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Ed Sheeran Trial Goes Into Deliberation - Sheeran Wins The Case

A jury decided on Thursday that pop star Ed Sheeran did not copy "Let's Get It On" when he wrote "Thinking Out Loud." Sheeran sat at the defense table between his lawyers in a suit and tie. When the decision was read, he hugged his lawyers. The jury in Ed Sheeran trial goes into deliberation for some time.

Author:Camilo Wood
Reviewer:Dexter Cooke
May 04, 2023
A jury decided on Thursday that pop star Ed Sheeran did not copy "Let's Get It On" when he wrote "Thinking Out Loud." Sheeran sat at the defense table between his lawyers in a suit and tie. When the decision was read, he hugged his lawyers. Thejury in Ed Sheeran trial goes into deliberationfor some time. The case against pop star Ed Sheeran for stealing someone else's work is now in the hands of the jury.

The Ed Sheeran Trial Goes Into Deliberation

Jury deliberations begin in Ed Sheeran copyright infringement trial

Ed Sheeran was accused of stealing the idea for his hit song "Thinking Out Loud" from the famous Marvin Gaye song "Let's Get It On." On Wednesday evening, the jury deliberated before the judge sent them home.
Around 5:10 p.m., the jury asked the judge in a note to stop deliberating for the night. The judge agreed to this request. Wednesday, they talked for a short while before calling it a day.
After a hearing in which Sheeran played guitar and sang in court, a jury in Manhattan decided that he did not intentionally steal someone else's work. After talking about the case for about three hours, the jury came to a decision.
Sheeran sat at the defense table between his lawyers in a suit and tie. When the decision was read, he hugged his lawyers. As Sheeran left the building, cheers came from his fans. At the end of the day in Ed Sheeran's trial for stealing someone else's intellectual property, the judge told the Manhattan jury, "Independent creation is a complete defense, no matter how similar that song is."
The jury may have thought that US District Court Judge Louis Stanton's instructions set a high bar for how much evidence the plaintiffs' lawyers needed to show that Sheeran and his co-writer actually copied Marvin Gaye's "Let's Get It On" when they wrote the pop hit "Thinking Out Loud."
News reports say that there were funny parts of the last day of evidence. Sheeran had said in court before that "Thinking Out Loud" was more like the style of Van Morrison than the Gaye song. On Thursday, the comparisons got less serious when several versions of the 1960s hit "Georgy Girl" were played in the courtroom and sparked a debate.
Sheeran's last time on the stand was the day before. He said that if the plaintiffs were to win both a financial victory and the right to stop him from playing his hit song again, it would be bad for all songwriters and might make him quit. He said:
If that happens, I'm done. I'm stopping.- Ed Sheeran
Sheeran has been charged by the family of Ed Townsend, who wrote "Let's Get It On" with Marvin Gaye, of copying the 1973 hit. The plaintiffs say that the chord progression, harmonic rhythm, and some of the themes in the two songs are similar. Sheeran's legal team has said that the melodies are different and that the parts used in both songs are standard in pop music.
This isn't the first time that a copyright case has been about either man's songs. Sheeran won a copyright infringement case about "Shape of You" last year. In 2015, Robin Thicke and Pharrell Williams won a case against Gaye's heirs over "Got to Give it Up," but those heirs are not involved in this case.


A jury in Ed Sheeran's trial goes into deliberation on Thursday and decides that pop star Ed Sheeran did not copy "Let's Get It On" when he wrote "Thinking Out Loud." Ed Sheeran's lawyers told the jury in their closing statement Wednesday that the civil case against him for copying Marvin Gaye's famous 1973 song "Let's Get It On" should never have happened.
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