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Tired Of Hotels? Then Try These Easeful Airbnb Apartments!

Swap the hotel routine for charming and easeful Airbnb apartments. On your next trip, try a refreshing getaway! Unwind in style with our top Airbnb picks.

Author:James Pierce
Reviewer:Iram Martins
Nov 13, 2023413 Shares29.4K Views
Are you weary of the same old hotel routine and long for those easefulaccommodations you can find in Airbnb?
Yearning for a change of scenery, but with all the comforts of home?
Well, you're in for a delightful treat!
Say goodbye to mundane hotel rooms and hello to a world of ease and charm with fantastic Airbnb apartments.
Whether you’re a globe-trotting adventurer or just in need of a weekend escape, there are easeful accommodations that will make you rethink the meaning of a good night’s sleep.

What Is Airbnb And How Does It Work?

Airbnb is a popular online marketplace and hospitality service that allows people to rent or lease short-term lodging accommodations.
The name “Airbnb” is derived from “Air Bed & Breakfast.”
That was its original concept - a platform where hosts could rent out spare rooms or propertiesto travelers looking for affordable and unique accommodation options.
This vacation rental company started in 2007 and founded by:
a. Brian Chesky
  • currently the CEO
  • 42, an industrial designer
  • of Italian and Polish descent
  • net worth: $8.4 billion (as of November 6, 2023), per Forbes
b. Nathan Blecharczyk
  • former and the first chief technology officer of Airbnb
  • born in 1983; an engineer
  • of Polish descent
  • net worth: $8 billion (as of November 6, 2023), per Forbes
c. Joe Gebbia
  • resigned from Airbnb in 2022 but remains as part of the board
  • currently the chairman of
  • 42, an industrial designer
  • of Italian descent
  • net worth: $7.8 billion (as of November 6, 2023), per Forbes
Founded in 2020, is the company’s a nonprofit organization.
It’s created to provide support to communities in need during times of crisis (e.g., during natural disasters), particularly during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Airbnb Process

Are you excited to look for and book an easeful Airbnb apartment?
As seasoned financial writer and editor Jean Folger mentioned in her September 2023 article for Investopedia:
The idea behind Airbnb is simple: matching local people with a spare room or entire home to rent to others who are visiting the area.- Jean Folger
Here’s how Airbnb works:
a. Host Registration
Individuals or property owners who want to rent out their space can create a listing on Airbnb.
These spaces can be any of the following:
  • spare room
  • an easeful apartment
  • an entire house
  • unique accommodations(e.g., treehouses or boats)
A wooden tree house with thatched roof and wooden stairs and a scenic view of the sea in Nusa Penida, Indonesia
A wooden tree house with thatched roof and wooden stairs and a scenic view of the sea in Nusa Penida, Indonesia
This listing includes details about the property, such as:
  • photos
  • a description
  • pricing
  • availability
b. Traveler Search
Travelers, or guests, can use Airbnb’s website or mobile app to search for easeful accommodations in the destination of their choice.
They can specify their search criteria, including:
  • location
  • location
  • number of guests
  • budget
c. Booking
When a traveler finds a listing that suits their needs, they can request to book it through Airbnb.
The host has the option to accept or decline the booking request.
If accepted, the booking is confirmed, and payment is processed through Airbnb’s secure platform.
d. Payment
Airbnb handles the financial transactions, including collecting payment from the guest and holding it until the check-in date.
The host receives the payment, minus Airbnb’s service fees, shortly after the guest checks in.
e. Communication
Airbnb provides a messaging platform for hosts and guests to communicate before and during the stay.
This allows for discussions about:
  • check-in details
  • any special requests
  • other important information
f. Check-In and Stay
On the agreed-upon date, the guest checks into the easeful property, and the stay begins.
Hosts may meet guests in person to provide keys or access instructions, or they might use a keyless entry system.
g. Review and Ratings
After the stay, both the host and guest can leave reviews and ratings for each other. This feedback system helps build trust within the Airbnb community.
h. Resolution Center
Airbnb provides a Resolution Center to help resolve issues or disputes between hosts and guests.
This may include problems with the property or other concerns during the stay.
i. Host Earnings
Hosts can earn money by renting out their easeful properties or spare rooms, and guests have access to a wide range of accommodation options, often at various price points.
Airbnb earns through:
  • guest service fees (up to 14.2 percent)
  • the fee (approximately 3 percent) paid by the host
Airbnb also has expanded beyond just lodging and now offers “Experiences,” which are activities or tours hosted by locals in various destinations.
These experiences allow travelers to explore a destination in a unique and personalized way.
A low-angle view of a hotel lighted signage on top of brown building during nighttime
A low-angle view of a hotel lighted signage on top of brown building during nighttime

Airbnb Versus Hotel

First and foremost, to be fair, both Airbnb and hotels can provide easeful accommodations.
However, Airbnb offers several advantages over traditional hotels, making it a popular choice for travelers seeking unique and personalized accommodations.
Here are some of the advantages of Airbnb:
a. Cost-Effective
When it comes to prices, according to Investopedia, Airbnb accommodations cost less than those from hotels.
Airbnb listings often provide more affordable options compared to hotels, especially for:
  • larger groups
  • longer stays
You can find a wide range of price points, from budget-friendly to luxury properties. You can also choose easeful accommodations that fit your budget.
b. Space and Flexibility
Airbnb properties typically offer more space than hotel rooms.
You can rent entire apartments, houses, or unique spaces, which is especially beneficial for families or groups.
Why? It’s because it provides:
  • separate bedrooms
  • living areas
  • kitchens
This extra space can lead to a more comfortable and enjoyable stay.
c. Local Insights
Many Airbnb hosts are locals who can provide valuable insights and recommendations about the area, including:
  • “hidden gems” (interesting places aside from the usual tourist attractions)
  • local restaurants
  • cultural experiences
They may not be as readily available in a hotel setting. This can enhance your travel experience and help you explore a destination like a local.
d. Unique and Personalized Experiences
Airbnb listings vary in style and design, providing travelers with the opportunity to stay in distinctive and often culturally immersive accommodations.
It also allows you to find a place that suits your preferences and interests, whether it’s any of these easeful accommodations:
  • an urban loft
  • a beachfront villa
  • a cozy cabin in the woods
A round wood cabin in the forest with marron curtains drawn and two identical foldable chairs outside
A round wood cabin in the forest with marron curtains drawn and two identical foldable chairs outside
e. Amenities and Privacy
Airbnb properties often come with amenities like:
  • fully-equipped kitchens
  • private pools
  • hot tubs
  • outdoor spaces
This can provide a sense of privacy and independence that’s not always available in hotels.
In an easeful apartment or room that you found on Airbnb, you can:
  • cook your meals
  • relax in your own space
  • enjoy a more homelike atmosphere
f. Longer Stays
Airbnb is well-suited for longer-term stays, making it an excellent choice for:
  • business travelers
  • digital nomads
  • people relocating temporarily
Many hosts offer discounts for extended stays, and you can find easeful properties with laundry facilities and other conveniences.
g. Availability and Variety
Airbnb has a wide variety of listings in various locations worldwide, offering more choices in terms of:
  • location
  • style
  • size
This diversity makes it easier to find easeful accommodations that match your specific needs and preferences.
h. User Reviews and Ratings
Airbnb allows you to read reviews and see ratings from previous guests, which can help you make informed decisions when choosing a property.
This transparency can contribute to a more reliable and trustworthy booking process.
i. Safety Measures
To provide peace of mind to travelers, Airbnb has implemented safety and security features, including:
  • identity verification
  • host and guest reviews
  • secure payment options
j. Booking Flexibility
Airbnb offers flexible booking options, including:
  • instant booking
  • last-minute bookings
  • the ability to negotiate terms with hosts in some cases
This kind of flexibility can be beneficial for travelers:
  • with changing plans
  • seeking last-minute accommodations
Still, it’s not all about staying in an easeful accommodation. The choice between Airbnb and hotels ultimately depends on:
  • individual preferences
  • travel needs
  • specific destination
  • purpose of the trip
That said, while Airbnb has several advantages, it may not be suitable for every traveler or every situation.
According to an article published by in September 2023, Airbnb relies on psychographic segmentation for its target market.
Psychographic segmentation a marketing strategy that involves dividing a target market into distinct segments based on:
  • psychological and lifestyle characteristics
  • attitudes
  • values
  • interests
  • behaviors
So, it categorizes travelers as:
  • adventurous and curious
  • they value unique and authentic experiences
  • have a strong desire to discover new places and cultures
Explorers seek out destinations off the beaten path and enjoy immersing in local customs and traditions.
They often enjoy solo or small group travel and perhaps wouldn’t mind that much if they don’t stay in easeful accommodations.
2. Connectors
  • social and outgoing
  • they prioritize building and maintaining relationships
  • often influencers within their social circles
Connectors tend to choose destinations that are popular and known for their social scenes. They often engage in group travel.
3. Thrill-Seekers
  • adrenaline junkies
  • seek excitement, adventure, and challenges
  • risk-takers who enjoy pushing their limits
Thrill-seekers gravitate toward destinations known for adventure sports, such as:
  • skydiving
  • whitewater rafting
  • bungee jumping
  • extreme hiking
4. Relaxers
  • they prioritize rest, relaxation, and tranquility
  • seek to escape the stresses of everyday life
  • like to recharge in peaceful surroundings
Relaxers prefer destinations that offer natural beauty, spa treatments, easeful beachfront resorts, and serene countryside settings.
They enjoy leisurely activities such as lounging on the beach, getting massages, or simply enjoying a quiet getaway.

Easeful Airbnb Apartments

When describing the properties or experiences offered on the platform, the use of the word “easeful” in some Airbnb ads may be a deliberate choice of language to evoke a sense of:
  • relaxation
  • comfort
  • tranquility
“Easeful” isn’t a very common word in everyday language, but it’s derived from “ease,” which means a state of comfort, relaxation, or freedom from stress or difficulty.
By starting ads with the word “easeful,” Airbnb hosts are likely trying to convey the idea that booking a stay in their place through the platform can provide an enjoyable and memorable experience for travelers.
Here are some easeful Airbnb accommodations in the U.S.:
a. Easeful Home Away from Home 2BR+2BA Apartment
  • an apartment unit with balcony
  • location: Koreatown in Los Angeles, California
  • $189 per night
  • maximum six guests
  • 2 queen-size beds; 1 sofa bed in the living room
  • bathtub
  • private (gated) parking
  • 4.89 stars out of 5 (104 reviews)
CriteriaTotal Rating
Some of the reviews:
  • host is responsive
  • secured place (apartment building has a security guard)
  • strong WiFi
  • near bus stops, dining places, stores
  • near Griffith Observatory, the original Farmers Market, Universal Studios Hollywood (20 minutes away)
  • from the balcony, “a nice view of the L.A. skyline”
b. Easeful 1BR Loft with Pool+Gym+Parking
  • an apartment unit
  • location: Dallas, Texas
  • $200 per night
  • maximum 8 guests
  • 1 bedroom; 1 bath
  • four king-size beds
  • has a pool table
  • free 24/7 valet parking
  • 4.95 stars out of 5 (19 reviews)
CriteriaTotal Rating
Some of the reviews:
  • thoughtful host
  • spacious
  • appliances working well
  • walking distance to Old City Park/Dallas Heritage Village (open-air museum) and Deep Ellum (entertainment district), Kay Bailey Hutchison Convention Center
c. Comfy Easeful Two Bed Apartment
  • a residence
  • location: Brockton, Massachusetts (a 30-minute drive to Boston)
  • $147 per night
  • maximum of four guests
  • 1 queen-size bed; 1 double-size bed
  • 1 bathroom
  • street parking only
CriteriaTotal Rating
Some of the reviews:
  • great host
  • quiet neighborhood
  • walking distance to the train station
  • near a grocery store and to KFC and McDonald’s
d. Easeful 1BD 1BA Apt in Philly
  • location: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
  • $160 per night
  • maximum of 4 guests
  • 1 double-size bed; 1 sofa bed
  • large bathroom
  • pets are allowed but inform the host first; a pet cleaning fee (per pet) applies
  • street parking only
  • 5 stars out of 5 stars (15 reviews)
CriteriaTotal Rating
Some of the reviews:
  • wonderful host
  • nice neighborhood
  • near historical attractions
  • walking distance to several dining places and shops

Easeful - People Also Ask

What Is The Top 1 Airbnb?

Remember we mentioned unique accommodations?
Back in 2017, the “Secluded Intown Treehouse” in Atlanta, Georgia, ranked number one on Business Insider’s list of the world’s most popular Airbnb.
That year, it was named as “#1 most wish-listed property in the world.”
According to its Airbnb listing, this easeful one-bedroom treehouse consists of three cabins, which the hosts refer to as Mind, Body, and Spirit.
A rope bridge connects them to each other.
Aside from Today Show, this Atlanta treehouse - approximately $380 per night, as of this writing - also got featured by these popular magazines:
  • Architectural Digest
  • Harper’s Bazaar
  • Travel + Leisure
For 2023, here are 12 wish-listed Airbnb propertiesas compiled by CNBC (listed below in alphabetical order):
Airbnb PropertyLocation
Hidden HavenCape Town, South Africa
Invisible House Joshua TreeJoshua Tree, California
JT Luxury VillaJoshua Tree, California
Le Moulin VertVaren, France
Luxury Glass Tiny HouseWarren, Vermont
Modern Smoky Mountains Getaway CabinGatlinburg, Tennessee
Private Mountain RetreatBlue Ridge, Georgia
Scenic A-frame retreatGrass Valley, California
Shackup TowerBroad Cove, Nova Scotia, Canada
Taos Skybox “Stargazer” High Desert RetreatEl Prado, New Mexico
‘Tally-Ho’ Tiny HomeHawson, Australia
Unikt designat ekologiskt naturhus (“Uniquely designed ecological nature house”)Bralanda, Sweden

What Is The Most Expensive Thing On Airbnb?

According to American luxury magazine Robb Report via Yahoo! Finance, the world’s most expensive Airbnbis in the Bahamas.
It’s not a penthouse unit, not a villa, not a castle but an easeful place to stay, nonetheless.
It’s a private island called Musha Cay in Copperfield Bay. You can stay here for $60,000 per night and sleep in a 12-bedroom residence (10,000 square feet), with 13.5 bathrooms.
Renowned American magician David Copperfield purchased the 40.4-hectare (100 acres) island in 2006 for a whopping $50 million, according to Forbes.
Aerial view of Musha Cay private island in the Bahamas, with a large house amidst the greenery
Aerial view of Musha Cay private island in the Bahamas, with a large house amidst the greenery

Who Is Airbnb Competitor?

Hotels and other easeful lodging establishments such as the “real” bed and breakfast properties are some of the competitors of Airbnb.
Another is Google.
Other competitors are online travel agencies, which include the following:
AgodaPlum Guide
HoliduTUI Villas

Final Thoughts

In the case of Airbnb, using the word “easeful” in ads is probably part of the branding strategy of its hosts.
It’s a way to suggest that one’s place can make your travel experience stress-free and comfortable, which is often a key selling point in the hospitality and vacation rental industry.
Marketing and advertising often use creative language and storytelling techniques.
They do so to capture the attention of potential customers and create a positive impression of the product or service being promoted.
These easeful Airbnb accommodations live up to its description.
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