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Who Is Emma Naomi? Her Age, Career, Relationship And Family

Emma Naomi is a talented dancer as well as an actor. She is also known as Alice Mondrich, the character she played in the first season of Bridgerton (2020).

Author:Elisa Mueller
Reviewer:Iram Martins
Jan 04, 2022
Emma Naomi is a talented dancer as well as an actor. She is also known as Alice Mondrich, the character she played in the first season of Bridgerton (2020). She is well-known for her role in the play Christine Keeler's Trial (2019). Emma has recently been in the spotlight with the announcement of the cast of the upcoming ITV drama, Professor T. She is most known for portraying Lisa Donckers in the latest series, Professor T, which premiered on July 18, 2021. Emma may be in her late twenties now if we're talking about her age. However, the actress has yet to divulge any details about her real birthdate.

Emma Naomi Bio

Emma Naomi attended the Guildhall School of Music and Drama for her secondary studies. Her educational background is unknown, but she is well-educated. She is a well-known actress. Her faith isn't mentioned at all. Her country of origin is the United Kingdom.
She began her acting career at a young age. She played the lead in a number of television episodes and films. Emma is most known for her role as Alice Mondrich in the television series "Brigerton Season 1." (2020). Emma Naomi is a skilled dancer as well as an actor.
She is well-known for her amazing performances on television shows such as The Trial of Christine Keeler (2019). Emma is well known for her role as Alice Mondrich in the first season of the television series Brigerton (2020). She rose to notoriety once more after being cast in the sitcom Professor T. (2021). Naomi has been in Guildhall productions such as The Comedy of Errors, Flair Path, The Mystery Plays, and The Conways, according to GSMD.
She is now portraying Lisa Donckers in the television series "Professor T." In the first episode, Professor T gives police advice after a student is viciously attacked on the university campus where he has tenure. DI Donckers, played by Naomi, feels the incident is similar to a previous case, and that her knowledge of it may help with the inquiry. Professor T is a tough person to get along with, so the pilot will focus on the protagonists' interactions with him.
Emma Naomi With Rupert Graves and Colin
Emma Naomi With Rupert Graves and Colin

Emma Naomi Parents

Her birth year is 1986, and she was born in the United Kingdom. She is 35 years old. Every year, she celebrates her birthday. The names of her father and mother are not disclosed. Information about her sibling isn't available.

Emma Naomi Height

Her height is 5 feet 6 inches and her weight is 55 kg approx. Her body measurement is Not Known. Her eyes are black and her hair colour is black.

Emma Naomi Partner

Everyone who is a die-hard Emma Naomi fan and is running for office. Continue reading this article to learn about her love storey, affair, and boyfriend's name. According to a social media article, her relationship status is unmarried. The name of her partner is not given.

Emma Naomi Instagram

Emma Naomi has been active on social media platforms such as Instagram. She has posted roughly 15 Instagram posts under the pseudonym @emmanaomi thus far. Naomi's Instagram account has a following of 13.6K people.


Emma Naomi is a dancer as well as an actor from United Kingdom. she start her career as child actor in Hight school and became famous for her role as Alice Mondrich in the television series "Brigerton Season 1." (2020). Her Gold Bikini Photoshop goes viral.
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