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Elevate Your Videos From Raw To Radiant Using CapCut Online Photo And Video Editor

This is the age of social media. Platforms like Instagram, FaceBook, TikTok, YouTube, etc, help you create your profile and let the world recognize you. You can upload your videos, show your creativity, and generate a strong portfolio. But you might be thinking, how will you edit those clips?

Author:Darren Mcpherson
Reviewer:Gordon Dickerson
Jan 29, 2024
This is the age of social media. Platforms like Instagram, FaceBook, TikTok, YouTube, etc, help you create your profile and let the world recognize you. You can upload your videos, show your creativity, and generate a strong portfolio. But you might be thinking, how will you edit those clips? Is there any online editor available to support you in editing those videos? Will that online editor be helpful for you and your videos?
Yes, there is! That online editor is CapCut Online Photos & Videos Editor.
CapCut Online Photo & Video Editor is an all-in-one tool that you are looking for. It contains all those necessary elements and features that will help you in elevating your raw video into a radiant video. The features CapCut online photo editorcontains will help you edit your images in just a few clicks. Let’s discuss them.

Single Click Features of CapCut Online Photo & Video Editor:

Following are the single-click features of CapCut Online Photo & Video Editor.

Background Removal For Images And Videos:

One of the main talked about features of CapCut online photo & video editor is its background removal feature. You will find this feature highly premium or unavailable on other platforms, but CapCut online photo & video editor offers this feature for free. With just one click, you can remove the background or change the background of your photo or video. For a transparent background, just select the video or photo whose background should be removed, then choose this feature. In no time, your image or video without background will be present in front of you.

Smart Text-to-Design Feature:

The other smart feature that CapCut online photo & video editor offers you is the Text-to-Design feature. With the help of this feature, you can input the text according to the requirements. After that, CapCut’s text-to-design feature will do all the arrangements for you, including graphic elements, stylish font additions, and animated text effects. All the work will be done in no time using the text-to-design feature.

AI Portrait Maker:

The very useful CapCut online photo & video editor is an AI portrait generator. For a high-quality photo, portrait is an important element, but since many devices don’t have a portrait feature, users use editor tools for a portrait. CapCut offers a free portrait generator. The AI algorithms will adjust the portrait according to the photo, and your photo will be portrait-generated in no time. Since, this whole feature works on AI algorithms, so you don’t need to edit anything in it. The photo will be auto-adjusted. Just upload the photo whose portrait you want to generate and select this feature. Your product will be ready in one minute.

Color Improvements:

The process of altering an image concerning certain parameters, such as brightness, saturation, contrast, and color balancing, is referred to as "color improvements". You can adjust the color modifications in CapCut online photo and video editor to improve the colors of your images. If you conquer the techniques of adjusting colors accordingly, you will be a pro-editor.
Brightness and Contrast effects help your photo to enhance the visual quality. Saturation effects will add more vibrancy and more colors to your photo. The shadows effect will help you bring the details into your photos.

Steps To Use CapCut Online Photo & Video Editor

Following are the steps to use CapCut online photo & video editor. You can sharpen image, tweak the format, deal with resizing, and much more.

Searching and Signing Up:

The primary step is to search for the CapCut on any of your favorite browsers. After pressing the Enter button, a new web page will pop up. Click on the top link, and you will reach the CapCut.
The CapCut interface will look like as follows.
Searching and Signing Up
Searching and Signing Up
It contains two signup buttons, one on the left and one on the top right corner. Tap any button, and you will be asked to join the CapCut using different methods, including a TikTok account, FaceBook account, Gmail Account, etc. Select any account and you will be into the CapCut editor tool without any cost.

Selecting your Category and Start Editing:

After entering the main CapCut editor, you will see the following page.
Selecting your Category and Start Editing
Selecting your Category and Start Editing
This page contains two main buttons: “Create New Image” or “Create New Video”. You have to select according to your niche. If you want to edit a photo, then press Create New Image and vice versa
After selecting your category, you will see a new page that contains ratios and dimensions. You have to select the required ratio or dimension for your photo or video and press Create.
After that, you will be entered into that specific category, which contains all the essential features that are required to edit your product. Using those features, start editing your product.

Downloading your Product

Once you have made all the arrangements and modifications, now is the time to download your product. Tap the Export button present on the top right corner of the page and press enter. Your final product is downloaded and safely placed into your PC.
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