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Emumita Bonita - The Wife Of The God Of "Call Of Duty" And "Warzone" Nickmercs

Nick Mercs, a well-known gamer and YouTuber, married the YouTube personality Emumita Bonita. The happy pair exchanged their vows on October 10th, 2020. As you continue down, you will gain access to additional information regarding Emumita Bonita.

Author:Emily Sanchez
Reviewer:Elisa Mueller
Aug 04, 2022
The fact that Emumita Bonitahas achieved popularity on the internet is likely something she never anticipated happening to her in her life.
Because of her relationship with the well-known gamer Nick Kolcheff, Emumita has garnered a significant amount of attention on the internet.
The wedding took place in October of 2020, and the couple appears to be very content in their relationship.
But whereas Nick has a fairly prominent presence online, Emumita has kept a far lower profile than Nick has.
There is never a tag for her in any of Nick's images, and she doesn't appear to have any interest in being the center of attention.
Despite this, there are a great number of people that are interested in learning more about her.

Who Is Emumita Bonita?

Emumita Bonita and Nickmercs looking at each other and smiling while wearing a wedding dress and suit
Emumita Bonita and Nickmercs looking at each other and smiling while wearing a wedding dress and suit
Emumita is a famous person since she is married to the famous YouTuber Nick Kolcheff, popularly known as Nickmercs.
Before the two of them got married, Emumita and Nick were involved in a sort of long-distance relationship.
After Nick's wedding, everyone knows about his relationship, despite the fact that he had previously kept quiet about it.
Therefore, a number of years have passed since she first gained recognition across the board in the media.
Kolcheff, who is Bonita's husband, saw an increase in subscribers to his channel after the members of his squad broke the record for the most cumulative kills in a single match of Fortnite with 54.
His aggressive approach to the game has earned him more than 130 thousand dollars in prizes from Fortnite alone, making him a notable player.
On the one hand, Nick has tried to stay in front of his live audience for as long as he possibly can.
On the other hand, Kolcheff has ensured that as few of the most recent details as possible and the history of his wife, Emumita Bonita, have been made public.
This may be on purpose or for another reason.
The level of secrecy is so high that his supporters do not even know her real name; in fact, none of her information has been revealed to them.

Her Real Name Isn’t Emumita Bonita

Even though Nick calls his wife Emumita Bonita all the time, most people have probably figured out that isn't her name.
Her name is nothing at all like Emumita Bonita.
Her first name is Rio, but she seems to like being in the background.
Because we want to protect her privacy, we won't tell you her last name.
Her last name, on the other hand, makes it likely that she is Greek.

How Old Is Emumita Bonita?

Smiling Emumita Bonita weariing sunglasses and Nickmercs with a black cap and a dog
Smiling Emumita Bonita weariing sunglasses and Nickmercs with a black cap and a dog
In the United States, on November 25, 1991, Emumita Bonita was born into the world.
She was brought up in the United States by parents whose identity will be protected for privacy reasons.
Emumita is a citizen of the United States of America and is of Greek origin.
Taking into account her current age, she will become 31 years old in November of 2022.
Bonita attended a local high school throughout both her primary and secondary studies and graduated with both degrees.
She pursued a degree in marketing at Florida International University, which is located in the city of Miami in the state of Florida.
She graduated with a bachelor's degree in business administration, specializing in marketing during her time in school.
BirthdayNovember 25, 1991
Age31 years old (2022)
HusbandNicholas "Nickmercs" Kolcheff

Who Is Emumita Bonita's Husband?

Nickmercs wearing a black FaZe shirt uniform with a black cap
Nickmercs wearing a black FaZe shirt uniform with a black cap
Nicholas "Nickmercs" Kolcheff is a former pro player who now streams.
Over the last few years, he has steadily gained more and more fans.
Nickmercs was a gamer from a young age, even though his parents didn't like it at first.
He got really into competitive gaming and started playing Gears of War esports professionally for a team called Th3 NSAN3Z.
Nickmercs won the MLG Anaheim, MLG Dr. Pepper, and MLG Orlando National Championships when he was a pro-Gears of War player.
After he stopped playing Gears of War, Nickmercs played Halo for a while before deciding to start streaming instead.
Nickmercs first began streaming in 2010, when Twitch was still called
Then, in 2011, he started a YouTube channel where he posted videos about Call of Duty and other first-person shooter games.
If you like "Call of Duty" and like to watch "Warzone," a popular battle royale game, on Twitch, you've probably heard of NickMercs.
He is a member and co-owner of FaZe Clan.
Throughout his career as a streamer, he has made a lot of money, and his skills as a gamer are clear to his viewers.
In a survey from 2021 that asked people which popular Twitch streamer they thought they could beat in "Warzone," he got the fewest votes.
It's clear that he's not the kind of guy anyone would want to fight.

Nickmercs Proposed To Emumita Bonita Online


Before he asked his then-girlfriend to marry him, the 31-year-old online gamer went live on Twitch and showed his viewers a living room with roses, candles, and warm lighting, which was where he was going to propose.
It looks like Bonita was upstairs at the moment.
Nicholas, meanwhile, told his viewers how thankful he was that they had helped him choose the ring.
Emumita brings her boyfriend's dog downstairs after a while.
Nickmerc does the business right away, and as expected, his partner says "yes."
After that, Bonita, who is now 30 years old, showed the ring to the live crowd.

Emumita Bonita Likes Chickens And Alpacas A Lot

NickMercs made a video on YouTube about his wedding plans while he was in the middle of making them.
He did this while he was playing "Fortnite."
As he talked to his audience, he told them something that shows that his wife is kind to animals.
She was on her way home from looking at wedding venues.
He told his audience that she liked one of the homes because "they have hens."
After that happened, he said he didn't know what to say, but he agreed with her choice of where to go.
She also seemed very excited about the fact that there were alpacas there.
This was so important to her that they argued about whether or not they should go to the wedding.
Having alpacas and hens at a wedding is, to say the least, an unusual request.
She loves animals very much, as shown by how much she wants them to be a part of her big day.
At the very least, it shows that she likes animals, especially alpacas and chickens.

Nickmercs' Wife Emumita Bonita Helps Him Out On Occasion

My Wife Picks My Warzone Class 🤣 (Modern Warfare Warzone)

Shortly after the couple tied the knot, NickMercs invited his wife to join him in a stream of "Warzone," during which she chose a loadout for her character. In addition to this, he disclosed the fact that she was a regular viewer of his streams.
Does that imply that she enjoys watching "Warzone"?
To tell the truth, not even NickMercs was one hundred percent confident, despite the fact that he made the remark that he didn't believe she was.
So, what would she choose, then?
She settled on a Gilded Arm with a bayonet attachment (which she called "the pointy one"), a 23.0" Romanian Barrel, an Aim-Op Reflex Sight, and 75 Round Drum Mags as her weapon of choice.
After going through all of the options, she announced that particular firearm to be the worst one ever, despite the fact that she was already aware of this fact.
After that, a Tac Laser was installed, and the 75-Round Drum was replaced with 40-Round Magazines.
She chose an Origin 12 shotgun as the secondary weapon with a tactical suppressor, FORGE TAC impaler barrel, Scout Combat Optic, and 12-round magazines after receiving some advice from Nick.
In addition, she decided to equip herself with a Heartbeat Sensor for her tactical item and a C4 for her lethal item.
They decided to perform this experiment once more because the reception they received from fans was so positive.
Regardless of whether or not she enjoys playing "Warzone," she is undeniably supportive of the streaming and competitive side of her husband's hobby.

Emumita Bonita’s Social Media Handle

Emumita Bonita uses social media, but she has kept that information private.
She has only followed close family and friends and the other way around.
Nicholas is active on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, and other social media sites.
Nicholas has 2.6 million people who follow him on Instagram, and he has made 555 posts on the account.
On Instagram, you can find him at @nickmercs.
Most of his posts are about games, live streams, and other things he does.
He has even put up pictures of himself with his wife Emumita and their dog.
They are both animal lovers.
Nickemercs is on Twitter, and 2 million people follow him there.
He recently posted a picture of himself and his dog on Instagram to wish his fans a happy Easter.
Nicmercs is active on the 4.03 million people who follow him on YouTube.
His video has been watched millions and millions of times.
His fans love and respect him for his work.
Nickmercs started his channel in 2011 and put Call of Duty videos and other videos on it.

People Also Ask

What Nationality Is Nickmercs Wife?

Emumita Bonita is American but she has Greek origin.

Where Did Nickmercs Get Married?

The Brengman Brothers Winery in Traverse City, Michigan played host to the event, which was held outdoors.
Matt and Ashley Photography, who was hired to capture their wedding, say that Nickmercs was much more laid-back and easygoing than he gave the impression of being during the planning stages.

How Much Money Does NickMercs Make?

It is believed that Nickmercs has a Net Worth of more than $10,000,000.
As of right now, it is projected that he brings in $310,298 each month through his stream and his content on YouTube.


NickMercs seems to have called his wife Emumita Bonita out of affection.
But because she doesn't do much in public, even her real name is a bit of a secret.
Even if fans never find out the answers to those burning questions, they might not know her real name.
No matter what, it seems like fans have respected the couple's privacy, even when it came to her real name.
The nickname is good enough for the rest of the internet.
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