or poop, which can have a range of meanings depending on the context of the dream.
Firstly, it is important to note that dreams are highly personal and subjective, and there is no universal interpretation for any dream symbol, including feces.
Rather, the interpretation of a dream symbol depends on the individual's associations with the symbol, their current life circumstances, and their emotional state. With that in mind, let's explore some of the possible meanings of feces in dreams.
  • Release- Feces can symbolize the release of emotional or psychological burdens. Dreaming of excreting feces may suggest that the dreamer releases pent-up emotions, negative thoughts, or toxic relationships. This type of dream can be interpreted as a positive sign of letting go of what no longer serves them.
  • Shame- Feces can also represent shame or embarrassment. If the dreamer feels disgusted or ashamed in the dream, it may indicate that they are holding onto feelings of guilt or shame in their waking life.
  • Creativity- Feces can be seen as a creative force, representing the potential for transformation and growth. In some cultures, feces are viewed as a source of fertility and vitality, and dreaming of feces may indicate the dreamer is tapping into their creative energy.
  • Control- Dreaming of being unable to control or contain feces may symbolize feelings of powerlessness or a lack of control in one's waking life. This type of dream may be a sign that the dreamer needs to take control of their life and assert their boundaries.
It is also important to consider the details of the dream, such as the color, consistency, and location of the feces. These details can offer additional clues to the dream's meaning.
Overall, interpreting dreams with feces requires a nuanced approach that takes into account the individual's associations with the symbol and the specific details of the dream. It can be a helpful tool for gaining insight into one's emotions and inner world.

The Psychological And Cultural Significance Of Dream With Feces

Dreams involving feces are a relatively common and often misunderstood experience. For many people, the thought of dreaming about feces is unpleasant or embarrassing, and they may feel hesitant to discuss such dreams with others.
However, in the field of psychology and cultural studies, dreams involving feces have been recognized as having significant psychological and cultural significance.
From a psychological perspective, dreams involving feces may be interpreted as a reflection of the dreamer's internal conflicts, anxieties, or desires.
Sometimes, dreaming about feces may represent feelings of guilt or shame about something the dreamer has done or wishes to do.
For example, if someone has recently lied or cheated, they may dream about feces as a way of expressing their feelings of guilt or self-disgust.
Alternatively, dreams about feces may indicate a desire to let go of something or someone that is no longer serving the dreamer's needs.
In this sense, dreams about feces can be interpreted as a metaphor for "letting go" or "moving on" from something that is causing stress or anxiety.
From a cultural perspective, dreams involving feces may reflect cultural attitudes toward cleanliness, waste, and bodily functions.
In some cultures, for example, feces are considered to be "dirty" or "impure," and dreaming about feces may be seen as a sign of moral or spiritual pollution.
Alternatively, in some cultures, feces are viewed as a natural and essential part of the body's functions, and dreams involving feces may be interpreted as a sign of health and vitality.

People Also Ask

What Does It Mean To Dream About Feces?

Dreaming about feces can represent the release of emotional or mental negativity or signify a need for cleansing or purification.

Is It Normal To Dream About Poop?

Yes, it is normal to dream about poop. Dreams can be a reflection of our subconscious mind and can feature various elements that may seem strange or uncomfortable.

What Does It Mean When You Dream About Cleaning Up Poop?

Dreaming about cleaning up poop can represent a desire to take control of a messy or unpleasant situation in your waking life and to restore order and cleanliness.

What Does It Mean When You Dream About Stepping In Poop?

Dreaming about stepping in poop can signify feelings of being stuck or trapped in a negative situation, or that you may have made a mistake or bad decision that is causing problems.


Dream with feces is a complex and intriguing topic that can be interpreted in various ways, depending on one's cultural background, personal experiences, and psychological state.
While some people may see it as a sign of anxiety or unresolved emotions, others may view it as a symbol of transformation or growth.
Regardless of the interpretation, it is clear that dream with feces is a common phenomenon that can offer valuable insights into one's unconscious mind.
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